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Healing and More


What you missed in the last episode:  Triggered by a Twin Flame friend.

Okay, just a quick update on that one. What I did was to do Reiki on myself and incorporate the healing codes for forgiveness, betrayal, to clear negativity and for a windfall. And, indeed, I felt a this heaviness lift from me. The “windfall” came too because while I was doing it, a text came in.  I ignored it at that time because it was interrupting my session, but when I read it, it was confirmation that the money I needed to support my application was on its way.

So I did open my heart again to my TF friend. Early this morning, we took part in a prerequisite healing session for our upcoming Light Language Workshop course. That was at 1:30am, my time, and I wasn’t surprised that I was having technical glitches right before it. Seriously, it’s like there’s an entity or what that doesn’t want me to come into my full power, and I kind of sensed that I think which is why I loaded up on my mobile wifi devices. I was looking forward to the video conference call because I was on pretty decent Fiber Internet but, no, today, of all days, it goes down for the first time ever. Not even a slowdown in bandwidth; it totally didn’t connect. Good thing, redundancy measures were in place.

Anyway, onto the healing proper.  There was just three of us. My TF friend and this other woman. For the Twins in the group, most of the stuff we had to clear were past life issues.  My TF friend — dangit, I have to give her a name, at some point, ya know? — was an elder in a tribal village and was the repository of wisdom of that village.  Her soul shock came when the Annunaki obliterated her whole village, killing all the women and children, and her too.

As for me, one of my biggest soul traumas came from these people who double-crossed me.  They took my son from me and made me sign a contract that turned over my land and power, and whatever else, making me believe that if I did that — which I did — my son would be back safely in my arms.  But the double crossing motherfuckers still killed him anyway.

And this resonates with me.  Some readers have told me before that I’d already lost a child which didn’t make sense at the time since I’ve never been pregnant in this lifetime.  Then, it also explains why I’ve been writing poems about my unborn child or something like that when I was younger.

So that voidable contract has been ripped to shreds and burned. It wasn’t my fault he died. I think I will still have to continue forgiving myself for that.

Another thing that was mentioned in regards to me was that some of my soul fragments have been taken by a man every time we’ve engaged in sexual intercourse.  Now, I’m not quite clear if that happened in a past life or in this one.  If it was in this one, it’s kind of difficult to pin the whodunnit part down since I’ve had that woman whore phase in my life.

There was another thing too.  At one point in time, the back of my head was hurting. They said that there was a big ass stick speared through my Pineal Gland from my back which was interfering with me accessing my Third Eye and all that.  The stake went out through my back. So everyone in the group helped in  removing that and I did feel a clearing after.  It’s like when you take a piece of barbecue out of the skewer and there’s hole in a that piece of meat.

Anyway, Chris of Merakilight, already told me before that I’d been abducted by aliens as a child and this was why I have difficulty accessing memories.  I feel that there’s a program installed for me to continually not remember my life experiences. I meant to bring that up during the healing session but the entire session was distracted by the other participant who had scores of other issues to be healed. For discussion’s sake, let’s call her Doodie.

So, during introductions, Doodie says that she’s taken all sort of healing modality certifications, whatever was out there.  For the RMT certification that both me and my TF friend have, she probably has 5 more. BUT, despite that, she had difficulty healing herself and, intuitively, I felt that all her life she has been plagued with disempowerment, loneliness and unhappiness. It’s like she’s been trying to hard to ascend that she’s practically latched onto the new age bandwagon, but there’s this anchor keeping her to where she’s stuck. I’m intuiting it’s because she’s continually stuck on the external. Possibly TF friend and I have advanced rapidly precisely because we are twin flames.

Many times during the session I have tried to stifle blurting out in laughter because, much as I empathize with her condition, her heavy breathing through the microphone was making me crack up and snapping me out of the “zone” I was in.

Anyway, at some point during the session, we were asked to visualize our future selves, fully empowered and in full possession of our gifts.  I saw myself clearly, and I was beautiful, sexy, tangibly abundant and, best of all, happy with my Twin Flame by my side. And you bet your ass I merged with “her”. That vision of her/me + the words of Starsoul Tarot — better than you ever imagined — echoing in the background, that was just pure awesomeness. I know there’s a better word for it, but just add superlatives to those in your head, lol.

And I’m going to end this on that note, a decidedly high one. 🙂




The Sugar Crash


I started the day with quite a high from all that Reiki energy that coursed through me yesterday.  My heart chakra was bursting with unconditional love for my twin and for the world as if bestowing a blessing on everyone I came across.

It was one of those days where I felt I couldn’t be more in love with my twin, until another day just like that comes along and I learn that the heart is a continually expanding like the vast expanse of space.

