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Half Asleep


I took a nap today since I got drained with excitement at having a new puppy.  I named her “Ash”, short for Ashtatara, the Atlantean Goddess who holds the Golden Codes.

Anyway, my dream was weird. I fell asleep holding my Tibetan Quartz crystals and I had to wake myself up within my dream in order to truly wake up.  Yes, some part of my brain had to do the countdown to wake up. Honestly, it felt like I was in another timeline, something parallel to this one.

In my dream, I woke up from a nap but couldn’t really open my eyes yet.  But I could see through my semi opened eyes somewhat.  I also realized that while I was sleeping (but in this scene I was in my real bed so this could have really happened while I was asleep but I still saw it happening), that the Butler went in my room rather quietly while I was asleep to sleep, not with me, but in the room with me.

Anyway,  back to the real dream — so I wake up and the Butler is there, although his clothes were different from when he snuck in. He started fixing the bedding and all that but his personality was different.  While very conciliatory and servile in real life, this time, he was whining and complaining about the task given.

Okay, whatever I remember of the dream is fading, so snippets in non-linear fashion:

I heard my dad talking to some guests downstairs with his usual boasting and all that.  He was lauding whatever achievement my doctor sister had. When I came to check him out, he was like human at first, then turned to spirit and when I turned to confront him, his spirit invaded the TV — and it was an old TV box.

Apparently, the place we all lived in was cramped and not big as it really is. I went into the bathroom which was really a water closet because it was cramped and tight and there was laundry strewn all over the place as though there were no other place to dry them.

I called to our maid and she came wearing what she did this morning, and she was explaining why things were that unkempt.

During this conversation, I could hear my Doc Sis presiding over a Courtroom, as though she was the Clerk of Court.  When I came to investigate, I realized that she was handpicked by my dad for the job to augment her income. But I also saw a lot of thank you cards from her patients who belonged to this big corporate group and were rich – so that was another line of income. So apart from her clinic hours, she had all these sidelines that were also bringing in money for her.

Then I went to my mom’s room to confront her and my mom’s room was very cramped and filled with junk food as though she were a mini convenience store.  There were some opened packets of junk food there and I took a bite of some and they were stale and not crispy anymore.

That’s when I realized that I didn’t want to be in this dream anymore and willed myself awake — yes, by counting down.  Weird.



The Clearing


I know.  That sounds like the title of an M. Night Shymalan movie.  But it’s not.  It’s just what I’ve been doing over the holidays.

Actually, I haven’t enjoyed it that much because I’ve been terribly congested and hoarse that all my plans of getting a lead on Yael Alchemy and my real life work have been waylaid. Energetically, I was fine, especially since that session with M right before Christmas.

Christmas was even awesome.  The best I’ve had in years.  As promised, I spent it energetically with my Twin Flame.  All throughout the Christmas Mass — which I used to dread because it was loaded with dysfunctional family tension — I held my Holy Fire Reiki’d Rose Quartz and my Sunstones. And it was as if we were holding hands throughout the ceremony. During the Christmas Eve Feast which we call Noche Buena – my estranged brother went down but it didn’t bother me. So I’m pretty sure the non-hostile energy I was emitting made him enjoy Christmas too.

Anyway, the day after that up until an hour ago, physically, I felt like crap.  Usually, the days after Christmas and leading up to the New Year, I would enjoy shopping, watching the Film Festival, taking my dogs to the mall or whatever adventure I’d come up with. I actually didn’t plan to do that though but that’s neither here nor there because all I ended up doing was mustering the strength to give readings that were due and marathon binging all the seasons of House MD.

If it weren’t for the Christmas discount offered by the salon I frequent, I wouldn’t have ventured out today either.  But there were errands that couldn’t be ignored (picking up perishable food/gifts) and yes, my beautiful mane had to be maintained with a hair treatment, plus I had to get to the grocery to buy ingredients for that awesome fruit salad my mom makes (grandmother’s recipe), so I did go out and when I got back from the mall, my energy picked up a bit.

