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The Bride


I had a somewhat troubling dream last night. I dreamt that my sister (who is actually married) got married again and I wasn’t invited to the wedding. And this was when all this time, I had been interacting with her and she didn’t even think to mention it.

When I found out — I actually don’t know how I found out in my dream, but I did  — scenes from the real wedding that I missed flashed back and I was taken to that timeline.  It was as if I was there. It was a photoshoot and my sister was in her wedding dress, and I don’t know why that in my dream it was an interactive flashback because I went back to it, but was also in it and during that time I was able to ask my sister why I wasn’t invited.  She told me that she couldn’t tell me because daddy told her not to. So they all kept it from me.

Needless to say, I woke up feeling bad about that. I probably have to ask Linamarie what it means.


Came back from my vacay in Coron (a.k.a. Paradise) and it was wonderful.  Another wish granted which I am truly, truly grateful for.  You see, I did want a vacation because ever since I had started doing “mission work”, my weekends have been working weekends as well. If I wasn’t doing real life work and mission, it was because I was purging from an energy download and was too physically exhausted or ill to do anything else but take a back seat.


So I was just wishing for it, and the next thing I know, my cousin’s coming over, and I get to be tour guide and it’s basically all-expenses paid. At least, the bulk of it was paid for — the flight and the awesome hotel by the Bayside. Most meals were paid for too, and all I had to spring for was the tour which really wasn’t much because it included a lunch buffet.

I was wondering how I would prepare myself for this major eclipse but it seemed as though the Universe got it covered.  For this Solar Eclipse in Pisces — I found myself surrounded by the most beautiful and pristine water and islands with the sun shining down on me. I was able to ground in the sand, breathe in nature, swim up close with the fishies, and feel the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair.


But what of the chaotic energies that everyone’s been feeling? As I was able to check my Facebook from time to time, I did get the sense that everyone was in a “Tower” moment, that the energies were descending on them real hard resulting in challenging moments of purging, mostly physical and emotional.

Well, that didn’t escape me either.  The Universe saw to that as well.  Like I said, every time there’s an energetic download, my body goes haywire and that happened on this trip too.

First, I knew I was going to get my period right smack in the middle of this trip.  Now, my periods are debilitating and I often skip work because there’s nothing much I can do when it hits me except lay down in bed wishing the cramps to go away. I was only wishing and praying that it could be delayed a day or two so that I could enjoy the swimming without being hounded by sharks because of the scent of blood. My prayers were granted.  But when swimming was over and it was time for my monthly visit, it came with a vengeance.

Second, while I totally expected to deal with that, what I didn’t expect was this stomach purge. Scientifically, I would attribute it to gulping down massive amounts of brackish water in Kayangin Lake. (I thought it was fine since just the “freshwater” part stuck to my brain and I totally forgot that it wasn’t “fresh” but “brackish”) Intuitively though, I knew that this is the Universe’s way of getting me to purge.

And, boy, did I purge! It’s been going on for five days now.  I actually thought I got a parasite because my cousin kept bringing up the show “Monsters Inside Me” which I also watch and got me paranoid.  It was weird though.  Here I was, having one of the toughest stomachs around, meaning I could eat street food, drink tepid water, etc. etc. without balking, and instead of these fragile stomached tourists getting sick, it’s me that gets hit. What gives, eh?

By the third day, my doctor sister tells me to get a stool exam because I’m just gushing the stuff and not eating anything solid.  Turns out it isn’t a parasite, but it is bacteria.  Lots of it.  It kind of makes me queasy thinking I was swimming in a pool of bacteria though. I mean, if someone with an open wound was swimming there, what would happen to them?

Anyway, I haven’t been eating and whatever I’ve eaten during “feasting with the tourists” has now been eliminated (sorry for the pun). But I get it.  I needed that because now I can actually feel my light body. It’s like it’s superimposed on me and not densely stuck to my 3D physical body. So the 5D part of it is awesome; but I’m still reeling from the 3D part of it.  My stomach still feels queasy and I don’t feel that confident eating solid food. Of course, I did have cake, haha.