I was in my element, grateful to the Universe and all the powers that be for getting me to this point where it felt like I was in 5D and in 3D all at the same time.

The crash came when I was reminded how humans can be disappointing.

You see, I’ve never been vocal about my Twin Flame journey save in this blog. (Yes, I get the irony since this is public, but then again, none of you — I hope — can put a face to the name and all that) In my real life, I’ve guarded that part of me like a lioness protective of her cubs. It’s a part of me that’s very vulnerable, the kind that has to be spoken soft and low because anything more than a whisper, it would vanish.

Anyway, I made a Twin Flame friend along the way.  And we were both supporting each other, pointing each other to resources that would help us improve spiritually, dissecting what was going on in the groups behind the scenes, and since I was in full blown mission, I would tell her the things I experienced and all that. In other words, I opened up and the “acquaintance” filter came down.

Today, while we were chatting about things, I went on a semi-rant about this video by another twin who did a song and dance instead of apologizing straight out for whatever sorry thing she did. To me, that came off as justification — a show of ego; instead of just simply apologizing and acknowledging what she did. It was bullshit and I could see through it.

Conversation flows along and we say goodbye, but later on, I find out she (TF friend) posts that she’s had a healing with that twin I was ranting about a day ago and she never thought to mention it. Sneaky bastard.

Now, that’s a trigger for me, if there ever was one.  Trust issues come up.  I already get this “being out of the loop” with my family and — no, it’s not even being kept out of the loop; it’s deliberately being withheld information from. She had an opportunity to bring it up and no reason not to. So red flags come up because the whole reciprocity thing is knocked off balance. And I’m instantly regretting that I’ve added her to my real FB page where my friends, my family, my life is there for her to get a peek of. So I’ve been on Code Black mode and have been vascillating between putting her on my restricted list and unchecking it again.  Right now, she’s on my restricted list and I am on shutdown mode. I don’t like watching my back with so-called friends.

I suppose this is something else I have to heal and purge, and I will, in time, but that time is not now at 5:00 in the morning. I’m just pissed that she threw me off kilter when I had a lot of clients waiting for services to be delivered and I can’t do it because I’m not balanced. Fuck it. And this is the kind of thing that turns me into all Goddess of Destruction mode. Yeah. Feel the fire.  Feel the burn.





The Lost City of Mu


I finally got the Paradise Activation Codes which I had bookmarked to get but totally forgot in the whirlwind of life and getting into mission. So now, embedded in my heart chakra is a quartz crystal pyramid with a rainbow inside which was the gift of the angelic to me as I was leaving the sacred chambers. I have yet to discern its full significance.

Later on in the day, after I had gotten client readings delivered, I took a nap while holding two Tibetan Quartz crystals and asked my angels to give me past life messages in my dream. And I did dream and it was a strange one.

I was back in my college campus and it was laid out the same as the real one.  I was walking through an unfamiliar path though, like a shortcut, and next thing I know, I was in a car which my uncle was driving.  There were other people with me in the car along with my long deceased dog, Mumu.  I called him Mu or Moo. He was truly my first love and oftentimes, I sensed that we were spiritually connected.  I don’t know who he was a reincarnation of though.

Anyway, the car was speeding through a winding mountain range.  You know, the kind of speed wherein you’d get thrown left and right because of the momentum. I think I was sort of yelling to my uncle to slow down, but then we hit a wall.  But this time, it was an areal drone shot and I saw big blocks of stone falling down on us. It looked more like the ruins of the pyramids if ever they toppled over, except that the hue of the stones/blocks were a distinct yellow clay.  I don’t know why it was that detailed but I saw that through the cloud of dust that was rising but also knew at the same time that we were all trapped inside the rubble.  It was me watching me.

I don’t know how we got out of it but we did.  In my dream, the storyline was that my parents weren’t around and my uncle took the kids (big kids, me included) on a trip to see a show. I remember stopping in front of the theatre/mall/whatever where the show was showing — ermergerd, it’s like I don’t know how to speak English, lol — but I think we veered further on to find parking.

We were looking for parking in a nearby gated village/subdivision when Moo escaped through the window presumably chasing after a cat.  But this village had plenty of angry stray dogs that were trying to get at him and I was very fearful for his safety.  I jumped out of the car trying to rescue him, and was scared myself because there were several mean white dogs — they looked like greyhounds — who were barking at me and warning me not to get close.

I got past those dogs.  I don’t remember how, but I was in the gated village and saw that Moo escaped all those mean angry dogs by diving into the nearby pool. He was dog paddling with his black hair strewn about in wet strands.  I scooped him out of the pool and as soon as he was back in my arms, everything seemed right again.

Next shot, we were back on campus and I guess I was hungry because I went to the canteen to look for food and saw a stall which was selling legs of ham. LOL.  That’s when the dream ended.

