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Trouble in Paradise


I suppose it’s a good thing that I was busy with other things the past few days other than just lurking on the Twin Flame group pages.  Imagine my shock when I checked in and found out all sorts of drama going on — accusations of other twins being implanted with negative entities, this or that person taking sides, and all that bullshit. Other people making videos just to let other know where they stand.

So the person they were hailing as the Ambassador for the Divine Masculines has been — sort of quarantined — for ridiculous hypothetical accusations.  I’m not joining in a fray that’s purely ego driven. I think that part of the responsibilities of being a light worker is to be the clearest channel possible for Spirit’s messages to come through and that means taking off the shroud of ego in service and in life.

So, no, it’s not dark energies that’s been invading them.  That’s a cop-out.  It’s ego, plain and simple.  The thing is they’ve become instant celebrities — at least, in the Twin Flame niche — and they don’t know how to handle it.  Most of these twins have been very low profile in real life and here is “celebrity” all of a sudden, people looking to them for guidance and advice, and your basic preening about how they are with the “in crowd”. Now, if you haven’t been immersed in that kind of dynamic in 3D, it can get in your head and ego, and what results is an overrated power play amongst them, a virtual Animal Farm, so to speak.

Personally, I don’t have a problem in that kind of dynamic because I’ve always been in “that crowd”. So I know that it’s not a big enough deal to get all Game of Thrones for.

Anyway, I got my reading back from Starsoul Tarot, and my question was what else I had to do or my twin has to do in order to get into union.  Three things stood out: 1) that there was some sadness that I had to release regarding a place/memory/song that held much sentimental value for me because of my twin;  2) there was nothing else I needed to do because I did my homework and am now in mission; and 3) I need to have faith and believe in my twin because the long term relationship, the ring and the commitment were coming.

Well, as regards the first, last night I came from an alumni homecoming celebration of my school which was held at that hotel where I hold the most memories of my twin. I was actually hesitant to see that hotel again because I didn’t know how I’d react, but when I was there, it surprised me to find out that the place no longer held any sway for me. I looked at the lobby where we first met; I looked at the seats where we talked; I remembered each time he kissed me goodbye as I headed off to my car, and I thought to myself, “It is done.  It is complete.”  I’ve healed from that place. And the last time I was in that hotel, I was with my twin.

The second one, I’m just ecstatic about.  Okay, so everything I do from here on out when it comes to mission and energy work is just a bonus. There’s nothing else I have to do but be ready to receive.

The third point, on the other hand, is something I’ve already heard before along similar lines. Everything and more.  Better than I’ve ever imagined.  All the pain and hardships that I’ve gone through will melt away and seem insignificant compared to what’s coming. Or that I can have the whole shebang if I choose it.

Now, my dreams about the life me and my twin will live is already pretty much up there. So when she told me that it would be better than I’ve ever imagined — well, you can guess that I can’t grasp it because if it’s better than what I’ve imagined, I seriously do not know how much better. I simply can’t imagine it. So there, I won’t even try.

Surprise me.



Sepanx at Journey’s End


Earlier in the day, I thought about Hazel (Starsoul Tarot) and her journey out of the blue.  It wasn’t prompted by anything, I just had this feeling that I should go see how she was.  When I got home, before I could even shoot her an email or a message, I chanced upon this video she just posted on YouTube:  Twin Flames Current Energy & End of My Journey.

She said she was told that she had achieved union frequency and needed to take her story offline for her twin’s sake.  Well, that among other things that I also resonated with. She talked about completion energy. Something that one would feel if one has already done all the steps needed to bring one back to a sense of wholeness. As soon as that is completed, you’ll also be resonating at the same vibration that she is.

Once you’re resonating at this vibration, there’s something else that occurs.  And some people aren’t going to like me saying this, but this is just what happens; and what happens is you lose the need for that person to come back into your life. So it just goes; it dissolves; it drops away. And after that, what happens, I don’t know because we’ve only just got into this energy. But i’m just letting you know that’s where you get to.  And it’s a good feeling.  It’s like… liberation.

I’m resonating with this. The need to have my twin in my life isn’t as urgent anymore.  It remains a desire; not a need.  Disengaged non-attachment is what I think it is. Am I resentful to the Universe for not delivering to me a 3D union on a silver platter? To be honest, a little bit, yes.  Like I don’t deserve it when others do.  That bit of it still hurts.  Okay, a lot of it still hurts when I focus on it. It’s like that gut feeling that I had when I realized I was on a TF journey that regardless of the twists and turns and how challenging the journey was, it might end up like the story “Kaharian ng Araw (Kingdom of the Sun)” and one would end up physically alone while providing beneficial assistance to the rest who are coupled up.


I’m still trying to figure out if I’m blaming my twin for not getting with the program.  I’m still weighing how I feel about it.  I mean, it’s kind of inane that after all these lifetimes that we’ve had to learn our lessons, the time comes where we actually get to incarnate at the same time here on Earth to help the planet during a crucial time in its existence, and then we don’t get to do that because someone was resistant to doing the work, right?  It’s like a mighty waste of a perfectly good opportunity to ascend. On the other hand, there’s the realization that he has much healing to do and then, you know, unconditional love kicks in. I really don’t know.  He’s already told me he’s sad and frustrated but what do you expect if you’re not living in authenticity? What else does he want me to do?  I’ve been doing as much as I can to help him but there are some things that he has to decide on his own and to work on them.  I’m not saying he isn’t.  I feel that he is and is just going at a snail’s pace.  So there, that’s why we are where we are.  And all I can do in the meantime is be patient, and just hope everything works out for me while he is still trying to make his mind up.

All these “graduations” and “end of journeys” are giving separation anxiety, really.  First, it was Cirrias.  And now, it’s Hazel.  The two people whose readings I resonated with the most.  Everything else on YouTube seems to be directed towards the Second Wavers, or those who have just discovered that they’re on this journey. And abandonment is a big trigger for me since I’ve had so much of it in real life. So, I don’t know; I don’t know; I don’t know. I’m feeling quite a bit lost without Hazel, especially since her journey is so similar to mine. Ten years and counting. She forecasted union with her twin sometime in September, and I’m guessing from how it’s played out it was an “energetic union” and not a union in the physical.  I’m still hoping for her happy ending here in 3D and that they get together soon.  Somehow it will be reassuring that such a story is entirely possible to be manifested in this reality.

Okay, I need to breathe now.  And meditate.


Rapid Response Team


Oh, wow.  That was fast.

I already told you what Candace said about whether or not M is my twin, but I wanted further validation.  So I was shopping for a reader who could do my twin’s verification, but nothing resonated or was within the budget yet.

So I watch a couple of Twin Flame videos on YouTube, and I’m watching Starsoul Tarot’s reading for Gemini this October 2016. Mid-reading, I already decided that I would ask her since she’s very good at what she does and her readings are very insightful. I was actually looking online for her email address to get in touch with her about how my question was going to be phrased or if she answered those types of questions. I find her pricing and options and check the conversion of currencies.

I get back to the reading, play it again, but since I’m an easily distracted Gemini, I pause the video again and decide to check out FB.  And guess what?

She had actually gotten in touch with me to tell me that I won the free reading contest that she had last month! Wow!!!!

This is too creepy to be just coincidence, lol. It actually feels like a “verification gift” from the heavens. Thank you, Universe! Thank you, Hazel!