Anyway, that’s my update.   I’m supposed to do weekly readings tonight, but I’m still tired. I don’t know.  Let’s see. 🙂




Mission Orders


I just finished a wonderful session with Angel Linamarie.  I got in touch with her because of a dream I had the other night.  I’m not sure if jotted it down in this blog or what, but it was about me in a marketplace and then being approached by this huge Great Dane (bigger than the normal Great Dane) and this other dog.  They were not aggressive but the big dog wanted to hump me and I escaped into this house nearby which turned out to be the bigger dog’s house.  Met its owner who said I shouldn’t fear the dog, but I still tried to escape and when other people came in and the dog was distracted, I was able to get out of the house.

I thought it was pretty innocuous (the dream), but apparently, I was right to ask for guidance regarding it because it was heavy stuff that had to do with stuff I still needed to clear.  Linamarie even asked that it be towards the end of the session that we deal with the dream since it brought on heavy stuff and we were to tackle the twin flame stuff first.

In my session, we were joined by AA Michael and AA Metatron.  Let me jot this down in no particular order just so that I remember.

  • I should share my TF story about me and M to others more because it facilitates clearing
  • M’s Higher Self joined us. M said that there is not a day goes by that he doesn’t think of me; that he loves me very much (at one point he was giving me kissy faces).  Linamarie thought he was so cute.
  • He said that 99% we will be together in this lifetime.
  • M said that he is doing everything he can right now to clear his ancestral lineage, as I am doing, so that he we can get back together again. L said that there’s around 30% more to clear.  I said that the 70% took about a decade to clear and was just wondering what the 30% would translate like in time.  She said that the guides don’t work with time because they have no concept of time, but that since I’ve been doing so well, things will happen rapidly. I mean, once the 30% has been accomplish, things will rush in fast. It will create an energetic avalanche for the both of us to come together. AA Metatron was saying that it’s just this 30% that needs to be done and taking it step by step. We’re in the home stretch.
  • Part of what I’m getting when I feel that “I don’t want to do this anymore; I want to give up” it’s part of the next step of surrendering, also part of the process. It’s feels like letting go, but it’s really a letting go of control of how it’s going to happen. Like fake labor pains that help us get ready when we’re really giving birth already.
  • She also said that, before, time was very loose, and that we had a lot of leeway to exercise free will, but this is a time in our planet where things are speeding up because we have missions to do so that 30% will be faster than the 30% that I had to deal with before. There’s not much time left that’s why M and I are needed to do our missions and bring the light energy to the world. The guides said I should try my best to be patient because they’re doing their part in the back end to get everything into play.
  • They’re also saying that they have this magical surprise for me so I just have to show up.
  • M picked a very difficult ancestral line to heal and so have I.
  • My ancestors were also present and they said that a lot of them incarnated to help clear the lineage but they couldn’t do it.  So they sent me to do it and here I am, doing what they thought was impossible. They are very proud of me and will help me.
  • L said that it was very difficult to do — at which point I cried, because, yes, it’s been very difficult.  We took a moment to hold space for the sacred tears.
  • I need to ask assistance or help from others in the things I have to do.
  • M and I are old Twin Flames.  We’ve already incarnated together before and we’ve gotten together against all odds, so this isn’t new to us and we will do it again. The other TFs that we are currently helping right now are babies compared to us.
  • M remembers me a lot because he’s getting signs.  He usually gets signs from nature, with how the wind blows, a bird, etc.
  • M said to hold on and that I shouldn’t lose faith; he is coming back. He is doing everything he can to get back to me.  He’s come up with challenges and it is affecting him physically.
  • I asked if we would see each other in person this year, and M said that there is a large possibility that we would, the chances are very good.  I told L that I wasn’t getting in touch with him anymore, and she said that the guides (AA Metatron) was working hard to set up our reunion.  We might even meet randomly (bleh, I want to be prepared, what if I look like crap when I come across him?). But there’s something magical in store for us regarding our connection, so there’s a good chance of that random bumping into each other. However, they’re still cautioning because there’s still work to be done. It’s time to come into my power as a lightworker in my mission and that’s really needed right now.
  • When I was asking about time, I told L that M’s old already, and M said he thinks he’s young at which point I rolled my eyes and told her that yes, he’s confident, he even said that he could live past a hundred years for us to be together. Rolled my eyes again on that one.
  • M also said that he liked the idea of asking his Higher Self to snuggle whenever I wake up and to talk to each other before I go to bed. Why am I not surprised?  The guy is infinitely more mushy than I am. 
  • When asked about my  job and my mission, the message was to hang on, hold on because AA Metatron is preparing a situation for me wherein I will be able to use my lightwork in my real work.  I am still needed in my real work job.  There’s some job that they are preparing for me where I’m going to take what I’m learning in my job now and my spiritual work and they will line up together. When that happens that whatever they have prepared for me will kick in already, it will be magical.
  • Everything is happening in the exact way it’s supposed to happen, and she said that she doesn’t always say this, but in this case, it seems almost impossible for us not to be together because our souls want it so badly and with the experiences we’ve had before – this is not our first lifetime together – in line with the intuition that I’m already getting.
  • My dream (the dog dream) is about clearing that dominant, aggressive masculine energy. Even if I’ve cut the karmic cords with my dad and my brother, I should up it a level. So my next mission order is to EMBODY COMPASSION. I’m already doing it in a lot of ways, but this is kind of a push to take it further.  Because when I’m already in that embodied compassionate place, I’m no longer saying — there’s no right or wrong anymore. It’s just two souls that came into this lifetime to learn lessons; and be grateful that they were teachers in this life and you release your soul from that soul contract with them. And I do that by having great compassion and empathy for them.
  • She then told me about the Buddhist practice of Tonglen. Where I take in the suffering of others and transmute that into compassion.  Take no more than 7 breaths because it is very powerful.  During the in-take breath,  connect with the person, imagine the breath you are breathing in is red, warm, hot, take it to your heart center, swirl it around until it becomes a cool blue, then breathe it out. This changes the energy, the dynamic, the situation.