Anyway, I scheduled a healing session tonight with M — my first one out of the four I pre-purchased — and it was amazeballs! The reason my body wasn’t catching up with my spiritual health was because there was stagnant energy pooling up in my room.   M taught me a technique to clear a room/place of stagnant energy and because this blog is public, I can’t say the details.  (a.k.a pay for your own damn session, son!)

It was even as if he was in the room with me because our answers matched up perfectly.  When I told him that during “Higher Aspect Invocation”, I called up another guide – – a different one from the female I met during our last session, he confirmed what I had a picked up on.  When I first “met” this guide — who has agreed to be named Kyrigipov — I felt a black energy envelope me.  It wasn’t scary.  In fact, it was very comforting.  It was old and dark and very, very stable and solid.  He came from a higher dimension than the female (whom I don’t know the name of yet) — something like the 22nd Dimension.  M said that it wasn’t pure black, but the kind of black that contains all colors because he could see it as pearlescent black which I suppose resembles my Noble grade shungite.  It was a light and moving energy and M described it like a Black Hole.

Anyway, during the last ten minutes, I kept still as he worked on clearing the stagnant energy from my room and was instructed to continue communicating with my Guide.

I think I spent a good bit of time asking him what his name was.  And because I couldn’t get it right away — just syllables at times — I asked him what he could do for me.  And this is what I got:

  • He can support me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. He’s like a privacy curtain in the hospital ward, blocking all energies that are not necessary for that moment and letting those that I need get filtered through.
  • He can help me vet people around me, sort of like an truth serum, where he tells me those who are working/supporting me for my Highest Good.

Right now, I can get answers to YES or NO questions.  If it’s a yes, my Higher Heart Chakra literally explodes with love.  If it’s a no, there’s pressure on my Crown Chakra.  If it’s a neutral, it’s like it doesn’t matter if I engage or not.

He also showed me gold — lots of it.  It was like a lattice of gold, moving, covering my entire field of vision.  M said that I should cover my house with the gold, work with it and let it grow.

After the session, I got back in touch with M over FB really grateful and thankful because right after the session, I got most of my voice back. Still a bit hoarse, but I didn’t have a heavy chest anymore. It’s like a lawn mower plowed through all that gunk that was blocking my lungs.

But, here’s the rub — my computer sort of conked out on me as I got back on it after the session.  Like I’ve said many times over, whenever my energy/frequency is high, I affect electronics.  So I wasn’t surprised, but just didn’t expect it to happen again since I have surrounded myself with shungite and am even wearing an Orgone generator as a pendant.

Which is also why I have laptop spares, like the one I’m currently typing on. Still, it’s a pain in the ass whenever that happens.  I unplugged it first and situated it far from where I am. I hope it decides to boot up tomorrow.

In the meantime, meds have kicked in and am too drowsy to think so I’ll just go to bed.

Solstice Musings


Had quite a day yesterday! While being plagued by ascension symptoms that left me hoarse, aching and with a fever that still wouldn’t break which let sleep elude me, I still made the 2 am Solstice Gateway Activation, did my last minute holiday shopping, had a Reading done by my regular reader, and had a Distance Reiki Healing done by Michael Kuhn.  That last one was a last minute decision since I did not even have the strength to self-heal.  I thought that it would be best that someone else healed me.

Okay, thoughts now:

Solstice Gateway Activation – the Diamond Codes have been anchored within us and into Gaia’s grid! I had very good imagery during the meditations, only hampered by the melancholia that I had been feeling the past few days.

Another twin participant and I discussed about Jen last night.  She said that she had asked several healers about Jen and that Jen wasn’t “of love and light”. Now, that’s a big accusation.  She said that she had asked her Higher Self, her Guide and AA Michael. I asked her what prompted her to ask and she said that it was because she felt something “off” while listening to the other activations.

