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Trouble in Paradise


I suppose it’s a good thing that I was busy with other things the past few days other than just lurking on the Twin Flame group pages.  Imagine my shock when I checked in and found out all sorts of drama going on — accusations of other twins being implanted with negative entities, this or that person taking sides, and all that bullshit. Other people making videos just to let other know where they stand.

So the person they were hailing as the Ambassador for the Divine Masculines has been — sort of quarantined — for ridiculous hypothetical accusations.  I’m not joining in a fray that’s purely ego driven. I think that part of the responsibilities of being a light worker is to be the clearest channel possible for Spirit’s messages to come through and that means taking off the shroud of ego in service and in life.

So, no, it’s not dark energies that’s been invading them.  That’s a cop-out.  It’s ego, plain and simple.  The thing is they’ve become instant celebrities — at least, in the Twin Flame niche — and they don’t know how to handle it.  Most of these twins have been very low profile in real life and here is “celebrity” all of a sudden, people looking to them for guidance and advice, and your basic preening about how they are with the “in crowd”. Now, if you haven’t been immersed in that kind of dynamic in 3D, it can get in your head and ego, and what results is an overrated power play amongst them, a virtual Animal Farm, so to speak.

Personally, I don’t have a problem in that kind of dynamic because I’ve always been in “that crowd”. So I know that it’s not a big enough deal to get all Game of Thrones for.

Anyway, I got my reading back from Starsoul Tarot, and my question was what else I had to do or my twin has to do in order to get into union.  Three things stood out: 1) that there was some sadness that I had to release regarding a place/memory/song that held much sentimental value for me because of my twin;  2) there was nothing else I needed to do because I did my homework and am now in mission; and 3) I need to have faith and believe in my twin because the long term relationship, the ring and the commitment were coming.

Well, as regards the first, last night I came from an alumni homecoming celebration of my school which was held at that hotel where I hold the most memories of my twin. I was actually hesitant to see that hotel again because I didn’t know how I’d react, but when I was there, it surprised me to find out that the place no longer held any sway for me. I looked at the lobby where we first met; I looked at the seats where we talked; I remembered each time he kissed me goodbye as I headed off to my car, and I thought to myself, “It is done.  It is complete.”  I’ve healed from that place. And the last time I was in that hotel, I was with my twin.

The second one, I’m just ecstatic about.  Okay, so everything I do from here on out when it comes to mission and energy work is just a bonus. There’s nothing else I have to do but be ready to receive.

The third point, on the other hand, is something I’ve already heard before along similar lines. Everything and more.  Better than I’ve ever imagined.  All the pain and hardships that I’ve gone through will melt away and seem insignificant compared to what’s coming. Or that I can have the whole shebang if I choose it.

Now, my dreams about the life me and my twin will live is already pretty much up there. So when she told me that it would be better than I’ve ever imagined — well, you can guess that I can’t grasp it because if it’s better than what I’ve imagined, I seriously do not know how much better. I simply can’t imagine it. So there, I won’t even try.

Surprise me.



My Funny Forever Valentine


This is going to be short because I’ve just gotten done tweaking the last bits that need tweaking on my website (live now, btw, but still unpromoted) and it’s 3AM!

I think…. I think… I think that my Twin is getting hair implants!

I got a call on my Magicjack from an unfamiliar number and when I reverse looked it up, it was a prominent Hair Transplant salon, LOL.

Now, why do I find that funny? Well, it’s because since my twin is relatively almost two decades older than me, he’s been losing his hair, and that was a very worldly concern of mine.  I mean, I my standard line shouldn’t be, “Well, he had a full head of hair when we met, ya know?” Of course, I’d love him even without hair and all that, but it would really, really, you know, make my day, if he had done something about it.  Like, hair transplants or something like that.

I swear, it’s so shallow that whenever I would ask this question to my reader, even he would laugh. It was more of a “humour me” kind of thing.

Anyway, it sort of fits in with the QOD (Question of the Day to my Higher Self and Spiritual Team).  I asked them to give me a message on how my Twin was since I was so busy with mission and really couldn’t find time to consciously connect.

I had three answers today.

First, was a love song playing on the radio. I forgot the lyrics now, but it ran along the lines of how he would love me when we’d see each other again.

Second, was the 222s.  Two cars swerved right in front of me with plates that had 222s.  Well, I really think this was the answer to my other question.  I asked for messages regarding my Spiritual Business.  This is what the 222s mean from Ask-Angels.com:

The Angel Number 222

222 as an angel number is one of the more common sequences shown to those who are awakening to the presence and guidance from the angelic realm.

The Angel Number 222 has a very significant and powerful vibration. It contains the attributes of 2 and 22, the Master Builder Number of inspiration, big ideas and the focus and persistence needed to manifest big dreams into reality.
222 as an Angel Number has to do with manifestation, keeping in balance, and creating blessings on a huge and global scale.

When you repetitively see 222, it’s a message from the angels that you’re on the right track. You’re in the right place at the right time. Stay positive, know that your angels are supporting you, but remember to ask for angelic assistance.
222 offers assurance that things are and will work out for the best when you focus on your desired outcome, stay positive, go with the flow, and continue taking steps in creating your desired result.

