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Stasis Answered


Before I slept last night, I asked my guides and Spiritual Team to answer a question I had through my dreams and to please make me remember my dream when I wake up.

My question?  Why was I in stasis? Why didn’t I want to do anything?  I’ve been sick for almost two weeks, a week of that, out of commission in the office, and even if technically I would have had time to work on clients and personal projects, I was too congested; didn’t have any voice; expectorating  (or trying to), every now and then. So I ended up doing nothing. That’s why I asked this question.

The Dream:

I could remember snippets, the general timeline, but the details are fuzzy.

I know at first that it involved me trying to keep this alien-like crustacean from detection by others. The creature was sort of like a lobster but unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It had shiny metallic rainbow like outer shell covering. I remember it following me around and me leading the way for it, but I’m not clear if I was running away from this creature or leading it. It seems as though I was leading it because sometimes, in my dream, I would wait for it to catch up with me.

Next part was kind of fuzzy. I knew I was running away. I remember wearing white and had my hair up in a chignon. I had to “jump” buildings to get to some other place. I remember going out to a balcony and wondering (in my dream again) if there was no easier way down. There seemed to be one but it was winding and long. So even if I was scared that I couldn’t negotiate the distance, I jumped.

Next shot, I was in a room. I was staring at an open closet full of suitcases. My youngest sister was to one side. She was wearing this Leo Di Caprio gold ring. She was also wearing a black turtleneck. Not sure if that has significance because I remember seeing her most recent FB pics wearing that. Anyway, she was smiling and laughing and she was showing me the ring.

The ring was a strange one. It consisted of two parts that overlapped. So basically it was two rings worn as one.  The outer ring was just a ring with a hollow circle. The other part was a ring with a Leo Di Caprio coin. Well, it seemed like a coin. I didn’t get it that there were two parts at first. And what showed up on my finger was just the hollow circle and my sister was laughing at me.

Then, I was staring at the closet full of suitcases stacked one against the other. They seemed like hand carry because they weren’t big. It was as if I was watching for a sign to show up there or if anything changed position or what. This seemed important in my dream. As though if that thing appeared, it would signify winning, like winning an election, and that I would play a very important part. It was like a press secretary part where I would face the public and the media and what not.

And I can’t remember what the sign was but there seemed to be a flash of light or even a hologram that showed up. This was one of the fuzzy parts. I just remember saying in my dream, something like, “There! I saw it!”. Then, someone else (I don’t know who) was verifying from me. And I went, “Yes, it was really there. I saw it.” And then I felt very happy and I was smiling.  When I looked at my finger, I saw that it wasn’t just the hollow circle I was wearing, but also the Leo Di Caprio part of the ring.

Somebody behind me sort of asked, “What’s next then?” And I said that I would most likely be the Secretary. I had to scuttle away from the mini interview because there was a podium for a press conference and there were lights. I was still wearing a chignon and pearls and a suit. (I was actually quite skinny in my dream, like when I was on Keto). And I was sort of outlining to the folks/press — I don’t know — I guess, it was how things were going to be.


The alien, I really don’t know what that was about, but when I was trying to remember my dream, I realized the significance of the Leo Di Caprio ring. I thought to myself, why Leo di Caprio? Did it have something to do with the Leo I know? (I personally know a Leo who was part of my romantic past and we’re friends now). Then my Higher Self guided me. Leo = The Sun; Hollow ring – The Moon.

So, in essence, this dream was speaking of union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

The luggage I think was symbolic of, when that event happens, it will take me to all these different places.

The closet was where this was still gestating as of now.

The being thrust into the limelight meant that I will be the object of scrutiny and awe when that happens.

The being a secretary (or press secretary) meant that all these things would happen with me in a supporting role. It’s like my DM would be high profile and while he was doing things, I would be the one facing the press and “entertaining” and informing them, so to speak.

The alien, I think, has to do with me being a starseed, having to keep it away from the public eye because it was “different”. Or at least, keeping it away until “the event” happens.