Now, I have been listening to the other activations and they have been working for me. Each time I did an activation, some abundance of some sort would come or a grant of something I had been asking for. In fact, comparing the tenor of the conversation and the quality of participants in that particular group with the other Twin Flame groups out there, this one was of a higher caliber.  The participants were healers in their own right and they really didn’t advocate anything that wasn’t beneficial to the planet or to other twins’ personal growth.  So I really don’t know where that was coming from. She said she had asked this Haley on YouTube — DivineLight888 or something if Jen was “not of love and light” and she said that she was not.

Now, I don’t know the answer to that but it is troubling. I’m going to have to ask the cards later on.

Regular Reading with my Destiny Adviser – Glad this one pushed through because I had made the appointment two weeks in advance and he gave me the usual headache of something coming up and could we reschedule our reading?  Now, I’m sick of that bullshit because his rescheduling policies are in no way equitable.  You don’t get bumped first in line due to the delay but you have to wait for those other who were originally scheduled AFTER you until he gets to you.  What the fuck, right?

Anyway, I stood my ground and said he should have made arrangements regarding that other engagement he wanted to go to taking into consideration the appointments he had already made. So despite being sick like a dog, I braved the mall, getting there before opening hours to avoid the hellish parking situation.

In essence, he said that my melancholia and my distraught physical condition was due to the stress of being in separation from my twin. My twin would be depressed this Christmas and New Year and spend it alone.  He’s kind of in hermit mode contemplating and meditating on the new shift he’s about to make in our lives. The Tower card came up several times, similar to my reading of the situation earlier this morning — I had done a reading right after the Solstice Activation — but the three cards that kept repeating were the Wheel of Fortune, the Tower card and the Magician card.

I was totally depleted when I got home.  I was trying to get a masseuse to come over but since this is the holiday rush, everyone was booked.  I had to get a booking the next day (today).

The healing with Michael Kuhn was most surprising.  I actually didn’t know what to expect or what his process was.  I just called his number from my Magicjack and he seemed personable.  He asked me what my issues were so I told him. Then he told me to  say something which seemed like magic words, lol. No, I swear, after saying it, my energy immediately shifted like all the dark had been sucked out of me and even all the tiredness. I was able to connect with an aspect of my Higher Self in the 18th dimension. I could just feel the energy which manifested like what you feel in your gut when you’re in a free fall — well, like that, but happy. He was the one who told me that she was female because he could hear her giggling.  I couldn’t hear it yet but he said it will come in time.

Apparently, I’ve seen her before during my 5D trips to Lyra. She’s one of those who welcome me whenever I’m there.  Last I’d seen her was during the Galactic Reunion but she was behind one of the Elders and there were other Lyrans there. I have yet to meditate after that session but I would like to connect with her more.

Michael asked if I was open to a “technology transfer” so to speak — an attunement in exchange for an attunement. So we’re working on that at the moment.

Anyway, it was what happened AFTER the call as I tried to fall asleep that was interesting. If you remember that scene in the movie Limitless where all his synapses were firing, that seemed to be what was happening to me. All these scenes were just running on fast forward in my third eye, too fast for it to settle on any one scene.  The most awesome was when I woke up from this weird dream — the details of which I’ll tell you later — because it was a golden kaleidoscope of what I perceived to be like stained glass but with overwhelming gold spiraling towards me. It was pulsating, becoming more vibrant with each pulse I thought my third eye was going to get “burned”. I woke up shortly after that a bit disconcerted.

Okay, sidebar — re the weird dream.  I was in a garden with my sister and she was rather excited to show me her new pet which she had on a leash.  I couldn’t see it outright because the grass was rather high and it was moving through it.  When she raised it for me to see, all excited and gleeful, I was horrified to see that she has, for a pet, this alien tick parasite. WTF, right?

