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Message in a Dime


The holidays are always the toughest for me.  Before I was awakened into this ascension process (a.k.a. before everything else went to shit as far as my family was concerned), I used to be a big fan of holidays.  They were family events and we would go out, spend some time together, eat out and stuff like that.

Today, Easter, no one even bothered to greet me.  Frankly, I’m not quite even sure if I exist in 3D anymore because no one seems to pay mind.  They did the same thing last Christmas.

In my solitude, I sought to raise my vibrations.  Almost the entire day, I listened to music that would help me connect to the Source.  I read my cards and sought out answers to my pervading questions during the Holy Week — What was God’s Plan for me? Is it in His plan that M and I get together in this lifetime?  I got answers, but they were mostly obscured in my state of near panic at having no one to celebrate Easter with.

I almost didn’t want to go to mass despite it’s being a Holy Day of Obligation, but I’m glad I did.  It was after Mass, just as I was leaving Church that I think I was given a message.  There was a dime on the floor.  To make it more poignant that it was meant for me, another churchgoer pointed it out to me.  All I saw was a coin, and what went through my head was “See a coin and pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck.”




Now, seeing a coin on the floor isn’t rare.  However, since I live in a country that has a different currency, seeing a dime on the floor IS. One dime from the United States of America.


Not only that, the one I found was minted 2007, the year I met M. And of course, it bears the words, “In God We Trust”.dime 2007



10:10 is how it translated in my mind’s eye.

So I started researching and this is what I came up with about the significance of that number:


10:10- 10th dimension of consciousness. mirror image sign. prompting that the viewer is in sync with time/ space. also seen around the time of twin flames and during awakening. This signals something you’ve asked about is about to be revealed to you. Youre reaching the highest levels of consciousness

Now, I like this because it looks like I’m going to get answers soon.

10.10- something new is starting so prepare for it

Beginnings are good.

From Comments from a blog about the significance of repeated numbers:

Tuesday 17.04.12
Today numbers again 10:00/10:01 my car cut off in the middle of the cross road. Interesting, 1001 is my code to Iphone. B B King sang . ‘hold on, I am coming’.

That one is reassuring.  He is coming.

10:10 New Earth stargate means a full cycle is complete and you are ready to step into a new life frequency. Once you reach this level you may experience a higher vibration and choose your next course of activation. It is living many lifetimes in one life, as if stepping into a new life though not going through the veil of unconsciousness (of forgetting) and taking with you all that will serve your highest path and service. When this gateway comes, you cannot take what is not in alignment with your new resonances. As you are in a cycle of accelerated karmic clearing and multidimensional time, you do not need to cross over and come back to heal, evolve and clear lifetimes and karma and to access multidimensional consciousnesses and wisdom.

The above-quoted passage resonates with my prayers as well.  I had been asking for manifestation in this lifetime while I had “remembered” who I was, as it took me decades to finally “get it”. And I was thinking that if it doesn’t happen in this lifetime, if I get into a new physical vessel for another lifetime, it would be necessary to forget everything I’d learned in this one to fully experience that.

10:10 Moving into a new beginning 1(one) – and moving into the pattern of the Great Void 0(zero) – or a much higher resonance or frequency of Spirit.

Again, new beginnings.

I think of Tarot and the Wheel of Fortune Card. It is represented by the Number 10. The Wheel of Fortune can also be seen as the Wheel of Dharma/Karma. It leads me to believe either good or bad, up or down, you have manifested something into your reality that is a reflection of your internal psychology and you may experience a big change. This is a an Ending of One Phase and The Beginning of a New Phase and it is a great opportunity to learn from a karmic lesson and transcend limited Being/Believing and Behaving.. Look within, become aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and sense of Identity and see if you what you are magnetizing into your life is what you truly want. If not, consider changing your perspectives,thoughts, feelings,beliefs and sense of identity to match that of our Creators Unconditional Loving Perspective, and the experiences and the people you magnetize into your life will change to match who you are in your Now moment. Namaste

I’ve also been getting the Wheel of Fortune lately in my readings.

10:10 is the Alpha-Omega number. The number of beginnings and endings, it is full of promise, and of opening to the “Compassionate Heart.”

