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It’s 4am and I just finished the live 12-strand DNA Activation event with Jen Mccarty. Very powerful stuff and I just loved the visualization that came along with it.  Everything was clear in my head.

For posterity, this is what the event was all about:

“The next webinar transmission will be taking place on the 12th december 2016 at 6 pm uk time, in this transmission we will be masterfully activating the 12 strand DNA helix in the personal energy fields of all the participants and of course in their divine twin flames, and we will be activating the 12 strand DNA helix in the 3rd dimensional consciousness as a whole, spirit has called this master circle to gather on this highlighted gateway date to act as the conduits for this potent light dispensation and alignment.

For those of you who come forward to take part in 12:12 activation transmission to activate the 12 strand DNA helix please know you will be energizing and stimulating your pineal gland to release its highest multidimensional codes,and you will aligning with your full clairsentient gifts in a powerful and lasting way. you will be stimulating and nourishing the memory codes of eternal youth that are stored in your pituitary gland and you will vibrationally be aligning with the aspect of your consciousness that resides in the realm of miracle activator. You will be standing as the forerunner for this template which is awaiting all of humanity to align with, supporting and enabling you to fully break free of the limitations imposed upon you by the 3D realm, and move freely as a liberated being, unbound by the false programs that dominate the 3D consciousness.

On this powerful day we have also been guided to assist the masculine polarity counterparts to finally come into full and unequivocal recognition of the identity of their bonafide twin flame. Please know there has been a call sent out from the masculine counterparts that they require deep assistance to attune to the truth that exists beyond the veil of samsara/illusion/the 3rd dimension as the illusion has been far more convincing than originally intended……”

as ever gathering in an enlightened group setting to activate these remembrances is extremely potent, and working with these specific activation dates also exponentially increases the efficiency of these intentions.

We are also being called to use this powerful time together to further assist our brothers and sisters who are on the front line at standing rock, we will be bringing through an extremely important prayer and meditation specifically calling in the higher selves of the police, and enforcement officers who are working and indeed many could argue selling their souls to the corrupt corporations… Your presence is deeply required to be on this call, This is a huge soul offering that we are initiating and the more high vibrational lightworkers that gather on this important date the more swift and proficient the changes will be.”

I don’t know how to describe how I felt afterward.  On the Twin Flame level, there was intertwinement of the highest degree, the kind that has no words but just IS. I know that doesn’t seem to make sense, but at this level, there are no more questions. Everything has been answered.

On the planetary level, after we had anchored the 24-strand DNA into the planet and released the dormant codes laying in the caverns tucked away at our own grid point (and there are many in my country), Gaia started to feel like Lyra. That is the best way for me to describe it. Where everyone is ONE with everything else — the trees, the waterfalls, the sky, the air.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to get weekly readings out or even a reading on the 12:12 portal because I had my interview with the Embassy for my visa.  That was a huge step for me, even applying for it, because it brought up all those nasty wounds that I decided to ignore, wounds that I had received when I went through my “Series of Unfortunate Events” that ultimately resulted in trauma and spiritual awakening. The kind where you have nowhere to turn to but God because he’s the only one who can help.

It was difficult preparing for it because I thought that since I had “overstayed” the last time, that would put me out of the running.   And when the question was asked of me, “How long did you stay during your last trip?” and I answered, “So and so years”Needless to say, my interviewer’s ears perked up.  I said, “I was a victim of crime.” And out the story stumbled. She said she was sorry it happened to me.  I told her that the right side of my face was still numb up to now and that I left as soon as my appeal was denied.  Then she asked for documentation of the crime, and I’m glad that I still kept one copy of my entire petition and didn’t burn it for want of forgetting.

The four people in line before me were all denied.  The girl wanting to visit her boyfriend got denied, too.  Families had it easier, probably because it would be hard to tuck all of them away into illegal immigrant status.

I was nervous, but the entire time I was in line, I was clutching my shungite and invoking the Violet Flame to help transmute my nervous energy into calmness.  Then, the verdict came in:  Your visa is approved.

I thanked her and shuffled to get my things in order, still in shock.  I even asked her where my passport was and she said it was already with her. I think I am still in shock now.