It was like a blood filled tick ready to burst, except that it was transparent (like a jellyfish) and inside it was a tree and something brown. At least, that’s what I could remember because I was horrified she was handing it to me.  I even said, “No way!” She was still so excited that she let it off leash and it “ran” through the grass.  She was trying to catch it, searching through the grass and ground and then when she surfaced, she had some carrots in her hand and she was shrieking, “I caught him!” And it was just so dumb, her mistaking the alien parasite for the carrots she had in her hand and her obvious glee at thinking she had retrieved her pet that that just made me crack up.  Yes, first time in my dream I got into that wheezing-i’m-going-to-burst-this-is-just-too-funny type of laughter.

Anyway, I tried to sleep again after that because I got woken up at around 4 in the morning.  BUT, my kundalini was rising at an alarming manner.  It felt like a whoosh of horniness and I started cumming and cumming multiple times over without even touching myself. It didn’t seem like it was ending anytime soon but I was badly in need of rest so…in a convoluted version of “dumbing myself down”, I went 3D to get a “physical orgasm” in an effort to totally tire myself enough to sleep.

Well, it worked.

If my Twin doesn’t step up soon, I just might have to get another “healing” session soon, lol.

Okay, I know what my dream means but I’m too drowsy right now to type more.  So maybe next time.





It’s 4am and I just finished the live 12-strand DNA Activation event with Jen Mccarty. Very powerful stuff and I just loved the visualization that came along with it.  Everything was clear in my head.

For posterity, this is what the event was all about:

“The next webinar transmission will be taking place on the 12th december 2016 at 6 pm uk time, in this transmission we will be masterfully activating the 12 strand DNA helix in the personal energy fields of all the participants and of course in their divine twin flames, and we will be activating the 12 strand DNA helix in the 3rd dimensional consciousness as a whole, spirit has called this master circle to gather on this highlighted gateway date to act as the conduits for this potent light dispensation and alignment.

For those of you who come forward to take part in 12:12 activation transmission to activate the 12 strand DNA helix please know you will be energizing and stimulating your pineal gland to release its highest multidimensional codes,and you will aligning with your full clairsentient gifts in a powerful and lasting way. you will be stimulating and nourishing the memory codes of eternal youth that are stored in your pituitary gland and you will vibrationally be aligning with the aspect of your consciousness that resides in the realm of miracle activator. You will be standing as the forerunner for this template which is awaiting all of humanity to align with, supporting and enabling you to fully break free of the limitations imposed upon you by the 3D realm, and move freely as a liberated being, unbound by the false programs that dominate the 3D consciousness.

On this powerful day we have also been guided to assist the masculine polarity counterparts to finally come into full and unequivocal recognition of the identity of their bonafide twin flame. Please know there has been a call sent out from the masculine counterparts that they require deep assistance to attune to the truth that exists beyond the veil of samsara/illusion/the 3rd dimension as the illusion has been far more convincing than originally intended……”

as ever gathering in an enlightened group setting to activate these remembrances is extremely potent, and working with these specific activation dates also exponentially increases the efficiency of these intentions.

We are also being called to use this powerful time together to further assist our brothers and sisters who are on the front line at standing rock, we will be bringing through an extremely important prayer and meditation specifically calling in the higher selves of the police, and enforcement officers who are working and indeed many could argue selling their souls to the corrupt corporations… Your presence is deeply required to be on this call, This is a huge soul offering that we are initiating and the more high vibrational lightworkers that gather on this important date the more swift and proficient the changes will be.”

I don’t know how to describe how I felt afterward.  On the Twin Flame level, there was intertwinement of the highest degree, the kind that has no words but just IS. I know that doesn’t seem to make sense, but at this level, there are no more questions. Everything has been answered.