This is where my heart chakra lessons come in.


Number 10 carries the energies of both the number 1 and the number 0. Number 10 resonates with the vibrations and energies of leadership, optimism, confidence, independence, creative powers, success, energy, originality, adaptability, determination and individuality. Number 10 reduces to the single digit of 1 (1+0=1). Number 1 resonates with the attributes of self-leadership and assertiveness, new beginnings and motivation, activity and progress, achievement and success. Number 1 also reminds us that we create our own realities with our beliefs, intentions and actions. Number 0 is the number of the ‘God’ force and Universal Energies and reinforces, amplifies and magnifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with. Number 0 also relates to developing one’s spiritual aspects.
Angel Number 10 is a message that you are receiving insights and guidance from your angels through your ideas, thoughts, visions and feelings. Pay particular attention to your intuition at this time and take positive action as directed.

Confirmed.  It IS a message.  This next one is one of my favorites.

Here’s a channeled message from Archangel Gabriel through Phoenix Rising Star about 10 10 10 and it’s spiritual significance …

I asked the angels about the significance of 10-10-10.

Archangel Gabriel replied:

10-10-10 is the new beginnings on a spiritual level. Like the quickening prior to birth, it is the signal of change. It is the feeling of something different, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is.

It is the sensation of movement.

It is the knowing without knowing how you know, that everything you’ve perceived as normal up to this time is now changing faster and more intensely than ever before.

In short, 10-10-10 is the spiritual change coming in prior to the physical change.

This can lead people into a kind of panic if they are not clear about living in their hearts.

Lack of preparation for change, especially when you’re not sure what kind of change is coming, leads to restlessness, lack of security, even fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of what is.

Fear of fear.

The important thing to remember, as always from now on, is to stay in your heart.

Spiritual mastery such as this is necessary in order to ascend.

The love-fear-love cycle is prevalent in today’s world.

You read about staying in your heart.

You practice meditations on staying in the heart.

You learn mantras, mudras, and postures to open your heart and stay in your heart.

And something comes along that is unusual, abnormal, even different, and what happens?

You drop into the fear.

However, being aware of the love-fear-love cycle makes you immediately aware that you have dropped into fear.

And that awareness helps you to move back into the love faster.

You don’t stay in the fear as long.

You don’t go as deeply into fear as before.

And staying in your heart is easier and easier.

This is spiritual mastery.

Hence 10-10-10 is making us even more aware of our choice of spiritual mastery, our opening to change, and our choice to stay in our hearts. This solid foundation of love will make all the difference for you in the coming times.

Love-Fear-Love. Choose love. Every time.

I remain your faithful servant, Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel described exactly how I’m feeling these days. And this last one:

Angel Number 10 encourages you to move forward in your life with faith and trust that you are on the right path in all ways. Have no fear as your angels guide and support you every step of the way. Have faith that your inner-urgings are leading you in the right direction and you will find future success and fulfilment on your chosen path. Trust your angels and the Universal Energies.

Angel Number 10 brings a message to step forward in new directions and look to new beginnings with an optimistic and positive attitude as they will prove to be auspicious and beneficial to you in many ways, now and in the future.

Completions.  Endings.  Beginnings.  Despite the message, I’m still basking in uncertainty only because I don’t exactly know what’s ending and what’s beginning. I can only trust that what will happen will happen because it’s meant to be.





Waving the White Flag


It’s Black Saturday today.  Just one day more until Easter and I would have survived the Holy Week I had been so dreading. And over where I live where everyone is predominantly Catholic (including me), the Holy Week is strictly observed – no work.  It’s paid time off to go on a vacation/staycation and to rest and reflect at what you’ve done in your human life.

Holidays are always difficult for me because I have no one to spend them with.  Much as I’d like to go to the beach or take in some other scenery, going at it alone makes me sadder than if I wouldn’t have gone.  I’ve since learned to suck it up and just stay still until it blows over.

Went brainstorming with a friend last Wednesday.  We’re somewhat in the same boat – not knowing where to go or what to do with the rest of our single lives. It was rather depressing.  We came to the conclusion that this was pretty much it. Actually, I think she had more hope for a romantic love life than I did.  All I could see stretched out ahead of me were more lonely days, lists of things to do, and occasional dalliances with things and events to amuse me. So, yes, the rest of my life will mostly be spent finding things to bide my earthly time with.  It’s not a very exciting prospect really.