My twin was with me the entire time.  He was so gentle and supportive and loving that I could not ask more of him , energetically speaking.  I felt him giving me a warm embrace before I went into the embassy and could sense him smiling when I got approved.

I am truly, truly grateful for EVERYTHING.

When my appeal was denied, I hit rock bottom.  It was an all or nothing venture for me when I headed out there.  It depleted me on all levels and I wanted to kill myself.  I was actually about to do it when an angel in the guise of a friend, called me out of the blue and snapped me out of my stupor.  Then I prayed and prayed some more.  And I made a promise to God that I would live.

I came home and was still faced with a myriad of challenges after that, but now, I feel as though I’m looking at everything that’s happened from the other side.  It’s like taking a rough slide to home base and someone shouting in my ear, “You’re safe!”

And I know I am.  For that, I am truly, truly grateful to God, to my Higher Self and Spiritual Team, to my angels without whom I could never navigate my days successfully, to the Archangels, especially AAs Michael & Raphael and their Archeas Faith and Portia, to the Unicorns and the other ascended beings, to my Galactic Ancestors — the Lyrans, the Arcturians, and to the Ascended Masters who have guided me and held my hand along this journey.  And to my Beloved Counterpart, my Other Half who fills the true essence of my expanded Heart.  I love all of you.  And I am truly, truly grateful.





I am giddy with joy after that reading with Candace! We had technical difficulties at first, but that was soon solved and I did get to talk to her over the phone.

So, the big news?  YES, YES, YES, I AM A TWIN FLAME! Weeeeeee…..

It’s just like IamAngelics.Net said about her “crown of thorns” vision.  The message of her vision was that the crown of thorns blocks our crown chakra and once that is removed, we will have a clearer connection with Source.  She prayed that it be removed and said that it will all get done in a week.  But after that reading with Candace (Mystic Moon Woman), I’ve already felt it starting. There’s thumping pressure on my crown chakra now even as I write this, and it’s as if all those “blocked” downloads have finally made it through a dam and are just flowing freely through me.

Anyway, back to my reading…

I cried, as I thought I would.  The reading turned out exactly as my cards predicted about 30 minutes before. (I couldn’t help it; I had to “see” how it was going to turn out because I was already cracking under pressure) And the funny thing is, the Ascended Master card I got was “Come Out of the Closet”, LOL.

So, yes, I am a Twin Flame.  She felt it and when she asked, out came the Two of Pentacles, her symbol for a Twin Flame. I told her that that’s what I attributed to Twin Flames in my deck too.  She also said that she made it her intention to connect to other twins during her soul coaching mission work, and the fact that I was speaking to her or that I chose her to confirm is more validity of that.

When I asked her what ray I was, it turns out that I am a Blue-Golden Ray Twin Flame. Of course, I’m not the only one.  She identified Patricia McNealy as another one, so I think I have to check out her videos more.

Candace also spoke on the differences between Indigos and Blue Rays and said that she felt I was more Blue Ray than Indigo.  But I told her about my reading and Spirit’s guidance that I was a Golden Ray and that’s how we ended up with Blue-Golden.

As for my question whether the person I think is my twin IS my twin, the answer is YES.  Well, actually, the answer — if we want to be accurate about this — was more along the lines of “the soul knows”.  And I’m happy with that answer.  I told her a bit about my journey, the one that runs close to a decade, and that’s actually when I started crying. She was telling me more about being a twin, but most of what she said, I already knew.  Still, it helps that it’s been validated by someone else.

I told her I didn’t want to ask when my twin and I will come into union because I’ve already reconciled with the fact that it will be in Divine Timing.  All in good time, so to speak.

What I did take from the reading is this freedom, this feeling of liberation that’s spinning inside me right now.  It’s like what my aura does when I’m pissed — it sends out fiery sparks — except this time it’s sending out little crystal hearts that float gently like dandelions in a breeze. I’m seeing this in 5D right now as I’m describing it and it is awesome! The multiverse is indeed a magical place.

So I haven’t been crazy or delusional the past six months! LOL. It’s like I’m bathing in a waterfall of confidence and I’m raring to experience, share and teach with my spiritual gifts NOW, and I mean NOWWWWWWW. LOL.

