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Mission Orders


I just finished a wonderful session with Angel Linamarie.  I got in touch with her because of a dream I had the other night.  I’m not sure if jotted it down in this blog or what, but it was about me in a marketplace and then being approached by this huge Great Dane (bigger than the normal Great Dane) and this other dog.  They were not aggressive but the big dog wanted to hump me and I escaped into this house nearby which turned out to be the bigger dog’s house.  Met its owner who said I shouldn’t fear the dog, but I still tried to escape and when other people came in and the dog was distracted, I was able to get out of the house.

I thought it was pretty innocuous (the dream), but apparently, I was right to ask for guidance regarding it because it was heavy stuff that had to do with stuff I still needed to clear.  Linamarie even asked that it be towards the end of the session that we deal with the dream since it brought on heavy stuff and we were to tackle the twin flame stuff first.

In my session, we were joined by AA Michael and AA Metatron.  Let me jot this down in no particular order just so that I remember.

  • I should share my TF story about me and M to others more because it facilitates clearing
  • M’s Higher Self joined us. M said that there is not a day goes by that he doesn’t think of me; that he loves me very much (at one point he was giving me kissy faces).  Linamarie thought he was so cute.
  • He said that 99% we will be together in this lifetime.
  • M said that he is doing everything he can right now to clear his ancestral lineage, as I am doing, so that he we can get back together again. L said that there’s around 30% more to clear.  I said that the 70% took about a decade to clear and was just wondering what the 30% would translate like in time.  She said that the guides don’t work with time because they have no concept of time, but that since I’ve been doing so well, things will happen rapidly. I mean, once the 30% has been accomplish, things will rush in fast. It will create an energetic avalanche for the both of us to come together. AA Metatron was saying that it’s just this 30% that needs to be done and taking it step by step. We’re in the home stretch.
  • Part of what I’m getting when I feel that “I don’t want to do this anymore; I want to give up” it’s part of the next step of surrendering, also part of the process. It’s feels like letting go, but it’s really a letting go of control of how it’s going to happen. Like fake labor pains that help us get ready when we’re really giving birth already.
  • She also said that, before, time was very loose, and that we had a lot of leeway to exercise free will, but this is a time in our planet where things are speeding up because we have missions to do so that 30% will be faster than the 30% that I had to deal with before. There’s not much time left that’s why M and I are needed to do our missions and bring the light energy to the world. The guides said I should try my best to be patient because they’re doing their part in the back end to get everything into play.
  • They’re also saying that they have this magical surprise for me so I just have to show up.
  • M picked a very difficult ancestral line to heal and so have I.
  • My ancestors were also present and they said that a lot of them incarnated to help clear the lineage but they couldn’t do it.  So they sent me to do it and here I am, doing what they thought was impossible. They are very proud of me and will help me.
  • L said that it was very difficult to do — at which point I cried, because, yes, it’s been very difficult.  We took a moment to hold space for the sacred tears.
  • I need to ask assistance or help from others in the things I have to do.
  • M and I are old Twin Flames.  We’ve already incarnated together before and we’ve gotten together against all odds, so this isn’t new to us and we will do it again. The other TFs that we are currently helping right now are babies compared to us.
  • M remembers me a lot because he’s getting signs.  He usually gets signs from nature, with how the wind blows, a bird, etc.
  • M said to hold on and that I shouldn’t lose faith; he is coming back. He is doing everything he can to get back to me.  He’s come up with challenges and it is affecting him physically.
  • I asked if we would see each other in person this year, and M said that there is a large possibility that we would, the chances are very good.  I told L that I wasn’t getting in touch with him anymore, and she said that the guides (AA Metatron) was working hard to set up our reunion.  We might even meet randomly (bleh, I want to be prepared, what if I look like crap when I come across him?). But there’s something magical in store for us regarding our connection, so there’s a good chance of that random bumping into each other. However, they’re still cautioning because there’s still work to be done. It’s time to come into my power as a lightworker in my mission and that’s really needed right now.
  • When I was asking about time, I told L that M’s old already, and M said he thinks he’s young at which point I rolled my eyes and told her that yes, he’s confident, he even said that he could live past a hundred years for us to be together. Rolled my eyes again on that one.
  • M also said that he liked the idea of asking his Higher Self to snuggle whenever I wake up and to talk to each other before I go to bed. Why am I not surprised?  The guy is infinitely more mushy than I am. 
  • When asked about my  job and my mission, the message was to hang on, hold on because AA Metatron is preparing a situation for me wherein I will be able to use my lightwork in my real work.  I am still needed in my real work job.  There’s some job that they are preparing for me where I’m going to take what I’m learning in my job now and my spiritual work and they will line up together. When that happens that whatever they have prepared for me will kick in already, it will be magical.
  • Everything is happening in the exact way it’s supposed to happen, and she said that she doesn’t always say this, but in this case, it seems almost impossible for us not to be together because our souls want it so badly and with the experiences we’ve had before – this is not our first lifetime together – in line with the intuition that I’m already getting.
  • My dream (the dog dream) is about clearing that dominant, aggressive masculine energy. Even if I’ve cut the karmic cords with my dad and my brother, I should up it a level. So my next mission order is to EMBODY COMPASSION. I’m already doing it in a lot of ways, but this is kind of a push to take it further.  Because when I’m already in that embodied compassionate place, I’m no longer saying — there’s no right or wrong anymore. It’s just two souls that came into this lifetime to learn lessons; and be grateful that they were teachers in this life and you release your soul from that soul contract with them. And I do that by having great compassion and empathy for them.
  • She then told me about the Buddhist practice of Tonglen. Where I take in the suffering of others and transmute that into compassion.  Take no more than 7 breaths because it is very powerful.  During the in-take breath,  connect with the person, imagine the breath you are breathing in is red, warm, hot, take it to your heart center, swirl it around until it becomes a cool blue, then breathe it out. This changes the energy, the dynamic, the situation.