And the whole running away, negotiating a jump, those were the things I had to go through in the course of the journey.

So why was I in stasis?

What I’ve gotten so far is that this is downtime in preparation for union.

So, I guess, this was a good dream. Again, very grateful to my guides for giving me an answer to this one and making me remember it when I woke up. I’ve been dreaming a lot these days, but usually, they just float away as soon as I wake up. So remembering so many details was a feat.









First off, I apologize for the choppy post.  It’s past midnight and I took a sleeping pill since I need to wake up early tomorrow.

I got some much needed guidance from Jen today.  I actually felt the blocks in my heart clear and get the energy flowing again.

Turns out, my dream about D was important.  Jen said that even my TF’s kids were part of my soul group, and by him “paying his respects” — gosh, I need to change that phrase because that makes me sound like I’m dead — okay, “courtesy call” then, it was an acknowledgement that I was welcome in our soul group.  And, of course, it had to be D, who is a mama’s boy and is naturally opposed to my presence.

Basically, they’re still together, no emotional connection, but more like brother and sister.  However, between this Equinox and this — I forgot the term because really, since we only have two seasons where I live, all the changing seasons thing is actually irrelevant to my existence.  It’s just either sunny or raining. Anyway, whatever it was, it’s going to happen on May 1 — which, to me, is simply Labor Day. That period though — March 20 to May 1 — is set to be a big wave of awakening and recognition of the Divine Masculine of their Divine Feminine counterparts.

If I don’t stabilize in 5D, then he’s not going to “recognize” me.  Jen said I was wobbly right now, which was okay because we get that way sometimes.  I said that much of my frustration was because I was already that way BEFORE the fucking session.  In any case, all water under the bridge.  In order to stabilize in 5D, I have to be in the present, in the NOW and just continue to be thankful — be in a state of gratitude — no matter what 3D presents to me. She said that I had to take the lead because I am the Divine Feminine.  And, really, I should listen to my own readings because that’s exactly what I said also to the collective.

I did tell her about the fire in one of the malls that my TF designed.  And she said that that was an important sign as well.  Their egos are being dissolved by fire, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.  And, again, I said that too in my reading for this week which means I should listen to myself more, lol. She even told me to tell that to the collective and I said that I already did.

As regards the remaining 30% ancestral healing that needs to be done, Jen said that I didn’t need to clear anything anymore; that I had already cleared so much it was unbelievable. And of course, I told her about Linamarie, and she asked if she was a Twin Flame. I said I did see her in other TF boards but since I wasn’t active myself because I was hecka busy, I didn’t really know her.  She was just recommended and I did enjoy my first session with her, so I went for a second.

And, once again, I got advised that I need to get readings from people who vibrate higher than I do. This is the part where the eye-roll comes in. The thing is, I don’t know that until after I get the read.

And since I was pesky and needed validation, I asked her if she was sure that I didn’t need to clear anything anymore.  And she asked me what resonated with me more, her version or Linamarie’s?  I told her that I had already cut karmic cords with my family around three years ago and I was even given a promotion by the karmic board with that crown that they gave me.  And anything that I did after that was already my free will.  I could choose to leave and let them live out the consequences of not spiritually evolving, but I chose to stay.  And I felt that with my presence alone, they are improving and making better choices.

So there.  That’s that.  At least, a huge thorn has been lifted off my chest as regards that ancestral healing thing.

I told Jen that I kind of slid back into 3D mode and went into retail therapy to comfort myself and just kept buying bags.  I think my bag buying spree is over now.  I’m ready to go back to my “other Facebook”. With the exception of those bags that I didn’t quite like when it got to me, the rest are going to be part of my other line of business.

Okay, that’s it.  I need sleep.  Lots of work tomorrow.


Mission Orders


I just finished a wonderful session with Angel Linamarie.  I got in touch with her because of a dream I had the other night.  I’m not sure if jotted it down in this blog or what, but it was about me in a marketplace and then being approached by this huge Great Dane (bigger than the normal Great Dane) and this other dog.  They were not aggressive but the big dog wanted to hump me and I escaped into this house nearby which turned out to be the bigger dog’s house.  Met its owner who said I shouldn’t fear the dog, but I still tried to escape and when other people came in and the dog was distracted, I was able to get out of the house.