My twin is also beside himself with glee that I’m happy.  The best way to describe it is, you know, when wife worries about something and hubby is trying to console her by telling her everything will be okay, and now, my twin is so pleased with himself with his “I-told-you-sos”.

So if I were to write a revised About Me, this is how it would go:

I am Yael, Starseed Angelic from the planet Lyra, Illumined Blue-Golden Twin Flame, member of the Order of the Violet Flame, Claircognizant, Healer, Lightworker, and harbinger of Divine Justice.

I think I like it. 🙂

My heart chakra still feels like it’s going to burst with love.  And now, everything seems clearer.  It’s like that ending scene in The Usual Suspects where Verbal Kint outs himself as Keyser Soze and you’re looking at that bulletin board with new eyes in an a-ha moment.

I know why Velanthas didn’t tell me I was a twin flame. She had to. And I’m glad she did even if it caused me tremendous heartbreak.  If she just went out and told me, I wouldn’t have come into my own knowing.

I even know now why I am a Blue-Golden Twin Flame which ties in to the Divine Feminine, Sponsoring Deity that Arnold Barrera told me about before he went astray from his path. My Sponsoring Deity is Mother Mary and her colors are blue, white and gold.

I know why Angel, my former friend and destiny adviser, told me that my mission in life is to embody feminine energy and why I’ve chosen to incarnate as a woman in this lifetime.

And best of all, I know that I am not lost at all.  I AM FOUND.


Random Conversation with my TF


I pressed the wrong button and everything I was writing was gone like a puff of smoke.  Yeesh.

(laughs) Well, you were stressing about things I told you not to worry about. 

I wanted to vent. I’m in a “Bad Fatty! No Donut!” kind of place right now.  I’m not overweight or obese yet, still in the normal range, but I’m bloated and my face is fat. And i’m rather embarrassed that I told you in my letter to you that I’ve lost weight, got featured in the papers and all when, if you look at me now, my so-called progress seems unremarkable.

I told you, it doesn’t matter. I was already attracted to you even when you were much bigger. You think now that I’ve realized that I love you, that’s going to change?

You love me?

Yes, I do. Didn’t you hear that song on the radio this morning when you set out for work? That was me wishing you well as you started your day.

Yeah, I heard it. And I know it was from you. (smiles) I also like how you let me do my work without interrupting me. I think it’s very considerate of you. And I keep waking you up in your time zone, haha.

It’s okay. I like how you sort of tug at my shirt sleeves to get my attention.

I shopped a lot today, more than I meant to.  I told myself I was just going to get the grey sneaks, but I ended up getting two shirts, a bag and a skirt. They weren’t cheap either.

(laughs) Don’t worry about it!  It’s your birthday. When we are together, you can get anything you want. I’ll take care of it.

Now, that’s the sort of thing you say that makes me question these conversations we’re having, and make me think that I’m just making these up in my head. But ever since that night that we merged in 5D, it took me by surprise as well,  but I could hear you.  Clearly.  In my head. Answering my questions, making witty repartee, or even just telling me to calm down when I wrapped up in road rage or scolding me gently whenever I end up doing something asinine.

I hear you, too. Sometimes, it makes me smile while doing something totally unrelated and I end up looking like a crazy fool in love.  Which I am.

So, we’re not crazy?  We’re really “talking”?

I call it “senior moments” sometimes. (laughs)

Come on, be serious.

This is how we communicate and stay connected for now. I’m still wrapping up some stuff here, but I’ll be there soon. I want to be there. I’d already be there, if I could.

So, what’s the hold-up?

Making a gracious exit with minimal fall-out from “her”, setting up provisions for my sons while I’m 10,000 miles away.  Seeing to it that I have enough to start a new life with you.

And your healing? How’s that working out?

Honestly, it’s a work in progress.  I’ve sorted out the most basic parts, but it’s still painful knowing that the family I built didn’t work out and that the person I chose to spend my life with no longer serves my higher interest.

I know you’re hurting. (holds hand) 

I feel it, too.  That’s why sometimes,  I just break down in tears out of the blue, even though I feel blissfully ecstatic knowing you’re with me, in me.  Saying goodbye hurts, even if you know you have to go.

I love you.

