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2016 Message from my Guides


In preparation for the year ahead, instead of popping firecrackers and lighting up fireworks, I went inward.

I cleansed my chakras using the Soul Star and the Triangulation Method. To my surprise, it wasn’t as blocked as it was the first time my energy healer did this method on me.  It just felt smoggy but not totally blocked, like there was a haze of psychic pollution that dimmed my light within.

After that, I invoked St. Germain and the Silver Violet Flame to heal me and transmute all my negative energy, frustrations, and heartaches into something more positive.  From each chakra point to the next, I could feel my light body radiate once more.

I anchored the Silver Violet Flame onto my canine wards — and they weren’t as panicked as they usually were whenever they’d hear fireworks.  I also anchored the flame in my room and in our home, and prayed that the ego-centered, prideful people that lived inside it (my father, mother, brother) would change.

I sat in silent meditation and asked the Ascended Masters what color ray I was anchoring now. It was darkness and silence at first.  I couldn’t tell what color I was really “seeing” since my mind was still working.  I was doing a “process of elimination” in the logical part of my brain.  I had already anchored the silver violet flame, the silver platinum ray, and the gold platinum ray. Recently, I had a phase of being attracted to all things blue (Blue Ray), then Yellow which seems to still be the case and the majority of my preferences (Yellow Ray), but that seemed to be peppered with occasional pickings of things in the pale rose palette.  I would match that with a light grey, and except for the fact that pale rose isn’t seen in the best light with my olive skin tone, I would have picked that more.

When my mind had quieted down and I gave this “process of elimination” a rest, slowly, I saw my light body, glowing with a purple aura, anchoring a pale pink ray infused with crystals.  It was then that I heard the voice of a woman, gentle and sweet.

She began by telling me that she knew of all my troubles and disappointments.  She said that they all loved me and that it wouldn’t be long before things would change, that I should hold on a bit longer.  She said that my angels and guides were there to help and while she was saying this, I saw a vision of ascended masters behind her.  She said that they had heard me many times before when I had asked and that what I had asked for was coming to me.  I can’t remember the exact words she used, but it was along the lines of I should not despair.

She didn’t exactly explain what the crystal pink ray was for, but in my heart, I understood that it was a delicate ray and that’s perhaps why I was beginning to shun most people, energies, and frequencies that didn’t resonate with it. I had to protect it from those energies, so that it would fully “download” and I could anchor it better.

I was crying by the end of the session.  I felt engulfed in the group hug of these divine beings offering me comfort and love. I thanked my higher self, my spiritual team, my guardian angels, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters for their visit before I closed the session with full gratitude in my heart.

I had never felt this “light” (pun intended) since the holiday season began in my country this October.  I felt cleansed from the inside-out even though I was sporting more weight than usual. What’s more, I actually felt happy and joyful even though I was celebrating new year’s eve alone with my doggies.

It was only when I looked up more aspects of the crystal pink ray that I learned I was anchoring Divine Love.  No wonder it felt so good and peaceful.  It’s making me think twice about joining the 3rd Dimensioners again because I don’t want this feeling to be infiltrated by anything else.  I’m still “dark” when it comes to my social media.  But that’s the whole dichotomy of it.  In darkness, there is light.

May the year ahead bring love, peace, prosperity and less vexations from lower frequencies!




[REQUEST] A Gamgee Save


At this point, I don’t know where to get the strength any more to fend off detractors, traitors, unnecessarily cruel people, or even just carry on with the business of surviving.  I feel like Frodo as he was when he was nearing Mount Doom, after he had gone through all the trials and tribulations Mordor had to offer, doing his best to fend off getting engulfed in the evil that was Sauron.

My heart is empty and stone cold.  After years of forgiving and giving second chances to these worthless cretins, I have no more compassion for those who do not learn their lessons despite my patience and tolerance.

I need a Samwise Gamgee to carry me the rest of the way.  I am about ready to fold in exhaustion, each day facing the world with my resting bitch face, worried, anxious and joyless.

I don’t know what else is being asked of me.  I’ve done what I could to help people evolve, sometime dishing out challenges for them where I was the one who inevitably ended up hurt and pained whenever they failed. I’ve accepted my lowly station in life as compared to my colleagues and peers without resentment or envy as much as possible, making do with what I have, earning my keep quantum meruit, and living within my means.

Whenever I ask my guides, or have someone else equally gifted ask theirs about my lot in life, the prospects are good.  After long years of waiting, it seems as though I would be reunited with my one true love, and that I would live in happiness and abundance.  Even when I’ve felt so down, the answers are still the same.  Whether I ask for a direct intuitive answer from my guides or if I use my tarot cards, still, the same answers.

What am I to make of that?

I honestly don’t know.  I’m scheduling stuff for the future.  Telling folks I’m going to this or that event, only for the heck of having something scheduled.  I don’t actually know if I’m going to make it.  I do what I’m tasked to do, but most of the time, when I find myself alone, I’m practically desolate and catatonic.  I don’t know what to do any more.

The cretins can go ahead and dig the holes of their own making deeper.  I’m done.  Still not mad at God or the Universe.  If this is what they have for me, then, that’s that, I guess.  In a world full of billions of people, I’m just a speck anyway.  Makes me kind of wish I was a special snowflake, but I’m not.  I just wish I had the joie de vivre that I had when I was much younger and hopeful, and filled with prospects of a future with love.  I just wish that I could tell everyone that it does happen, dreams do get fulfilled no matter how much tribulations you go through, and that it’ll all be worth it in the end.  I just wish that I could be a living testament to manifestation of my heart’s desires; that when I tell others to believe, it will not be empty words.

I’m tired.  I’m beaten.  I’ve never felt so much resignation as I do now.  I don’t know what will change this.  Only a miracle at this point, I presume.

Samwise Gamgee, where art thou?