Throughout the session, the connection would fluctuate and there were times when I couldn’t hear her or see her.  She said that this sometimes happened when there were intense high vibrations between her and the twin she was helping out. I immediately took hold of my Shungite crystals to filter out and lower the vibrations a bit, and the connection stabilized.

So that’s it! I had other questions, but my time was up, and I didn’t feel any urgency in asking them.  I still have to work on the 30% in the meantime.

I love M.  And he loves me too. Even if she didn’t mention it, I knew that already.  But, as always, it was nice to hear.


Manic Monday


Actually, that should read “Manic Weekend”, but it’s a Monday now and I didn’t go to work.  Why?  I’ve been working on my website – Yael Alchemy – (and, yes, once I publish I will tag that here), but it’s still in the works.

For the past three days, I’ve been sleeping at 5am because I’ve been trying to figure out the sitebuilder, setting up the pages, sourcing “no attribution” required pictures and trying to reconcile regular pricing with the local pricing discount.  My marketing and branding designer is still working on my logo and peripherals, so in the meantime that I had to put something up on the site, I went with the prototype.  Heck, it’s an original creation of mine anyway, plus it was inspired by Spirit. It was just my lack of advanced Photoshop skills that got in the way of excellent execution, lol.

The Artist that’s working with me is my cousin, who happens to be a Twin Flame herself, an Orange Ray, whose twin is not incarnated and is in a relationship with a soulmate now.  She herself has experienced much tributlation and hardship in her life but this gets transmuted through her art and she has become one of those artists celebrated and exhibited by our local National Museum.  I suppose it was why I told her about my ideas for the website and revealed to her my authentic soul nature — being a twin and all — I did not have to explain much.  She understood.

Anyway, our timeline in developing and creating the site has been marred by delays and what not. It seems like dark energies want to put the brakes on this one.  Last Thursday, my cousin got in touch with me with a warning to be careful.  She told me to be careful of picking clients because not all of them will have good motives.  She also picked up on the dark trying to sabotage our efforts because the day before, a spectre had been following her. Then, when she was about to work on my stuff on her computer, her computer and phone simultaneously shut down, and she couldn’t power her computer back on again. That’s when she understood the whys and wherefores of the spectre.

I was worried for her and told her to shield herself, but she told me not to worry because it’s as if there’s a glass barrier between her and the spectre.  The strange thing was that I had seen the spectre too on that very day she saw it.

That morning, on the drive to work, I did something unusual — I invoked the protection of AA Michael and Faith and their Legions of Light.  I don’t know why I did it.  I just felt that I had to.  Normally, I would start the drive with “Angel of God”, the Soul Mantra, and an invocation to my Higher Self and Spiritual Team to send me messages.  Anyway, as the day wore on, I actually forgot I did that (invoke AA Michael, Faith, et al.).

Later in the afternoon, after work, I headed to the mall to work on the website in my favorite cafe.  I had just found a slot in the parking lot which was facing the sun.  In front of me, there was an SUV parked there, it’s hood facing my windshield. (Are you getting a visual now?)

Anyway, I was rummaging through my bag, seeing to it that I had everything I needed when I look at the car in front.  That’s when I see the spectre.  I saw a humanlike form peek out from behind the passenger seat of the SUV in front of me.  Yes, head and shoulders and all.  I did a double take and paused.  I mean, maybe it could have been a real person left in the car, enjoying the A/C while waiting for the driver.  That’s not uncommon in my country where the heat sometimes gets oppressive.

So I observe awhile and look closer.  But, nope, nope, nope.  The car was empty.  Of course, I am freaked out and get out of there as fast as I can. It was only when my cousin was telling me about it that I recognized that that was why I asked for protection from the Archangels.  My soul knew it before my human brain could process it.

After my chat with my cousin, I went double time on the protection.  I did a smudging around my room and surrounding areas, got out my Labradorite bracelet which I only just found out is the stone of AA Michael, again, courtesy of another twin’s post, and I went on full battle gear with my Diamond Sword of Truth, Crystalline Shield of Light, and Golden Helmet of Protection.