On the planetary level, after we had anchored the 24-strand DNA into the planet and released the dormant codes laying in the caverns tucked away at our own grid point (and there are many in my country), Gaia started to feel like Lyra. That is the best way for me to describe it. Where everyone is ONE with everything else — the trees, the waterfalls, the sky, the air.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to get weekly readings out or even a reading on the 12:12 portal because I had my interview with the Embassy for my visa.  That was a huge step for me, even applying for it, because it brought up all those nasty wounds that I decided to ignore, wounds that I had received when I went through my “Series of Unfortunate Events” that ultimately resulted in trauma and spiritual awakening. The kind where you have nowhere to turn to but God because he’s the only one who can help.

It was difficult preparing for it because I thought that since I had “overstayed” the last time, that would put me out of the running.   And when the question was asked of me, “How long did you stay during your last trip?” and I answered, “So and so years”Needless to say, my interviewer’s ears perked up.  I said, “I was a victim of crime.” And out the story stumbled. She said she was sorry it happened to me.  I told her that the right side of my face was still numb up to now and that I left as soon as my appeal was denied.  Then she asked for documentation of the crime, and I’m glad that I still kept one copy of my entire petition and didn’t burn it for want of forgetting.

The four people in line before me were all denied.  The girl wanting to visit her boyfriend got denied, too.  Families had it easier, probably because it would be hard to tuck all of them away into illegal immigrant status.

I was nervous, but the entire time I was in line, I was clutching my shungite and invoking the Violet Flame to help transmute my nervous energy into calmness.  Then, the verdict came in:  Your visa is approved.

I thanked her and shuffled to get my things in order, still in shock.  I even asked her where my passport was and she said it was already with her. I think I am still in shock now.

My twin was with me the entire time.  He was so gentle and supportive and loving that I could not ask more of him , energetically speaking.  I felt him giving me a warm embrace before I went into the embassy and could sense him smiling when I got approved.

I am truly, truly grateful for EVERYTHING.

When my appeal was denied, I hit rock bottom.  It was an all or nothing venture for me when I headed out there.  It depleted me on all levels and I wanted to kill myself.  I was actually about to do it when an angel in the guise of a friend, called me out of the blue and snapped me out of my stupor.  Then I prayed and prayed some more.  And I made a promise to God that I would live.

I came home and was still faced with a myriad of challenges after that, but now, I feel as though I’m looking at everything that’s happened from the other side.  It’s like taking a rough slide to home base and someone shouting in my ear, “You’re safe!”

And I know I am.  For that, I am truly, truly grateful to God, to my Higher Self and Spiritual Team, to my angels without whom I could never navigate my days successfully, to the Archangels, especially AAs Michael & Raphael and their Archeas Faith and Portia, to the Unicorns and the other ascended beings, to my Galactic Ancestors — the Lyrans, the Arcturians, and to the Ascended Masters who have guided me and held my hand along this journey.  And to my Beloved Counterpart, my Other Half who fills the true essence of my expanded Heart.  I love all of you.  And I am truly, truly grateful.


Today & Tomorrow


Hello.  I just felt the need to write, so here I am.

I’ve been doing the Twin Flame Activation series which is a series of meditations/activations.  I keep sleeping through them, lol.  I asked Jen if that was okay and she said that they are super powerful if I receive them while sleeping.

Anyway, I tried again last night.  I started with the Atlantis Activation, and I did get to the part where I saw my Atlantean self cowering and sobbing and all that.  The thing is, in my visualization, I saw a lot of blood around me.  I wasn’t quite sure if it was mine — if my Twin murdered me or what during that time because I zonked out quickly after that, but it was really interesting. I’m going to have to do that again when I’m not exhausted enough to fall asleep just to consciously know what happened then and not just download the activation within me.

I’ve been busy with clients the entire week and totally ignored my real life work. Chris said that I’m going to go full time with this, but I’m not sure if that was just a casual off-hand statement or something that he is prophesying will happen. I’m still feeling around it and seeing if it’s cost effective.

For one thing, I’ve earned the amount I earn as salary for a month in a span of 7 days.  Still don’t know if that’s a blip or what so I have to still monitor.