I thought it was pretty innocuous (the dream), but apparently, I was right to ask for guidance regarding it because it was heavy stuff that had to do with stuff I still needed to clear.  Linamarie even asked that it be towards the end of the session that we deal with the dream since it brought on heavy stuff and we were to tackle the twin flame stuff first.

In my session, we were joined by AA Michael and AA Metatron.  Let me jot this down in no particular order just so that I remember.

  • I should share my TF story about me and M to others more because it facilitates clearing
  • M’s Higher Self joined us. M said that there is not a day goes by that he doesn’t think of me; that he loves me very much (at one point he was giving me kissy faces).  Linamarie thought he was so cute.
  • He said that 99% we will be together in this lifetime.
  • M said that he is doing everything he can right now to clear his ancestral lineage, as I am doing, so that he we can get back together again. L said that there’s around 30% more to clear.  I said that the 70% took about a decade to clear and was just wondering what the 30% would translate like in time.  She said that the guides don’t work with time because they have no concept of time, but that since I’ve been doing so well, things will happen rapidly. I mean, once the 30% has been accomplish, things will rush in fast. It will create an energetic avalanche for the both of us to come together. AA Metatron was saying that it’s just this 30% that needs to be done and taking it step by step. We’re in the home stretch.
  • Part of what I’m getting when I feel that “I don’t want to do this anymore; I want to give up” it’s part of the next step of surrendering, also part of the process. It’s feels like letting go, but it’s really a letting go of control of how it’s going to happen. Like fake labor pains that help us get ready when we’re really giving birth already.
  • She also said that, before, time was very loose, and that we had a lot of leeway to exercise free will, but this is a time in our planet where things are speeding up because we have missions to do so that 30% will be faster than the 30% that I had to deal with before. There’s not much time left that’s why M and I are needed to do our missions and bring the light energy to the world. The guides said I should try my best to be patient because they’re doing their part in the back end to get everything into play.
  • They’re also saying that they have this magical surprise for me so I just have to show up.
  • M picked a very difficult ancestral line to heal and so have I.
  • My ancestors were also present and they said that a lot of them incarnated to help clear the lineage but they couldn’t do it.  So they sent me to do it and here I am, doing what they thought was impossible. They are very proud of me and will help me.
  • L said that it was very difficult to do — at which point I cried, because, yes, it’s been very difficult.  We took a moment to hold space for the sacred tears.
  • I need to ask assistance or help from others in the things I have to do.
  • M and I are old Twin Flames.  We’ve already incarnated together before and we’ve gotten together against all odds, so this isn’t new to us and we will do it again. The other TFs that we are currently helping right now are babies compared to us.
  • M remembers me a lot because he’s getting signs.  He usually gets signs from nature, with how the wind blows, a bird, etc.
  • M said to hold on and that I shouldn’t lose faith; he is coming back. He is doing everything he can to get back to me.  He’s come up with challenges and it is affecting him physically.
  • I asked if we would see each other in person this year, and M said that there is a large possibility that we would, the chances are very good.  I told L that I wasn’t getting in touch with him anymore, and she said that the guides (AA Metatron) was working hard to set up our reunion.  We might even meet randomly (bleh, I want to be prepared, what if I look like crap when I come across him?). But there’s something magical in store for us regarding our connection, so there’s a good chance of that random bumping into each other. However, they’re still cautioning because there’s still work to be done. It’s time to come into my power as a lightworker in my mission and that’s really needed right now.
  • When I was asking about time, I told L that M’s old already, and M said he thinks he’s young at which point I rolled my eyes and told her that yes, he’s confident, he even said that he could live past a hundred years for us to be together. Rolled my eyes again on that one.
  • M also said that he liked the idea of asking his Higher Self to snuggle whenever I wake up and to talk to each other before I go to bed. Why am I not surprised?  The guy is infinitely more mushy than I am. 
  • When asked about my  job and my mission, the message was to hang on, hold on because AA Metatron is preparing a situation for me wherein I will be able to use my lightwork in my real work.  I am still needed in my real work job.  There’s some job that they are preparing for me where I’m going to take what I’m learning in my job now and my spiritual work and they will line up together. When that happens that whatever they have prepared for me will kick in already, it will be magical.
  • Everything is happening in the exact way it’s supposed to happen, and she said that she doesn’t always say this, but in this case, it seems almost impossible for us not to be together because our souls want it so badly and with the experiences we’ve had before – this is not our first lifetime together – in line with the intuition that I’m already getting.
  • My dream (the dog dream) is about clearing that dominant, aggressive masculine energy. Even if I’ve cut the karmic cords with my dad and my brother, I should up it a level. So my next mission order is to EMBODY COMPASSION. I’m already doing it in a lot of ways, but this is kind of a push to take it further.  Because when I’m already in that embodied compassionate place, I’m no longer saying — there’s no right or wrong anymore. It’s just two souls that came into this lifetime to learn lessons; and be grateful that they were teachers in this life and you release your soul from that soul contract with them. And I do that by having great compassion and empathy for them.
  • She then told me about the Buddhist practice of Tonglen. Where I take in the suffering of others and transmute that into compassion.  Take no more than 7 breaths because it is very powerful.  During the in-take breath,  connect with the person, imagine the breath you are breathing in is red, warm, hot, take it to your heart center, swirl it around until it becomes a cool blue, then breathe it out. This changes the energy, the dynamic, the situation.