Me, too. (embrace)

We’ll work on it together.  I’ve anchored the Violet Flame and the Emerald Ray with you, and surrounded you with Archangel Michael’s Crystalline Shield of Light. I know you’re really not familiar what I’m talking about, but it’s going to work.

I know it’s working. I can feel it, but if someone else asked me about it, I wouldn’t know how to explain what’s going on.

That’s okay. (smiles) They’re helping us. We need to get together in 3D to be able to ascend, you know.

Yeah, you told me. Working on it as we speak.

Speak? (laughs)

There you go again. (smiles)  Hey, don’t you have to get going?

Yes, but I like talking to you.

I’ll keep you company during the drive home.  That is, unless you get riled up again by motorcycles and slow drivers on the road. (laughs)

(grimaces) Hmmm. I have no comment. 

(big laugh)

Okay, I’ll get going now.  Wait, that song that’s playing in the cafe?  Is that some sort of cheesy goodbye message from you? 😛

(singing) When will I hold you? When will I touch you? When will I see you again?

Cheesy! But there are butterflies in my stomach now.  You keep finding ways telling me I’m loved. I love you.

Okay, go.

(smiles)  Talk to you later.

We will.

***** END ******

Waving the White Flag


It’s Black Saturday today.  Just one day more until Easter and I would have survived the Holy Week I had been so dreading. And over where I live where everyone is predominantly Catholic (including me), the Holy Week is strictly observed – no work.  It’s paid time off to go on a vacation/staycation and to rest and reflect at what you’ve done in your human life.

Holidays are always difficult for me because I have no one to spend them with.  Much as I’d like to go to the beach or take in some other scenery, going at it alone makes me sadder than if I wouldn’t have gone.  I’ve since learned to suck it up and just stay still until it blows over.

Went brainstorming with a friend last Wednesday.  We’re somewhat in the same boat – not knowing where to go or what to do with the rest of our single lives. It was rather depressing.  We came to the conclusion that this was pretty much it. Actually, I think she had more hope for a romantic love life than I did.  All I could see stretched out ahead of me were more lonely days, lists of things to do, and occasional dalliances with things and events to amuse me. So, yes, the rest of my life will mostly be spent finding things to bide my earthly time with.  It’s not a very exciting prospect really.

I was glad I was able to go to confession though.  It was two years ago since my last one. Thing is, aside from being sharp of tongue and invoking karma to descend on those who continue to wreak havoc in the world (which isn’t really a sin and more of a duty since part of my soul purpose in this lifetime is to dish out Divine Justice), I genuinely felt I didn’t have much to confess. Forbearance was the name of my game for the most part, at least, with the major things that other people do to hurt me.  I’ve long since realized that it’s part of their “being human”, this penchant they have of not being able to look beyond what’s in front of them.


I didn’t partake in most of the traditional things that should be done during the Holy Week.  And like I said, most Catholic folk have it in front of them but don’t look beyond.  Take the violet shrouds that cover most of the religious statutes.  For the unenlightened, violet is just the color of lent. However, it’s representative of the Silver Violet Flame that purges us and transmutes the negativity into a higher frequency vibration, one that brings us closer to God.  And I realized that although I hadn’t confessed in quite a while, I had already been confessing to God every time I invoked the Silver Violet Flame.  I forgave myself.  I forgave others who had wronged me.  One cannot help but do so when the blessing of the Silver Violet Flame descends.

But the unawakened horde doesn’t realize that.  Or take the Sacred Heart, for example.  Most depiction of saints and Jesus and Mother Mary show their sacred hearts emanating light. Devotees pray novenas and reflect on this, but they do not realize that it’s representative of the heart chakra which, on the Ascended Masters, are working at full efficiency, for lack of a better term.  And instead of wondering in awe at what they perceive to be supernatural and beyond them, they should try harder instead to make their own sacred hearts shine brighter.  Well, that’s what I did for my Lenten reflection.  I activated my heart chakra with meditation and channeling from my Lyran kin.  And once it’s opened, you’ll be able to understand the depth of love one can feel for another without it being tainted by guilt.