I still have to figure out what this means and I don’t have time right now to do that because it’s past midnight and tomorrow’s a workday.  I actually don’t know how to fit all I’m supposed to do or want to do in the time I have these days because most of my free time is spent in mission and helping other people.  And I like it.  I miss shopping though, but that’s always there anyway.

My ideal set-up now would be living with my twin in marriage, not having to work in a regular job, but doing mission work and earning double what I earn in my job.  Because I see potential in this.  It’s just kind of hard to do marketing and managing social media and doing the work at the same time.  And that’s on top of my real world work. And my social obligations.

Oh, I did a Distance Healing Reiki Session on my twin tonight.  Major kundalini rising every time I work on his root chakra.  I had to concentrate on getting the session done instead of just cumming.

Anyway, I best call it a night and hold on to the happy thought of “better than I could ever have imagined”.

ps. I realized that I wasn’t able to talk about Atlantis which I meant to — hence, the title. But that’s for next time.  My sleeping pill is kicking in and am way too drowsy.





Trouble in Paradise


I suppose it’s a good thing that I was busy with other things the past few days other than just lurking on the Twin Flame group pages.  Imagine my shock when I checked in and found out all sorts of drama going on — accusations of other twins being implanted with negative entities, this or that person taking sides, and all that bullshit. Other people making videos just to let other know where they stand.

So the person they were hailing as the Ambassador for the Divine Masculines has been — sort of quarantined — for ridiculous hypothetical accusations.  I’m not joining in a fray that’s purely ego driven. I think that part of the responsibilities of being a light worker is to be the clearest channel possible for Spirit’s messages to come through and that means taking off the shroud of ego in service and in life.

So, no, it’s not dark energies that’s been invading them.  That’s a cop-out.  It’s ego, plain and simple.  The thing is they’ve become instant celebrities — at least, in the Twin Flame niche — and they don’t know how to handle it.  Most of these twins have been very low profile in real life and here is “celebrity” all of a sudden, people looking to them for guidance and advice, and your basic preening about how they are with the “in crowd”. Now, if you haven’t been immersed in that kind of dynamic in 3D, it can get in your head and ego, and what results is an overrated power play amongst them, a virtual Animal Farm, so to speak.

Personally, I don’t have a problem in that kind of dynamic because I’ve always been in “that crowd”. So I know that it’s not a big enough deal to get all Game of Thrones for.

Anyway, I got my reading back from Starsoul Tarot, and my question was what else I had to do or my twin has to do in order to get into union.  Three things stood out: 1) that there was some sadness that I had to release regarding a place/memory/song that held much sentimental value for me because of my twin;  2) there was nothing else I needed to do because I did my homework and am now in mission; and 3) I need to have faith and believe in my twin because the long term relationship, the ring and the commitment were coming.

Well, as regards the first, last night I came from an alumni homecoming celebration of my school which was held at that hotel where I hold the most memories of my twin. I was actually hesitant to see that hotel again because I didn’t know how I’d react, but when I was there, it surprised me to find out that the place no longer held any sway for me. I looked at the lobby where we first met; I looked at the seats where we talked; I remembered each time he kissed me goodbye as I headed off to my car, and I thought to myself, “It is done.  It is complete.”  I’ve healed from that place. And the last time I was in that hotel, I was with my twin.

The second one, I’m just ecstatic about.  Okay, so everything I do from here on out when it comes to mission and energy work is just a bonus. There’s nothing else I have to do but be ready to receive.

The third point, on the other hand, is something I’ve already heard before along similar lines. Everything and more.  Better than I’ve ever imagined.  All the pain and hardships that I’ve gone through will melt away and seem insignificant compared to what’s coming. Or that I can have the whole shebang if I choose it.

Now, my dreams about the life me and my twin will live is already pretty much up there. So when she told me that it would be better than I’ve ever imagined — well, you can guess that I can’t grasp it because if it’s better than what I’ve imagined, I seriously do not know how much better. I simply can’t imagine it. So there, I won’t even try.

Surprise me.


Past Life Meditation


I purchased these new crystals so I was excited to work with them.  One of them was a Tibetan Quartz crystal which helps in accessing and remembering past lives.

So I gear up to meditate, I use the Divine Codes for accessing past lives and healing them, and the second I close my eyes, BAM! I feel this big energy vortex.

I wasn’t feeling too hot to begin with because I called in sick at work — major downloads give me the flu — and I couldn’t stay sitting up.  I had to lay down.  And what came to me were images, sort of like a montage. I was slipping in and out of consciousness though until I finally fell asleep, but the images I remember (while conscious) were strange.