I was glad I was able to go to confession though.  It was two years ago since my last one. Thing is, aside from being sharp of tongue and invoking karma to descend on those who continue to wreak havoc in the world (which isn’t really a sin and more of a duty since part of my soul purpose in this lifetime is to dish out Divine Justice), I genuinely felt I didn’t have much to confess. Forbearance was the name of my game for the most part, at least, with the major things that other people do to hurt me.  I’ve long since realized that it’s part of their “being human”, this penchant they have of not being able to look beyond what’s in front of them.


I didn’t partake in most of the traditional things that should be done during the Holy Week.  And like I said, most Catholic folk have it in front of them but don’t look beyond.  Take the violet shrouds that cover most of the religious statutes.  For the unenlightened, violet is just the color of lent. However, it’s representative of the Silver Violet Flame that purges us and transmutes the negativity into a higher frequency vibration, one that brings us closer to God.  And I realized that although I hadn’t confessed in quite a while, I had already been confessing to God every time I invoked the Silver Violet Flame.  I forgave myself.  I forgave others who had wronged me.  One cannot help but do so when the blessing of the Silver Violet Flame descends.

But the unawakened horde doesn’t realize that.  Or take the Sacred Heart, for example.  Most depiction of saints and Jesus and Mother Mary show their sacred hearts emanating light. Devotees pray novenas and reflect on this, but they do not realize that it’s representative of the heart chakra which, on the Ascended Masters, are working at full efficiency, for lack of a better term.  And instead of wondering in awe at what they perceive to be supernatural and beyond them, they should try harder instead to make their own sacred hearts shine brighter.  Well, that’s what I did for my Lenten reflection.  I activated my heart chakra with meditation and channeling from my Lyran kin.  And once it’s opened, you’ll be able to understand the depth of love one can feel for another without it being tainted by guilt.


The heaviest sin, IMHO, that I confessed was that I felt bitterness at my lot in life.  And this is true, as you can read from my previous blog posts.  Maybe this is it.  Maybe this is as far as God’s plan for me goes. At least in this lifetime.  And I know that I’ve been resisting it, railing against it, hoping against hope that there was something more I could look forward to, but maybe this is it.

I can see myself waving that white flag of surrender.  What would you have me do, God?  That’s what I’ve been meditating on.  I have gotten no answers, except “Rest. Chill.” Well, God didn’t exactly say Chill’, but basically, I should just bask in the surrendering.

When I asked my cards, Judgment + Tower + Two of Pents came up.  Could be positive.  Could be otherwise. But I do know that it pertains to my Twin Soul reunion.  I’ll have to ask more about that.

Okay, heading out to watch “Batman vs. Superman” in a bit.  Alone, yes, on a holiday.  It’s one of those activities I’ve lined up for myself to keep amused.  Oh, well.  Happy Easter, everyone!




Finally, With the Stars


He was the coolest astrologer I’d ever known.  Bespectacled, his black mane drawn in a ponytail behind his head, nicotine-stained teeth from smoking too many Camels, leather boots, and armed with a charming British accent, Henry Palacios stood behind a small almost inconspicuous booth at the lower ground floor of Megamall, ready to tell you what the stars had in store for you.

The booth had just opened, and my friend Amelyn and I walked over curiously to ask what it was all about.  That was the first of many visits.  And soon after, our friends flocked to Henry as well, and we were also introduced to the other oddballs that hung out with him — clairvoyants, psychics, sorcerers, wizards and warlocks in their own right.  Even when Henry was manning the booth alone, we were always in for tales of his adventures – whether it was getting lost in Salamanca, Spain, drunken partying at some other part of the world, or even cautionary tales about how having a Mars in Aries could get one into trouble.

Decades later, the booth had closed down and Henry became more prominent, guesting at the biggest networks during auspicious times of the year.  I had gone on to law school and become a lawyer, while Amelyn became a respected broadcaster.