The heaviest sin, IMHO, that I confessed was that I felt bitterness at my lot in life.  And this is true, as you can read from my previous blog posts.  Maybe this is it.  Maybe this is as far as God’s plan for me goes. At least in this lifetime.  And I know that I’ve been resisting it, railing against it, hoping against hope that there was something more I could look forward to, but maybe this is it.

I can see myself waving that white flag of surrender.  What would you have me do, God?  That’s what I’ve been meditating on.  I have gotten no answers, except “Rest. Chill.” Well, God didn’t exactly say Chill’, but basically, I should just bask in the surrendering.

When I asked my cards, Judgment + Tower + Two of Pents came up.  Could be positive.  Could be otherwise. But I do know that it pertains to my Twin Soul reunion.  I’ll have to ask more about that.

Okay, heading out to watch “Batman vs. Superman” in a bit.  Alone, yes, on a holiday.  It’s one of those activities I’ve lined up for myself to keep amused.  Oh, well.  Happy Easter, everyone!




Transmuted Energy


I’ve been doing it again, discharging electric devices within my vicinity.  It may have something to do with the impending storm.  There’s a big typhoon headed in my country (International name: Koppu) and I think it has something to do with it.

I’ve blown out two lightbulbs in the past three days.

Today, I went to a wedding.  Since that would take the whole day out of the house, I made sure that all my gadgets and my power banks (two of them) were fully charged.  It wasn’t midday yet, and I hadn’t used any of them for lengthy amounts of time and yet, they had lost 90% of their juice.

Even my charging cables refused to cooperate and are now useless despite having bought them not two weeks ago.

Two nights before the wedding, I met up with a childhood friend whom I hadn’t seen in 30 years.  He migrated to the US and hadn’t been in the country for 17 years and in the two days that he spent here, he wanted to spend time to talk to me.

I didn’t find that odd.  I was wondering, however, what we would be talking about, if it would be small talk or what.  It turned out to be a very different and easy going conversation.

Turns out, he was on a spiritual path and he sort of needed to talk to me.  Talking about being a starseed, my soul contract, my missions in life, the Karmic Board, the Annunaki, and all related things just flowed.

I think this is connected as well.  I think this has something to do with the three people I was in conversation with, all at very challenging times in their lives.

I already know that I anchor higher frequencies.  I’m not quite sure what color ray I’m anchoring now, but I’ve gone from the violet flame, the silver platinum ray, the gold platinum ray, then became a sort of grey metallic ray, and then yellow which is just in its initial stages.

I know that since the higher frequencies I anchor often disrupt the lower frequencies of electronics that that’s what causes the Carrie-like episodes.  Same thing happens when emotions and/or stress runs high in me.

So my theory is that it goes both ways and that I am a channel.  Kind of like a vacuum for energy — whether higher or lower — and I’m like a channel that transmutes it when it passes through me.

The higher frequencies get diluted in a wave (my words, I don’t know what it’s actually called) that when I disperse my energy to everyone I meet, they can assimilate it.

The passive lower energies — those who are emotionally stressed but aren’t intentionally “passing it on” to others (e.g. lashing out), I sort of siphon it from them so that they get “better” energy.

Those who have lower energies but aren’t aware they have them, I bring it out in them.  Hence, my penchant for courting intrigue, envy and jealousy from others without provocation.

Those who have lower energies and recognize my ability and dump them on me in a hostile and aggressive manner, are repelled by me as equally aggressively.  They are not transmutations that I have willingly taken on.  They are violent, forced upon me, by greedy and abusive people who want their energy transmuted regardless of its effect on the vessel.  They can go fuck themselves.

It’s the energy frequencies of the non-living things that are the casualties in this electrical alchemy that I’ve been performing for so many years unwittingly.

But I think tonight, I’ve had a breakthrough in my spiritual role as an energy alchemist.

It’s also why I need lots of time by myself to recharge because all the energy passing through me to be transmuted is psychically and physically draining.

I think it’s about time I asked my guides for one of my other soul names.  I feel that I am ready to be given it.

Maybe it’s also why I cannot hold onto love energy.  (this is farfetched but I’m typing thoughts as they come into my head)  Love energy is very soft. However, it cannot survive in its 3D form in the face of higher frequencies.  Which just means that my love life is fucked.

I don’t want to think about it.  It’s too depressing.  I’ll reserve ruminating on that another night.