Throughout the session, the connection would fluctuate and there were times when I couldn’t hear her or see her.  She said that this sometimes happened when there were intense high vibrations between her and the twin she was helping out. I immediately took hold of my Shungite crystals to filter out and lower the vibrations a bit, and the connection stabilized.

So that’s it! I had other questions, but my time was up, and I didn’t feel any urgency in asking them.  I still have to work on the 30% in the meantime.

I love M.  And he loves me too. Even if she didn’t mention it, I knew that already.  But, as always, it was nice to hear.

From Scratch


Did you know that finding out that your computer’s HDD was wiped out in a blink of an eye, totally unexpected, without having backed up your very important files feels quite the same as the sudden knowing that you have been  betrayed by your lover?

That I know the feeling of both from experience is really quite sad.  Everything I put so much effort in, logging so many man-hours to create, just literally down the drain.

I wanted to rave like a madwoman at first, pull my hair out, gnash my teeth and all that.  In fact, I wanted to chew out the tech that I bought the computer from because my HDD died on his table.  I brought it to him for a keyboard problem (which is why I didn’t think I needed to back up) and it got returned to me with a new HDD and the old one with currently unretrievable data.

And I had planned to get a move on my client readings and weekly readings during the weekend.  Well, change of plans.

I stopped myself from throwing a tantrum and lashing out at the guy. During that virtual “time out” that I voluntarily placed myself in, I was psyching myself up.

There’s nothing that I created before that I cannot create again.

All the resources that I use for my creations that were made available to me by the Universe are still available to me.

And, while trying to amuse myself with online shopping while waiting for various stuff to download, I discover that the same thing happened with my favorite sellers.  Her online store was wiped out because competitors had her account blocked.  And she had tons of pictures and stuff there of the things she was selling.

So it really seems time to wipe the slate clean in many various ways.  This is what the full moon brings.  It sucks, but I suppose it will be better afterwards. I have a new HDD, my BIOS is fixed, and so is my keyboard.  I know better now to back up in the cloud where I have 5TB fer crying out loud. All processed videos henceforth will go in the cloud for posterity.