Two days ago, Henry got called to be with the stars.  It happened suddenly, at the tender age of 53.  His brother was recounting their last conversation the night he had a heart attack.  Henry was bemusing about how he was going to grow old alone as he had never married, and was wondering what was going to become of him since he hadn’t gotten together with “the one who got away.”

Maybe the stars heard him.  Maybe the Karmic Board was compassionate enough to give him leave to come home.  After all, Henry has helped countless people during their journey in this lifetime.  Mission accomplished.

Now, it’s time for him to rest and be with the stars he loved so much. Thank you, Henry, for your lifetime of service.

Henry Palacios

Rise of the Phoenix



That’s yesterday’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) courtesy of NASA.  It’s edited to highlight the figure and some folks at Reddit suspect that the original unedited pic would look like this:


Still and all, it gave me quite a different vibe upon chancing upon it.  I felt like it was a code, a sign, a message from our kin way up there in the stars.  The fact that this display of Northern Lights encompassed several constellations, including Pleiades and Orion, makes me even more certain of it. I still don’t know what the message is, but I can feel that it’s positive.

Actually, before chancing upon this picture, I had quite a vivid dream the night before.  I was in a very high place, somewhere white, and there was an escalator before me that I had to get on.  Getting down was steep and long and it reminded me of this:


But I went on it anyway, even though I found it quite boring. It was a single strip of escalator, and I could vividly see the black plates that brought me down.  All of a sudden, it gained speed, and I could see the rest of the escalator stretch out before me.  I was moving on it faster and faster, and then, in “down the rabbit hole fashion”, the escalator suddenly sloped like a roller coaster and since it was going down fast, I was quite enjoying myself on it, thinking (to myself, in my dream) that once it was over, I’d go on it again, even if the climb was steep. (Well, I didn’t actually know in my dream whether or not it was going to be a climb or there was a lift to take me to the top again.  I simply assumed, again, in my dream, that it was easy to get back to the top to repeat the entire experience.)

That’s the first part of my dream.

The second part, although seemingly a continuation, I will discuss separately because it has two meanings.

Anyway, when I got down, I realized that I had just smooshed my Iphone. It wasn’t shattered into pieces, just “smooshed”, like a big fat giant had sat on it.  Actually, I was the one that had sat on it since I was riding the escalator like a child sliding down the banister of stairs, but I didn’t see that part happen in my dream.  I just knew that that’s how it happened.

I was checking out my phone to see if I could revive it, and after a few minutes of worrying and panicking, the smooshed phone popped back into its original form.  Okay, problem solved.

Then, I woke up.

I took heed of the dream.  Felt that my Intuition was telling me “Don’t forget your phone”, “pay attention to your phone” and that I had to watch out for my phone.  After a bit of googling and checking out messages in the morning, I made sure to charge it a bit so that it would be tip top shape as far as the battery was concerned.

Long story short, in the morning rush trying to get out the door to do the day’s business — I FORGOT MY PHONE. Sheesh.  This is certainly one of those times when I have to thank my Intuition for reminding me and, yet, kick myself for being so human and forgetting the reminder. Kind of makes me wish that Intuition had an opt-in “second alert” like Google Calendar, you know.

As for the first part of my dream, I couldn’t decipher it at first.  Those dream dictionaries were telling me conflicting things.  Some say that dreaming of an escalator was auspicious and that things would be on the up and up, especially when it came to my romantic life.  Then again, there’d be a proviso saying quite the opposite in those cases where one was riding an escalator that was going down.

I couldn’t quite reconcile that with the ecstatic feeling I had in my dream despite the fact that it was travelling down.  Then, it kind of dawned on me that I needed to look at the bigger picture of this dream.  So here’s the analysis I eventually settled into:

The escalator signifies my starseed journey into being human.  For a very long time — and I’m talking lifetimes here — I went through the experience.  Rather humdrum but something I had to live through.  And now that I’m nearing the end of my human journey, remembering what I have to, nearing reunion with my Twin Soul, it’s going to be quite enjoyable from here on out.   So much so that despite the sluggish beginnings through several floors of the escalator, the part when it becomes a thrilling roller coaster ride would be something I’d want to go through again.  That’s why I was going “down”.  It didn’t mean a descent to something decrepit (although the human condition can be so at times), but just that there was nowhere to go but down, especially if you’re coming from “up there”.

