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The World is Spinning


Literally, that is.

Woke up this morning after having had enough sleep and I felt dizzy.  Dizzy enough that I didn’t trust myself to drive to work so I stayed home.  It was as though I had the flu and I couldn’t understand what it was.  I took a nap to regain some energy — I also felt exhausted — and I did dream but I’ve forgotten it now.  Drats.  That could have given me some insight.

My first thought was that this could be a symptom of a twin flame merge or an energy upgrade.  Something is afoot and my body is telling me to get some rest.  I had a whole list of things to do today and I managed to get some done, hieing myself off to the car to do errands so that I could feel productive somewhat.  One of those errands was to bring my computer to the shop — which I think was meant to happen today because now, since I’m not streaming anything or watching movies in the background, I have the luxury and necessity of silence.

I’ve been asking my guides for an answer to what this dizziness is all about.  Nothing popped out for most of the afternoon until I watched this video on You Tube.  One of her messages for this week’s guidance was to listen to the signs.  Just as she said that, I looked at the shaker in front of me.  It was my protein shaker which I had filled with chlorophyll and hadn’t seen in weeks.  Since my main viewing computer was missing in action, I thought to myself, I’ll just watch DVDs tonight.  I go to the DVD and on it was my chlorophyll bottle.  I wasn’t feeling well, so I thought that drinking some of it would help.  And, that’s where the shaker comes in.

You know what was written on it?  “Leave Humanity Behind!”

That’s my answer.  At least, my Starseed one.  The human twit in me thought, “OMG, am I dying?”, and a surge of panic raced through me.  Even though I have, at times, dramatically begged for death in the event that I was relegated to a lifetime of unrequited love, now, if at all it’s thrust upon me, I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for it.

(The signs are coming fast and strong.  Just as I was typing that, when I paused to think what to write next, something in my computer popped up — Powergear Hybrid — which is telling me to embrace my duality as both human and divine being. Thanks!)




That the Blind May See


I mentioned previously that I do listen to Twin Flame readings on YouTube. That is, on top of my specific readings with my own Destiny Adviser. Sometimes, they resonate with me; sometimes they don’t.

In my own readings, they’re almost always positive, telling me that union will come to fruition. In the general readings, there seem to be a bit more obstacles, either he still needs to do some healing, still is confused on what course of action to take, or is still bound to his karmic relationship.

I have no idea which to believe in more.

I woke up crying again. I seem to do that a lot these days. It’s a mixture of longing, overwhelming love, and frustration, I guess.

If he is indeed my twin, does he feel what I’m going through? Or am I mirroring him and it’s him that’s really going through all that?

In a couple of days, my birth month is going to be ushered in.  I’m going to have a party for a few friends and family, but on the day itself, or even in the days to come, I HAVE NO PLANS. The best I can come up with is “Forth, Eorlingas!” which has become my battle cry as of late.

Should I open my heart to someone new? That’s looking way into the future. I think the better question is, should I put I start putting myself out there already? Should I go back to my hedonistic ways and start engaging in casual sex again while my body still isn’t old and wrinkled?

I really don’t know.  I’m just going with the flow, tired and exhausted from asking the Universe what my heart truly desires. I suppose nearly ten years of asking is enough. Even Job from the Bible got a break earlier than that. So after telling me that all I have to do is ask and the Universe will deliver, after telling me to be specific with my preferences because the Universe can be a tricky dealer, after telling me to be patient because “if it’s not there yet, it’s on its way”, after doing everything conceivably possible in 3D — high magick, novenas, pilgrimages, soul contract amendments, retrieving soul fragments, petitioning the Karmic Board, included — short of stalking my twin, I think I’m done. Expecting, anyway. The Hope will always be there, as I live and breathe.

Twin Flames and Penguins


I had the weirdest dream last night.  I forgot the other segments of it, but I do remember that Pierce Brosnan represented my Twin Flame in my dream.  He was actually flirting with me.  We were friends and he was showing me video clips of — this is where it gets weird — a waddle of penguins being fed …ermmm… the bodies of dead baby penguins.  And I thought to myself in my dream, “Oh, they’re cannibals!”


This is what the dream dictionary says about dreaming about penguins:  “It serves as a reminder for you to keep your cool and remain level-headed. Alternatively, seeing a penguin in your dream suggests that you are being weighed down by your emotions or by a negative situation. You need to find some balance and inner harmony.”

Now that I think about it, I think my dream wasn’t so strange after all.  In tarot readings, mine and others, my twin flame is mostly represented as the Emperor.  In my dream, the penguins were Emperor Penguins, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence (I haven’t seen a picture of a penguin in a while).