Throughout the session, the connection would fluctuate and there were times when I couldn’t hear her or see her.  She said that this sometimes happened when there were intense high vibrations between her and the twin she was helping out. I immediately took hold of my Shungite crystals to filter out and lower the vibrations a bit, and the connection stabilized.

So that’s it! I had other questions, but my time was up, and I didn’t feel any urgency in asking them.  I still have to work on the 30% in the meantime.

I love M.  And he loves me too. Even if she didn’t mention it, I knew that already.  But, as always, it was nice to hear.

Psychic Dreaming


Last night, I was weighed down by a lot of things.  I’ve got hives again and this time around they were located in my right arm and smack in the middle of my back.  I suppose some exotic insect bit me again, but part of me suspects that it’s ascension symptoms, brought on by the Hunter’s Moon this October.

That was itching enough to be bothersome.  And even though I am still full go on my mission — I just installed video editing software and all that — the response on my trial video up on YouTube was short of dismal. I had one thumbs down and about 30 views.  Which brought me to thinking if I really did have “spiritual gifts” and if I should share them publicly.

I took Benadryl to help me sleep despite the itching, but it seemed like I didn’t need it.  I fell asleep while doing self-healing Reiki on myself. Woke up and tinkered around the computer for a bit and then fell back to sleep.  That’s when I had this strange dream.

I was in an illustrious and old campus, walking by a pathway beside one of the big buildings.  I stopped by a hawker’s stand.  There was this guy there giving out flyers and samples (not quite sure what the samples were for, but they looked like micro-cassette tapes).  He was a psychic and I was looking at him and his wares, curious if he was the real deal.

While I was doing this, things started happening to me.  I turned the golden knob of the grills nearby which revealed a secret passageway to the college down below.  And when I looked up at one of the life-sized statues that decorated the college (it looked like St. Francis of Assisi in my dream although I’m not sure), the statue suddenly turned its head to me. Jeepers, this was getting creepy.

When I turned down to look at the guy’s calling card which he had handed out earlier and which seemed to contain my initial logo for my website, the logo was spinning as though it had life.

That’s about all I remember, but I think there was much more.  I think Spirit was telling me that I did have psychic powers and not to doubt it because the “psychic hawker” by the wayside didn’t have an inkling that all those strange things were happening to me. Okay, okay, maybe I can help some folks out. I’m still not definitely backing down on this.  I have to birth it and let God.