The phone part of my dream has an alternate meaning too.  Phone = contact. Broken phone means that I lost contact with those who put me on the escalator in the first place.  But, as in real life when I’ve just rekindled my connection with my galactic ancestors, I got my “transmitter” working again.  Yeahhhh, baby.  E.T. is finally phoning home!

Wait, that’s not all.  After I finished my earthly duties (a.k.a. deadlines at work), I still got flooded with signs confirming all of the above.

I was driving home in a semi-dazed, empty state. Not particularly agitated, belligerent, or anxious, but, you know, the kind where you’re empty but aware.  Then there was this vehicle in front of me with these big letters espousing the company motto that said, “We’re changing lives.”  And the make of the car?  HILUX.  High Lux.  Bright Lights.  Big influx of light.

My antenna went up.  Maybe this was just a fluke?  Next car I see, again, another Hi-Lux.  As if they were that common.  Next one that catches my eye has the words “New Era” on it.  And the next one is an Innova.  And the next one says, “Novaliches” which means New City.


Message received.  Loud and clear.  The new influx of energies will be crucial in building a new paradigm for humanity.  And this is what I have to anchor next or what I am currently anchoring.  No wonder I’ve been restless the past couple of days, on edge, nervous but not anxious.  Maybe my circuitry was being upgraded to anchor in the new energies or the energy was just high frequency and that was the effect of imbibing it.

I decide to check Vanessa Lamorte’s YouTube channel to see if there have been any transmissions.  She’s an intergalactic shaman, if you don’t know her.  And, again, this confirms my hunch.  She posted a brand new video: Cosmic Frequency Update: Light Language Transmission for Clarity & Purification that pretty much confirms the messages I’d been getting the entire day.

I watched the video and as soon as the light language channeling from the Lyran, Syrian and Arcturian Council came through, I could see in my mind’s eye the illuminated codes actually going into my heart space and planting themselves there.  I found it kind of disconcerting because it was all so clear.  Like watching it on HDR, and the codes contained symbols I couldn’t understand.  I’m not worried though.  The human in me may not be able to translate it, but I have no doubt that the Starseed in me got what I was supposed to get.

Wait.  There’s more.  I just realized that the OST I had been listening to all day long (also something I had just come across today when looking for focus music while working), is from “Ori and the Blind Forest”.  Orion.  One of the constellations over which the Phoenix (above) formed. Which also brought me to that song by Prince — Arms of Orion.  Take a look at the lyrics:

Orion’s arms are wide enough
To hold us both together
Although we’re worlds apart
I’d cross the stars for you

“In the heart of a sleepless moon”
“I’ll be with you forever”
“This is my destiny”
“‘Till my life is through”

The arms of Orion that’s where I want to be
Since you’ve been gone
I’ve been searching for a lover
In the Sea of Tranquility
I’m drowning without you here, my dear

When I am lost and feeling alone
I just look to heaven
I find my comfort there
God only knows where you are to night

“God only knows where you are to night”
“Maybe time will tell me”
“‘Till then I’ll close my eyes and say a prayer for you”
(I’ll say a prayer for you too)


Orion’s heart is bright enough
To shine on both of us
The constellations never fail
To light the way for love

‘Orion’s arms are wide enough’
To hold us both together
“Although we’re worlds apart”
(‘I’d cross the stars for you’)
“I’d cross the stars for you”

Okay.  I think I’d better stop now.  This is getting creepy and I’m getting overwhelmed with messages. I’m kind of scared to sleep now because I might get something in my dreams.  I know I shouldn’t be scared, but the synchronicity of it all is weirding me out. I won’t even begin to tell you how many words I misspelled today.  Yes, me, the consummate grammar and spelling nazi.

Something is going on and it’s telling me to focus on it. Oh, boy.

Total Eclipse of the Heart



I watched the livestream of the Total Solar Eclipse this morning.  In my part of the Universe, it could only be seen partially, so the sun seemed like an oddly shaped Apple logo with a bite taken from it.