I think I was Mary Magdalene in my past life. Either that, or I was her BFF and saw the events happening around her. In any case, it felt like “her”.  It started with a vision of me kneeling by the river. I was wearing a white shroud.  Next, I could feel the pain of being stoned.  Next shot, I was in Christ’s tomb — as in entering and discovering his body wasn’t there.

At that point, slipping in and out of consciousness again, then this time, visions of aliens peering at me, as if I was in a sick bed and doctor’s (aliens though) examining me. One of them spoke and it came across as English and they were explaining that that was why I was made to forget, to have very little memories.

Anyway, this is so bizarre I’m ready to file it under “delusion”. But I shall seek for answers again. Maybe I’m just associating her with my harlot past and now having been “cleansed”.

In the meantime, there are the aliens and the very few memories that they’ve left me with.

Love, Love, Love


My successful distance reiki healing session last night inspired me to do one on my twin.  Of course, I asked his Guardian Angel to give it to him when he’s most ready.

Honestly, I was expecting to feel a lot of heartbreak, pain and all that, but, surprisingly, all I felt was LOVE, overwhelming love at times, especially when I laid my hands on his Higher Heart and Heart Chakra. It felt like he was in me and I was in him.  I can’t explain it. And when my hands wandered to his base chakra, I felt his kundalini rising until it brought me to a point of ecstasy. And I thought… Heaven on Earth.

I saw her too, the karmic.  Sometime when I was working on his head.  So he’s thinking about her. I don’t get that part so much because — how do I explain it?  If, during the other reiki sessions, I was the healer; in this one, I was as much the healee as the healer. And even now, i’m still basking in the glow of love. Wonderful.




I’m a bit under the weather today so I didn’t go to work.  Last night, I did a Distance Reiki Healing session for my sister and brother in law who had gotten into a car accident in Canada earlier that morning.  They were fine; it was a three-car collision and they were the car in front that got rear-ended.  Still, my sister had to be extracted from the car because of pre-existing back pain.

It was the first time I seriously did a Distance Reiki Healing session because I had been quibbling about how to do it at the same time as the healee if the healee was located in a different time zone.  That was until I learned that I could send it to the healee’s Guardian Angel for them to dispense when the healee is most ready to receive it.

So I tried it last night and used a pillow for proxy.  I also used my 7 Chakra Stone set to help the healing.  Even if I was “technically” just using a pillow, I could feel and see in my mind’s eye doing the session on them.  Not only that, depending on which body part/chakra I was working on, I could “see” it, what was wrong with it, how fast the chakra was spinning, whether or not there were any blockages — things like those.  And the session told me things about the healee which I did not previously know about.

Okay, maybe you could say I knew a bit about my sister, but the other messages which she confirmed, I didn’t know about.  I don’t know anything about my brother-in-law.  I’ve probably been around him thrice, and once was for his wedding.  All small talk since they kind of just flew in from Canada to get married here and flew straight back. But all the messages that I’ve received about him, my sister confirmed. Amazing, isn’t it?

But that energy exchange wasn’t why I’m feeling under the weather today.  It’s because yesterday was my officemate’s birthday and I went out around high noon in sweltering heat and volunteered to buy ice cream.  And then it was too cold at night that I had to wear a jacket while performing distance healing.  There you go.  Starseeds suck with heat and humidity.

In matters of the heart, strange things have been going on.

Inadvertently got in touch with Tom again, my karmic ex. That’s because while meditating with my blue kyanite, it turned into gold (which he now tells me is copper), and no one could give a decent explanation on the boards.  So I remembered I have this great geologist friend/ex/whatever that probably knows something about it and I text him my “geology question”. He was all Geology Rock Star at first, answering my questions and then the “do you miss me?” segue came along.  He claims to be unhappily married; that I’m the only one in his past he talks to — yadayadayada.  Of course, I called bullshit on that.  But I did ask him to send me part of his awesome rare crystal collection, haha.  He said yes, but added that he’s going to send me some panties too, lol.

Anyway, I was flirting back because I was in a jolly mood but I was worried what my twin would feel about that so I drew some cards.  He told me to cut it out; that he was rushing on his way here so we could get things together and the last card was the 7 of Wands which in that deck was fending everyone else off from getting in the door, LOL.  Okay, hurry up, if you will.  I’m still not letting anyone else in, unless someone slips past me. I didn’t get a huge sermon though so that made me love him even more.

After that, another strange thing happened.  One of my exes whom I hadn’t been in touch for at least five years, friend requests me on FB.  I accept, and we get to chat a bit, then he tells me that my picture is still on his fridge and shows me the actual picture.  Oh, wow. I actually didn’t know how to respond to that.  He says that up to now, he hasn’t been able to find anyone who compares. I wriggled my way out of that conversation.

Are these tests? I don’t know.  All I know is that I love my twin.  It’s nice to hear from the rest though.  It would be great if the others showed up as well.