You see, the Emperor Penguin is at the number one slot in the “Top 10 Fathers in the Animal Kingdom” .  Here’s what the article says:

“1. Emperor Penguin – A Personal Sacrifice for the Good of His Young
The emperor penguin serves as one of the few examples in nature of a dedicated father. After the mother lays the egg, her nutrition levels are diminished and she must replenish them by feeding in the ocean for two months. The mother’s absence leaves the father responsible for keeping the egg warm through the freezing Antarctic weather.

While the mother is gone, the father spends two months holding the egg cautiously between the tops of his feet and his brooding pouch. During these two months, the father starves himself to prevent anything from happening to the egg. If the egg becomes exposed to the harsh temperatures or the father moves suddenly, the chick will perish. Therefore, the father’s sacrifice, dedication and balance ultimately ensures the survival of the chicks. What a dad!”

And that’s mostly what my twin flame has been working on these past years – the welfare of his children.  His marriage may have failed and his ex just conveniently shows up during milestones to get credit, but he almost single-handedly parented his kids.  I knew they were his priority when I met him.

An additional perspective of my penguin dream is this:

The penguin is a symbol of dreams, intuition and perception. It has a keen sense of the “underworld”. The penguin is a champion underwater. This is symbolic of “going below” – accessing deeper emotion, and having a perception that is anything but common. Penguins ask us to dive beneath the surface of reality. Therefore, penguins can be an aid in interpreting dreams and developing psychic ability.

In dreams, penguin meaning deals with connecting with our remote selves. We all have areas in our hearts and lives that we neglect. Those remote spaces where we dare not venture into. Whether from fear or denial, many of us chose to ignore these tender, isolated spots in our emotional makeup. We can tap into penguin power to access these spaces. Penguin will guide us into our icy realms and help us swim to a place of understanding and acceptance.

Part and parcel with this guidance is molting. Penguins molt, and that is symbolic of renewal. Penguins show us how to shed what is unneeded and unwanted. After releasing, penguins remind us that we can grow, regenerate, and come alive again with renewed vitality.

I think my dream confirms the message I got from one of the readers last night.  In her reading, she said the the masculine twin, although raring to go forward into union with the feminine upon realizing who she was in the grand scheme of things, will be thrown roadblocks by the Universe because he still needs some healing done.  This may delay the Union but it is necessary, and that is why God is asking him to slow down, so that he may be ready for ultimate union with the Feminine.

This has also been reflected in my card readings (by myself and others) about my twin flame journey.  He wants things done fast.  He is working behind the scenes to get everything in place so that when the time comes, everything will proceed smoothly and without a hitch.  In fact, in my recent readings, everything is in place already and I was wondering what brought about the delay.  I guess this is it.

He still needs to heal and process the fact that he’s done the whole parenting thing and it’s now come to completion.  That’s why the penguins were eating their young in my dream.  He still has to integrate that within himself.

And this brings me to the second part of my dream about “Pierce Brosnan”.  Why Pierce Brosnan?  I don’t know.  Maybe it ‘s because I still think he’s hot even if he’s mature in years, just like my twin. This time, it was as if I was viewing him through Facetime or Skype.  He was at a restaurant waiting for his meal.  We were still talking — well, basically flirting with each other, and he was enthusiastically describing this delicious triple decker burger that he was salivating for.  The weird thing was, I knew that the order he was waiting for was steak.

This was my twin’s message for me, undoubtedly.  After taking on the role of awesome dad, he’s telling me that he’s looking forward to nourishing himself next, and yes, with me.  I do think that the burger he was describing was MY order while he got the steak.  Umm… I wouldn’t object to eating steak too, ya know? That’s why it was via FT or Skype.  He was telling me to anticipate it; that we will be fed; that good things are coming; and that we will be sated.

So, as it turns out, my dream wasn’t so strange after all.  It was perfect.  And the Universe gave me the message in a way I knew how to decode.

Thank you, Universe.  Sending my love to my Twin Flame and to everyone out there who is on the same journey.



Change is Coming


Lots of things happening, mostly under the surface.  A little update on the last thing I posted — the Yellow Army’s lies did not succeed and Duterte won as President.  It was a collective win which was exhilarating!  Everyone who was sick of the lies, the corruption, the hypocrisy of the Yellow administration and their manipulative Party, spoke up through the vote, and despite the massive vote buying, using of government resources and funds to campaign, the sheer number of those who clamoured for change coupled with authenticity and integrity could not be stifled with electoral fraud.

Indeed, change is coming.  People are waking up.  They want to participate in this change.  They want to set aside selfish interests for the collective good. And while the incoming administration isn’t vindictive in the least, word is out that the Yellow Army is covering its tracks, shredding documents at the palace and what not.

The hard  left is being called back into participation after almost five decades of living as renegades and rebels.  China is allowing Filipino fishermen to fish at the disputed Scarborough Shoal without being harassed.  Good and reputable people are being called to serve in Government, and there will be Freedom of Information, at least where the Executive is concerned, because the Yellow Congress seems hell-bent on blocking it from being passed as a law, possibly out of fear what the public will find out.