They say that this Eclipse in Pisces will transform old wounds into new strengths.  I learned that after the fact, after the eclipse was over, and I was wondering what it meant for me, and for all of us.  Frankly, the energy from the eclipse made me weep while it was ongoing, and now, I feel it still finding its way into incorporating with my own energy.

I can only describe it as being overwhelmed and bored at the same time.  My mind can’t seem to settle on any one thing.  I didn’t get any work done at the office.  I left the office early to dilly dally at the mall, but ended up bringing an insane amount of documents with me because I couldn’t decide what to do so as not to get bored.  But here I am writing this instead.

I feel like a chicken running without its head.  And in the back of my mind, I’m wondering if I would feel less affected if I didn’t bask in the sun while it was all happening or if it wouldn’t have made a difference.

Three days ago, it was M’s birthday and I texted him a greeting.  Status is read, but no reply.  I asked for guidance after that and my reading was reassuring although until I actually hear from him, I don’t think I will ever be reassured.

Now, I feel like I’m walking on coals and have to sidestep everything so as not to get burnt.  That’s me inside.  Like there’s this great big storm raging, the wind is howling, the rain is beating on windows and pavements, and trees, it’s cold and I’m just wishing that this would all be over, the calm would begin and the sun would start shining through the clouds.

How I wish to finally know the answers.


On the other hand, I did learn that I am a Lyran Starseed, courtesy of another Arcturian Starseed I recently met.  My soul teacher couldn’t confirm which star I came from before.  All she said was that it was far away, that it wasn’t the Pleiades or Orion although I had spent several lifetimes there too.

And this is why, when I had an energy exchange with that sketchy psychic (I just say sketchy because I “felt” that he wasn’t upfront with his motives), the energy I saw was white, gold, and yellow — part of the energy signature of the Lyrans.  And no wonder why, when I bought a crystal from him, he had implanted it with some energy vampire spirit to siphon off my “very rare” energy (according to him).

My guides were alert that time, and I was given the right signs and signals to veer away from him before he did too much damage.  Still, knowing that I used to live in a Utopian society where the grass was pink, the skies were blue and violet and there was love all around, and knowing that I can’t ever come home because some hostile alien race blew up my home to pieces isn’t all that comforting.

So there’s one answer.  I can never come home; I will never call anything home — I am the Eternal Wanderer.


I did come across the sigil to connect me with my Lyran kin.  (No, it’s not the graphic above.) It’s the wallpaper on my phone now.  I look at it, meditate on it, and feel that I’m not truly alone.  We’re still out there, just far, far away from each other.

My research about the Lyrans led me to Vanessa LaMorte, an intergalactic shaman who channels messages from the Lyrian-Syrian Council.  She speaks in light language and it is entrancing to listen to.  I wish I could speak it. It would be great to bestow blessings in light language or to even come into contact with galactic beings who are friendly.

When I asked my reader, the cards said that I was still being prepared; that they were waiting for me to heal.

Anyway, I hope I get some answers soon. This eclipse has been really disconcerting.



Distance Healing My Dog


We had a seminar out of town for work, but the night before, my disabled dog who could not use both his hind legs anymore due to torn ACLs and deteriorating menisci in both knees, ALSO sprained his front leg.

Of course, I was devastated.  Although I wanted to immediately bring him to his ortho the next day, I couldn’t because I needed to be elsewhere.  I was also very upset because what was this darling going to do? Hop on the one good leg he has?

So I did first-aid healing codes given by Archangel Rafael and Mama Mary for his ACL, menisci, and his sprained leg.  (I was hoping it was just a sprain and nothing more serious.) I called on Lord Arcturus and the Arcturians to multiply his light quotient because he was clearly in pain.  He would motion to bite whenever his front leg was touched.  And then I could do nothing more because departure was very early the next day and I couldn’t be late or else the office bus would leave me.

I left for the seminar and while I was there, I attempted distance healing.  I figured that since I was dealing with light energy, geography didn’t matter, and in my mind’s eye, I could envision my dog and direct the energy to the parts where it was needed.

Once the seminar ended and I was on my way home, I was anxious as to what I would find.  Imagine my delight and surprise when I found out that my dog was good as new, wasn’t limping anymore (at least on his front leg).  🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you!