The Angel Number 222 is a reminder to keep the faith, to stay focused on what you want rather than what you do not, and to trust that all is well, and everything is working out according to Divine will for the highest and greatest good.

The third one, was the mysterious dropped phone call.

So that’s it for today.  Oh — I’ve also been zonking out light bulbs and draining batteries so I need to do extra grounding work.

Anyway, I love my Twin! He’s funny.  And I do hope he does get that new head of hair, lol.

Manic Monday


Actually, that should read “Manic Weekend”, but it’s a Monday now and I didn’t go to work.  Why?  I’ve been working on my website – Yael Alchemy – (and, yes, once I publish I will tag that here), but it’s still in the works.

For the past three days, I’ve been sleeping at 5am because I’ve been trying to figure out the sitebuilder, setting up the pages, sourcing “no attribution” required pictures and trying to reconcile regular pricing with the local pricing discount.  My marketing and branding designer is still working on my logo and peripherals, so in the meantime that I had to put something up on the site, I went with the prototype.  Heck, it’s an original creation of mine anyway, plus it was inspired by Spirit. It was just my lack of advanced Photoshop skills that got in the way of excellent execution, lol.

The Artist that’s working with me is my cousin, who happens to be a Twin Flame herself, an Orange Ray, whose twin is not incarnated and is in a relationship with a soulmate now.  She herself has experienced much tributlation and hardship in her life but this gets transmuted through her art and she has become one of those artists celebrated and exhibited by our local National Museum.  I suppose it was why I told her about my ideas for the website and revealed to her my authentic soul nature — being a twin and all — I did not have to explain much.  She understood.

Anyway, our timeline in developing and creating the site has been marred by delays and what not. It seems like dark energies want to put the brakes on this one.  Last Thursday, my cousin got in touch with me with a warning to be careful.  She told me to be careful of picking clients because not all of them will have good motives.  She also picked up on the dark trying to sabotage our efforts because the day before, a spectre had been following her. Then, when she was about to work on my stuff on her computer, her computer and phone simultaneously shut down, and she couldn’t power her computer back on again. That’s when she understood the whys and wherefores of the spectre.

I was worried for her and told her to shield herself, but she told me not to worry because it’s as if there’s a glass barrier between her and the spectre.  The strange thing was that I had seen the spectre too on that very day she saw it.

That morning, on the drive to work, I did something unusual — I invoked the protection of AA Michael and Faith and their Legions of Light.  I don’t know why I did it.  I just felt that I had to.  Normally, I would start the drive with “Angel of God”, the Soul Mantra, and an invocation to my Higher Self and Spiritual Team to send me messages.  Anyway, as the day wore on, I actually forgot I did that (invoke AA Michael, Faith, et al.).

Later in the afternoon, after work, I headed to the mall to work on the website in my favorite cafe.  I had just found a slot in the parking lot which was facing the sun.  In front of me, there was an SUV parked there, it’s hood facing my windshield. (Are you getting a visual now?)

Anyway, I was rummaging through my bag, seeing to it that I had everything I needed when I look at the car in front.  That’s when I see the spectre.  I saw a humanlike form peek out from behind the passenger seat of the SUV in front of me.  Yes, head and shoulders and all.  I did a double take and paused.  I mean, maybe it could have been a real person left in the car, enjoying the A/C while waiting for the driver.  That’s not uncommon in my country where the heat sometimes gets oppressive.

So I observe awhile and look closer.  But, nope, nope, nope.  The car was empty.  Of course, I am freaked out and get out of there as fast as I can. It was only when my cousin was telling me about it that I recognized that that was why I asked for protection from the Archangels.  My soul knew it before my human brain could process it.

After my chat with my cousin, I went double time on the protection.  I did a smudging around my room and surrounding areas, got out my Labradorite bracelet which I only just found out is the stone of AA Michael, again, courtesy of another twin’s post, and I went on full battle gear with my Diamond Sword of Truth, Crystalline Shield of Light, and Golden Helmet of Protection.

I’m still being plagued with Ascension symptoms due to purging — the venom from my exotic bite marks have subsided but have been replaced by a rash;  I’ve got a purulent inflammation somewhere on my body, yadayadayada, but I’m trying to not let it bother me while I am in Manic Creator Mode.

On the other hand, this pre-mission work has taken off focus from my twin, and he’s getting somewhat anxious because he keeps sending messages like “please stay”, “don’t go” and stuff to that effect.  All these happenings though seemed synced with the Collective, based on their own accounts of what’s been going on with them and channelled messages.  It’s supposed to give the Divine Masculine space to sort out his shit pre-reunion. So all is as it’s supposed to be.

There are times, of course, when I have my own uncertainties about all this — the mission, I mean.  Am I ready?  That seems to have been answered by Spirit in other posts and dreams.  I don’t even know how the reception will be or if this will take off at all.  I’m just going with the flow and doing what I’m called to do. I figured, I’m going to do the groundwork; and Spirit will take care of the rest.