Telepathic Arguments with my Twin

I’m the one with Mars in Aries and since this Supermoon is in Aries, I’ve had to catch my temper many times the past couple of days.  Thank God that we’ve been given guidance about how this will affect us, so no bridges were burned so far.

On the other hand, I’ve felt my twin picking an argument with me several times now, telepathically though. I feel that he is lashing out at me, but I didn’t want to engage because I could tell that it is his own frustration and anger with himself that’s the source.  You know how men pick a fight so that women would break up with them?  That’s how it felt like.  I told him I was here to stay and that I wouldn’t go.  I suspect it is his own feelings of self-worth that are at play here.  He thinks that because of his failed relationships, his codependent way of coping with problems, that he’s no good for me. But I know that that argument is neither true nor valid.

So I’m letting him stew for a while.  I miss our loving connection but these are issues that have resurfaced for a purpose.  He needs to heal them and get rid of the guilt he associates with them.  All is forgiven.  I’m not pressuring him anymore to fit his healing and return with my timeline.  He just needs to do it.

In the meantime, I will continue to heal myself to help him heal.  He is, after all, my twin.  I’m just glad that I am in a place right now where I can tell what this is.  If I were any less enlightened, I would have responded likewise in anger and frustration.


The Warehouse


My dream life is thriving with messages.  Had another one this morning that seemed out of the blue and as I searched for meaning, it seemed to be another message from Spirit.

I dreamt that my mom’s old secretary in the firm that she worked for nearly three decades ago rented out her warehouse to me/us. In my dream, I wasn’t quite sure who the “us” was, if it was my family or me and my twin — I’m simply not sure.  All I know is that I was coordinating with her and checking out the space which was humonguous, like an empty airplane hangar.

Except it wasn’t empty.  It was filled with sacks of rice on pallettes — no, not in sacks, like big aquariums filled with uncooked rice. It didn’t quite fill the warehouse though, just parts of it, and in my dream I was trying to figure out how to fit the wedding party in there. It was as if I was checking it out for a potential venue and the instant I was imagining if so and so many tables would fit, or if the musicians had a place — they would instantly manifest and appear.

At that point, I woke up.  It was a pretty short dream, really. In it, I was talking to my mom’s Secretary, Nancy, but I could just hear her voice, kind of like Charlie from Charlie’s Angels.

Anyway, here’s what I got:

Like most of the grain rice, it is being seen as an omen for fertility and immortality.Rice provides a positive energy, associated with luck, prosperity, fertility, fresh new beginnings, success and sharing. To see rice in your dream simply means that you are in the right track of achieving your goals.

Rice is a good omen in a dream and is often associated with prosperity, luck, fertility, new beginnings, sharing, companionship, and success. To see rice in a dream is a very good omen bringing with it joy and happiness.

To see a warehouse in your dream represents stored energy or hidden resources.

To dream of a warehouse full of boxes or goods represents success in a business undertaking.

So, it’s another sign I should go ahead with my spiritual business, eh? I didn’t check out what the wedding reception meant because it really wasn’t clear in my dream if it was happening or not.  It’s just the instant manifestation thingy in 5D that was at play there.

So that’s it, really.  In other matters, I did go to the Market today that specializes in fabric to buy material for my “Reiki” uniform. The white version of the fabric that I wanted was pretty see-through so it wouldn’t have worked. Other fabrics made me look like a nursing student.  But I was pretty satisfied with the goods I got.  Got in touch with my marketing/branding designer too but she’s available only this Thursday.  Oh, well.

So, in the meantime, I’m still trying to figure out the structure of the website.  It’s the services and pricing that I’m having difficulty with at the moment. Like I feel guilty that anyone’s giving me money.  I know I shouldn’t so I may still have to sort some issues around that.

Anyway, that’s it for today.  Namaste!