And Duterte hasn’t even assumed office.  Officially, he will take hold of the reigns on June 30, 2016.

Rooting for change has awakened patriotism in most Filipinos.  I was already around when Ninoy was assassinated and the EDSA Revolution took place, a silent protest against an oppressive regime.  This time around, it’s different.  The first one was born out of sympathy and indignation; this one was out of anger at the injustice that was being packaged and marketed as progress.

No more lies.  We work with what we have and we move forward.

Change is coming.



Lies, Lies, and More Lies


I can feel the life force draining from me.  I think I need to shield myself more, ground myself and trust in the energies of Mother Gaia.

The negative campaigning of administration candidates is disheartening.  It is a cancer that spreads from within in an inconspicuous way until it rears up its ugly head, only to reveal itself to be Stage 4.

The Divine Feminine in me (my Sponsoring Diety is Mother Mary) cries out whenever they spread their black propaganda, continue with their relentless smear campaign against a 71-year old low profile politician who never sought the spotlight despite the fact that he turned his city into one of the cleanest, safest and progressive ones in the world.

They level accusation upon accusation on him in the clearly biased mainstream media and yet, there is a news blackout when he tries to explain himself.  These black forces disguised in yellow proclaims itself to be “decent”, and yet employ dirty tactics. They instill fear in the people instead of hope.  And while Duterte has done his part to raise this country’s vibrations and desire for unity, the administration employs every underhanded trick in the book to bring that vibration down.

On a spiritual level, it reminds me of the Passion of Christ.  No, I am not saying Duterte is the reincarnation of Jesus, but that he is going through the same persecution all because he wants to serve the many instead of the few.

But he’s merely a carpenter’s son, what does He know?

How could He speak about the Kingdom of Heaven when us pharisees are the experts?

He has so many followers.  He is a threat to the reign of Caesar and he must be stopped!

How could he talk to the lepers, prostitutes and outcasts of society?

Sound familiar?

If one took a step back and actually took time to read the testimonials of those folks who actually encountered Duterte, they would see compassion behind the iron fist.  If I were buying something and read the glowing customer reviews in Amazon first, then I would have confidence in buying the product.  And that’s what I did.

That’s why those who support him, those who bleed yellow mockingly refer to as “Dutertards” are so passionate in supporting him.  They have seen him in action; they have experienced him; and they can tell the truth apart from the fabricated lies.

If he is cheated out of the Presidency, the people will KNOW.

May the Ascended Master Mighty Victory protect the sacred votes of the people this coming elections!

And may the Gods of Karma bring down swift justice and punishment to those who pervert the will of the people!


The Social Awakening


Elections in my country are drawing near.  Only a week more to go.  My dad is a contender for the Senate, a part of the team that seeks to challenge the status quo.

For the past three days, I have been feeling exhausted, worn out, and tired, not because I’ve been campaigning (I’m not allowed), but I think because, as an empath, I can feel the malcontent and frustration rising out of the hate that’s been spewed left and right by people vouching for their own bets.  Add to that the physical heat and humidity and you have a worn out Lyran.

I write now because last night I had a dream that was troubling.  I was in the office, and yet, I had to play badminton in the other building connected to the office by a skyway, later on.  So I parked my car there in the other building for easier access later on when it was time to play.  Then, there was an earthquake and the building I was in was falling down in ruins.  There was no time to get the car in the other building so I ran, escaping the debris, outside where I found the roads were being split in half, and I was trying to outrun the devastation.

Then I saw my niece whom I also feel is an Indigo child,  I took her hand, but a great flash flood came our way and we were submerged.  The flash flood though was a pure violet color, clear like the waters of a calm river, but rushed by aggressively until it swallowed both of us.  We resurfaced unscathed and I was still holding her hand.  There was another surge coming, and again, we were submerged for a while, but resurfaced safely.

That was the first part of my dream.  The next part was that I was in the US in a cabin with my aunt/boss.  In my dream, she had cancer, and was taking all these alternative, healthy supplements to cure it.  There was a large petri dish there on the floor, bigger than a manhole cover, which was filled with moss and green algae and for some reason, I stepped barefoot in it.  I don’t remember the significance of this but only that I was thinking that I might be infected.

Then, there was another part of my dream wherein my college friends were there — one is a director and the other a film maker — but those parts of the dream escape me now.

The way I see it, change is coming.  Institutions will fall down but, like the Tower card, they have been build on falsities and now the truth will come out.  The dirt and debris will be purged by the clear water of the flash flood, which will be divinely sanctioned.

Of course, I cannot come out with this dream on my social media which is peppered by the Yellowtards that are in power.  For now, I feel that the best option is to remain quiet and see how things unfold.