In any case, I’ve been visualizing this Home Office atop a hacienda-like estate where my Twin and I will live.  Perched high atop the hills with landscapes of the mountain and the ocean and beach for views. My office would be on the rooftop.  There would be a reading room with lots of windows and sliding doors (or even maybe french doors) that could open up if the air temperature is nice.  And since it’s on top of the mansion, it’s going to be quiet and I wouldn’t have to worry about the occasional car/truck/motorcycle with a noisy exhaust driving by.  I wouldn’t have to get sick either because I have to turn off the A/C whenever I do readings because it’s noisy and the way my room is now, it traps heat so it’s like I’m in a sauna.

That’s the reading room. I’d have a separate office which would be spacious and would hold my computers, a big ass flat TV and surround sound that also connects to speakers in the balcony/rest of the rooftop.  So that when we hold parties there, workshops and meditation sessions, the sound can be heard. My dogs would have lounge beds there too because I like them around me when I’m working. Actually, the Reading Room could simply be a “nook” there in my office.

Adjoining my office or across the hall would be a small office for my staff – maybe two or three people who take care of marketing, social media and what not. That would be connected to a Receiving Room where clients can wait until it’s time for their appointment.

I would also have a Reiki Room where the massage table would be and all the symbols, including galactic light symbols would be on the walls.  That would be adjoining my office as well. Or it can be in a separate installation close by, so that they get the best of the view — wait, I may have to revise that because they usually just sleep anyway.  I’m just thinking it might be fun to do it in the open air.

Okay, my real life boss called.  So I have to cut that awesome visualization short for now.


Angel Wake-Up Call


Okay, this is going to be short, but I just want to jot it down for posterity.

I was really exhausted from doing readings the whole day.  It’s not so much the energy being expended but it’s environmental.  I can’t put the A/C on whenever I do readings because it makes too much noise and that gets picked up by the mic.

I can’t leave the windows open either because the neighbor’s dog goes haywire at different times of the day — seriously, I have long been considering filing a noise complaint.  Not only that, there’s this new house being constructed right across the street and there’s hammering all day long. And since I’m on the second floor, balcony level the noise is audible.

So what happens is that I’m in a verified sauna when I do these readings. And being the starseed that I am, very sensitive to heat, that just exhausts me.  I could do readings the whole day as long as it was well ventilated and cooled.

Anyway, I still had a bunch of readings to get to but I took a nap.  Originally, it was just supposed to be a meditation, a TF activation which I had purchased.  Apparently, I fell asleep. And I got woken up by series of very strange incidents.

First, the YouTube video I was watching and previously put on pause started playing. I realized this because while I was slowing regaining consciousness, I was trying to make sense of Jen’s words (the one doing the recorded activation) because I could hear them but it was on a totally different topic. Until I realized that the YouTube vid had played.

Why was this strange? My mouse remained untouched. It’s cordless and usually when I want to play something from the bed and still control the laptop, I’d bring it to the bed with me so that I wouldn’t have to get up to shut down the computer.  And I thought it was that at first, but I didn’t bring it with me to the bed. It was right there on my desk, and yet, the vid was playing.

And as I was slowly coming to the realization that it wasn’t the guided activation that I was listening to, I slowly woke up.  I was in between wakefulness and sleep when I saw this being — just like a grayed out shadow, very light gray, actually WAKE ME UP by tracing his/her finger on my leg. And that line that was drawn was actually a glowing white light, kind of like, you know how wheels have tread tracks?  Like that, except this was glowing white. So that’s when I REALLY WOKE UP. Hahaha.

I know it was my guardian angel. 🙂 It was a very light and helpful energy. And I’m kind of ecstatic that I actually saw him/her. Not only that, I’m truly grateful.  The next reading I lined to do was an important one.  This girl truly needed help and guidance. That’s why I really appreciate the wake up call.

So I’ve been literally “touched by an angel”.  Beautiful!