I’m still being plagued with Ascension symptoms due to purging — the venom from my exotic bite marks have subsided but have been replaced by a rash;  I’ve got a purulent inflammation somewhere on my body, yadayadayada, but I’m trying to not let it bother me while I am in Manic Creator Mode.

On the other hand, this pre-mission work has taken off focus from my twin, and he’s getting somewhat anxious because he keeps sending messages like “please stay”, “don’t go” and stuff to that effect.  All these happenings though seemed synced with the Collective, based on their own accounts of what’s been going on with them and channelled messages.  It’s supposed to give the Divine Masculine space to sort out his shit pre-reunion. So all is as it’s supposed to be.

There are times, of course, when I have my own uncertainties about all this — the mission, I mean.  Am I ready?  That seems to have been answered by Spirit in other posts and dreams.  I don’t even know how the reception will be or if this will take off at all.  I’m just going with the flow and doing what I’m called to do. I figured, I’m going to do the groundwork; and Spirit will take care of the rest.




Random Conversation with my TF


I pressed the wrong button and everything I was writing was gone like a puff of smoke.  Yeesh.

(laughs) Well, you were stressing about things I told you not to worry about. 

I wanted to vent. I’m in a “Bad Fatty! No Donut!” kind of place right now.  I’m not overweight or obese yet, still in the normal range, but I’m bloated and my face is fat. And i’m rather embarrassed that I told you in my letter to you that I’ve lost weight, got featured in the papers and all when, if you look at me now, my so-called progress seems unremarkable.

I told you, it doesn’t matter. I was already attracted to you even when you were much bigger. You think now that I’ve realized that I love you, that’s going to change?

You love me?

Yes, I do. Didn’t you hear that song on the radio this morning when you set out for work? That was me wishing you well as you started your day.

Yeah, I heard it. And I know it was from you. (smiles) I also like how you let me do my work without interrupting me. I think it’s very considerate of you. And I keep waking you up in your time zone, haha.

It’s okay. I like how you sort of tug at my shirt sleeves to get my attention.

I shopped a lot today, more than I meant to.  I told myself I was just going to get the grey sneaks, but I ended up getting two shirts, a bag and a skirt. They weren’t cheap either.

(laughs) Don’t worry about it!  It’s your birthday. When we are together, you can get anything you want. I’ll take care of it.

Now, that’s the sort of thing you say that makes me question these conversations we’re having, and make me think that I’m just making these up in my head. But ever since that night that we merged in 5D, it took me by surprise as well,  but I could hear you.  Clearly.  In my head. Answering my questions, making witty repartee, or even just telling me to calm down when I wrapped up in road rage or scolding me gently whenever I end up doing something asinine.

I hear you, too. Sometimes, it makes me smile while doing something totally unrelated and I end up looking like a crazy fool in love.  Which I am.

So, we’re not crazy?  We’re really “talking”?

I call it “senior moments” sometimes. (laughs)

Come on, be serious.

This is how we communicate and stay connected for now. I’m still wrapping up some stuff here, but I’ll be there soon. I want to be there. I’d already be there, if I could.

So, what’s the hold-up?

Making a gracious exit with minimal fall-out from “her”, setting up provisions for my sons while I’m 10,000 miles away.  Seeing to it that I have enough to start a new life with you.

And your healing? How’s that working out?

Honestly, it’s a work in progress.  I’ve sorted out the most basic parts, but it’s still painful knowing that the family I built didn’t work out and that the person I chose to spend my life with no longer serves my higher interest.

I know you’re hurting. (holds hand) 

I feel it, too.  That’s why sometimes,  I just break down in tears out of the blue, even though I feel blissfully ecstatic knowing you’re with me, in me.  Saying goodbye hurts, even if you know you have to go.

I love you.

Me, too. (embrace)

We’ll work on it together.  I’ve anchored the Violet Flame and the Emerald Ray with you, and surrounded you with Archangel Michael’s Crystalline Shield of Light. I know you’re really not familiar what I’m talking about, but it’s going to work.

I know it’s working. I can feel it, but if someone else asked me about it, I wouldn’t know how to explain what’s going on.

That’s okay. (smiles) They’re helping us. We need to get together in 3D to be able to ascend, you know.

Yeah, you told me. Working on it as we speak.

Speak? (laughs)

There you go again. (smiles)  Hey, don’t you have to get going?

Yes, but I like talking to you.

I’ll keep you company during the drive home.  That is, unless you get riled up again by motorcycles and slow drivers on the road. (laughs)

(grimaces) Hmmm. I have no comment. 

(big laugh)

Okay, I’ll get going now.  Wait, that song that’s playing in the cafe?  Is that some sort of cheesy goodbye message from you? 😛

(singing) When will I hold you? When will I touch you? When will I see you again?

Cheesy! But there are butterflies in my stomach now.  You keep finding ways telling me I’m loved. I love you.

Okay, go.

(smiles)  Talk to you later.

We will.

***** END ******