I just hate it when I’m go-go-go and then the Universe just stops me in my tracks.  This happened last December too.  And then I end up feeling as though I’m in the wrong place and time and headed in the wrong direction. Then, when I just sneak a peak in YouTube and see all the other readers putting up all their vids for guidance and all that, I just feel left behind.

I know that’s my competitive edge talking, but I do feel I have something to contribute.  These things happen for a reason though so I’ve learned to be like a reed that bends in the wind.

I think that this starting from scratch is happening to my twin on a much bigger scale.  And if I wasn’t stable in 5D (or somewhat more stable than most days), then this would have been a trigger that would have elicited nightmarish reactions.  With me willing to start over, so will he.  There’s the message there.  All is not lost.  What is gone can be rebuilt and recreated again.

I’m still sad though.  Mostly about not being efficient.  But I suppose this has a reason. I just came up with a cold too, and when this happens, I know I’m being benched by the Universe.




Dragons, Dragons Everywhere


I know, I know, I haven’t been writing much on here.  So much has happened but that will be a story for next time.  Just popping on here to tell you about my dragons.


I’ve been working with Dragon Energy lately for the Ra-Sheeba Sessions I’m offering.  I’d already connected with my dragons before but it was more of an introduction and not a tete-a-tete.  Funny, but the Master who attuned me saw exactly what I saw in my meditation — that I had two dragon companions who wanted to work with me. Because in that introductory session, yup, I saw two.

I decided to deepen our relationship and go into meditation to get to know my dragons more.  Three appeared this time and they gave me their names. (which is also why I’m typing this out because I might forget)

One was blue and blue green, and I think he was the youngest.  His name is Malek.

The other one was a beautiful white dragon whose scales were pearlescent and gold-flecked.  Her name is Raziz.  She’s bigger than Malek. The thing is, I, lover of color that I am, would never imagine a dragon like this, that’s why I was pretty sure that this was an other-dimensional vision.

The last one was quite elusive.  She was big and black, very powerful and kept flying about.  Her name is Yggra. I actually thought he was male at first, but this is a more mature female who has come into her balanced power of both masculine and feminine.  It was when she came near for me to examine her that I saw her glowing blue eyes and realized she was female. A beautiful dragon soul.

Okay, have to end this here as I got to get up early tomorrow.





Dog and God


Had the strangest dream waking up from a nap. I dreamt I was in the office, but my office seemed like it was in one of those beautiful parks in Japan with ponds and mini-bridges and all that.  I was there with my three dogs, even the puppy.  They were just running around.  It was about time to go home and everyone was getting ready to leave but I noticed that they were carrying things they bought from the concessionaire area.

I realized I was hungry so I headed in the direction where they came from.  I had to pass through a barn to get there and the area was sort of situated inside the barn.  Just a temporary make-shift area.  In between here and there, I took off my puppy’s ear (or it fell off, I don’t remember) and I was biting on it. It was even getting crunchier the longer it was “off the stem”. I didn’t think this was weird in the dream.  Somehow this was just normal for the dogs.

Anyway, when I got to the area where they were selling, I was looking at a stall with all the foodstuffs, but no one was watching it.  I wanted to buy, and soon after, this lady approached and told me that everything was sold out; that it was just for display.

The next stall had some sort of freezer where people were hustling to get the last bits being sold and I was next to this girl.  She was asking the seller something but she didn’t have her hand on some ice cream that looked good so I got it, but she grabbed it out of my hand and told me that it was hers.  I didn’t put up a fight and let her have it.  And when I realized that nothing good was left in the freezer, I left.

I was calling my dogs to follow me and even if they were all over the place, they did. There was a couple trying to pass near me to get to the other side of the bridge, so I told the dogs to move so she could pass.  Then, there was a kid who was scared of dogs and couldn’t pass.  I think she was “challenged”, maybe autistic. I showed her another path by my right side where she could pass far from the dogs, but she still was crying.  The lady she was trying to get to was assuring her that the dogs were good and was encouraging her to pass on the right.  She seemed to have more courage so she stopped crying and she started walking.

As she passed me, she pointed towards me and said, “God”, several times over. I looked at the lady she was walking toward to questioningly, but the lady just smiled at me and nodded her head in acknowledgement.