Tarzan & Mang Tomas


Well, what do you know?  After days of trying, I finally remember my dream vividly. Still don’t know what it means, but it was a lighthearted and happy dream in two interconnected parts. And there was a hint of romance involved! 😉

In my dream, I met up with Tarzan — the Alex Skarsgard version — except that he wasn’t Tarzan but he was in a business suit and we were going to have a business meeting in a hotel.  I met him in a hotel lobby which seemed like it was an interview, and he exuded power and all that, in a Christian Grey/Christian Bale-as-Bruce Wayne kind of way.

Midway through the interview, he gets up and tells me that he wants me to get a taste of this special lechon sauce, which was the product of the company he represented.  Lechon, for those who are unaware of it, is a delicacy of my country consisting of roast pig and the unrivalled bottled sauce that it is best eaten with is Mang Tomas Sarsa.

So I follow him to the restaurant of the hotel and I find that all of my family is seated at a round table partaking of a feast.  They see us, and I try to greet and all that while following Tarzan make his way to our table.  They’re trying to wink at me, some teasing me that he might be “the one”, but I shrug them off telling them that this is business.

The strange thing was that on his way to our table, Tarzan sort of changed into more casual clothing and donned the personality of Bill Pullman in his younger years, when he was the leading man of many romcoms.

We sat down in our table and then we were served mini platters of diced lechon with the new sauce.  He was telling me that this was the new version of Mang Tomas that they were marketing and introducing into the market.  I tasted it, and it was good!

Anyway, since my family was around, I told him I’d introduce him to them and he was happy to oblige.  I saw my dad lying down on my mom’s lap, kind of sated after the meal, and some other relatives I didn’t know but had name tags.  I think it was a reunion of sorts that was happening there.  Many knowing winks and glances all around but I sort of shake my head congenially saying “it’s not what you think”.  But Tarzan is being sociable to my family and all that.

In between that lechon tasting session though, a parallel dream was happening. (Don’t ask me how that happened but, it played out that way in my dream).  My best friend who lives in the states was giving out Christmas gifts early and one of her gifts was a trip for all of us friends.  We were excited and trying to fix our schedules, and she said that it was still for December and that she would come along and the trip/paid for vacation would last several days.

Then, I woke up and was happy to remember my dream. 🙂

So, what does this mean? Did I even dream about my twin or what? Was Spirit trying to tell me to go out there and date other folks? But it wasn’t a date, it was business! The only connection I could find with Skarsgard-Pullman and my twin is that they share the same Nordic heritage. I found out that Tarzan’s father is Stellan Skarsgard who played Bill Anderson in Mamma Mia and, Anderson is the last name of my twin. Well, that’s it and it seems like a stretch, but there you have it.  Either his son is really my twin or I’m going to meet a younger version of him or someone very very similar to him but with a hot smoking body haha, and still very personable.

Roast pig in a dream means:

To dream of a pig roast represents a positive ending to a very selfish or arrogant situation. Noticing yourself or others letting other people enjoy themselves after a long period of not doing so. A celebratory moment of sharing or giving back to others.

Positively, a pig roast may reflect enjoying time with family or feeling good not having to notice anything arrogant with people you care about.

Gravy, on the other hand, means pleasant feelings with something that is very easy. An area of your life that fulfills your needs perfectly or lets you enjoy having your way. Gravy may also reflect total confidence in enjoying yourself or indulging yourself.

1. Money to come. 2. Something to make life more palatable, tastier.

Anyway, I won’t analyze much because it’s pretty straightforward.  Good looking personable guy whom my family likes is offering me delicacies covered in gravy – actually an upgraded and new version of gravy on an old dish.  Like an old template, redefined.

Okay, my thoughts are all over the place so I’m going to sign off here. Namaste.

Let Them Have Cake


One of my readers suggested that I ask my guides what my civil wedding will be like.  So I did.

The first part of my dream, I don’t recollect much or understand.  I was talking to my sister who is currently plotting her escape from her abuser (her baby-daddy and live-in partner of 5 years), and she was telling me something and she mentioned that when she went back to check, she was surprised that my mom was dead already (knock wood).

Somewhere in the ether between wakefulness and sleep, I became aware of the import of what she said.  It upset me and I woke up trying to shake off being upset.

I went back to sleep and had another dream.

I don’t remember the first sequence, but I know it involved a couple, one of my best friends and her husband, and the color blue.  Then I knew we were in the US, in a new neighborhood.  I was with my other sister, the one supposed to get married this December and we came upon a neighborhood bakery, a small hole-in-the-wall-type one, and I was so happy they were selling cakes.  It was like the kind of bakery in the US where they’ve been there for ages and sell super delicious cakes.  I bought a slice and it cost $2.54, and I paid for it in coins.  The coins actually fell to the floor when I handed it to the baker and I told her that I had given her the exact change.  She collected it and said I gave the right amount.

My sister and I left the bakery and went to my mom’s apartment.  She had just come home from I don’t know where, but I had the feeling that she came from work and we were little kids again. (That’s in contrast to real life where she is retired).  We were telling her we found a bakery and that the cake just cost $2.54.

And that was it.

DREAM DICTIONARY:  Here are some of the relevant meanings to symbols in my dream:


Consider also the metaphor a “piece of cake” or some situation that is easy.

To dream that you are buying a cake suggests that you have accepted the rewards and recognition you are getting for your work. You are learning to be comfortable in the spotlight.

If cakes are present in your dreams, it is usually a positive sign about the people in your life and the values you hold dearest. While the cakes in your dreams can sometimes be a sign of overindulgence, they are generally positive and well-meaning.

In general viewing a cake in dream is considered as a good sign to bring in positive changes in life.

To dream that you are purchasing a cake means that you have taken the honor given to you respectfully. To see cake cutting in your dream signifies that you are going to have a pleasurable time with your loved ones.

Dreaming of cake surely signifies that your struggle has come to an end and you are finely going to taste the success.

Dreaming of sweet cakes, is gain for the laboring and a favorable opportunity for the enterprising. Those in love will prosper.

To see of buying a cake in your dream means that your achievements will reflect to your family and thanks to these successes, your financial problems within your family will finish.

To see a bakery in your dream signifies richness and success. Your future will be an enjoyable, pleasant and filled with satisfaction.

Dreaming of a bakery can symbolise fortune, success, and richer futures, but don’t take the dream too literally. The bakery of your dream will, after all, be filled with people, objects, and of course, the creations of the bakery itself– cake, bread, coffee, etc. So all those dream elements will play a role, too, in what your personal bakery dream means for you and how to interpret it.

That said, dreaming of a bakery for most people will be a pleasant dream and is indicative of good things.

To dream of a going to a bakery represents a decision to use someone else to make having a good time easier. Only wanting to enjoy success or pleasure without having to earn it all yourself. A sign that you might be spoiled by someone.

Anything to do with money may suggest worries about finance, or an intuition of good fortune.

Because we call loose money ‘change’ in English, sometimes the coins might represent change in your life – small changes.

To dream of gold, denotes great prosperity and much pleasure derived from sight-seeing and ocean voyages.

Coins: Generally mean blessings or opportunities we don’t count or recognize

Gold Coins: Material/physical wealth indicated


So did my guides answer me?

Yes.  I think my civil wedding will be an intimate but lavish affair.  People will know about it/hear about it, but very few will actually be invited.  I will be happy with its outcome and I was even told about how much it would cost.  We would even have enough money to pay for it.  Money will go to different suppliers, but in the end, we would have spent just enough.

That I showed my mom the cake after buying is means that she will be happy that my old burden and challenges, especially when it comes to finances, are gone.

My sister accompanying in the dream was because she is slated to have her church wedding December this year.  That’s why she went to the bakery as well, but I was the one who bought the cake so I’m going to have my civil wedding first.

I’m still upset about my “news of death” dream.  Maybe it’s just reflecting my sister’s worries or my own anxiety about her pending escape and her safety.  I’ll ask around what this may mean.  Hopefully, nothing really bad. Sigh.

But thank you, spirit guides, for answering my main question.  🙂