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The Wayshower


One thing that always leaves me in awe in my lightworker mission is the synchronicity of it all.  As a starseed, I am one of the anchors.  I have anchored the silver violet flame and, most recently, the silver platinum ray.  These days though, I feel that I am anchoring another kind of ray because the vibration seems different.  It is more of a golden yellow hue, most probably the counterpart of the silver platinum ray.  I have to confirm this with my guides though.

Part of my mission, aside from anchoring, is helping people find a path.  It may not necessarily be their life path — although that has happened many times before — but a path to what they seek at the moment.   And the even more awesome thing is, I don’t have to deliberately seek out these opportunities to help.  I don’t have to volunteer, join charity groups or what; I just have to be myself, and when there is someone who needs help, I sort of appear and become their detour sign.

That happened tonight.

For the Christmas party in my office, we have a chorale competition.  It so happens that I love singing and I’m one of the team coordinators, so I’m invested in winning.  (It also happens that I’m competitive in human form haha).

For song choice, there’s this Christmas song that our church choir sings that’s really beautiful.  It’s sung in my native language, and whenever I hear them sing it, the hair on my arm stands on end because it’s soooo beautiful; it’s like hearing a choir of angels singing.  I pushed for that to be our song of choice and it carried.  There was just the little matter of execution — knowing how to separate the voices, getting the arrangement, and finding a choir master.

After considering several possibilities, I get in touch with the choir master who also happens to be the president of the homeowner’s association in our village.  I do not know him personally and we have not had any interaction save one time when there was special registration of voters in our village and, because he was president, he was monitoring the registration.  He saw me write my name down and asked me how my dad was since he knows him.  That happened a couple of months ago.

I was shy to call him up at first out of the blue .  Besides, he’s a very important man, a regional manager in this part of the world of one of the biggest international publishing houses.  His choir singing was merely a hobby of his.

Anyway, my team spirit overrode my shyness and I called him up. He was nice and gave me some tips and links to go on.  It was when he asked me where I worked and which office was holding the competition that galvanized this whole encounter and upgraded it into something less than random.

I told him I worked at a specialized court.  Then that’s when he lighted up because it seemed like I was just the person he was looking to talk to.  He told me that perhaps I could help the village out because the city government was collecting an enormous amount of money from the association owing to that specialized matter.  (Of course, I can’t give specifics).

I asked if the current Board had any lawyers but there weren’t any. Then I told him that the most recent presiding justice of that specialized court was actually our neighbor and he was in the best position to help the village out.  That guy was actually head of that specialized court for 20 years!  And he — the man I was on the phone with — didn’t know that.  He was actually surprised to discover that he had such a resource nearby.

The whole thing is so fortuitous and uncanny that I’m still shaken by it.  Heck, when I started out looking to talk to him, I didn’t know that I was going into “Yael-mode”, but there it is.  Gets me every time whenever I realize what just happened.

Sometimes, it’s just something I say.  And I don’t even realize that I’ve helped until they come up to me at some later point in time and tell me that they are where they are now or that they’re doing well because of something that I said that they heeded.  Most of the time, I don’t even remember what I said.  And I figure, maybe that’s part of it so I don’t succumb to that very human trait of calling in favors and keeping score.

Very effective check and balance system, I’d say, lol.  Anyway, glad to be of service.





Nightmare City


I woke up at dawn because I had a nightmare two hours into my sleep cycle (I slept at 3am).

The odd thing was, there were no ghosts, no monsters, no disasters in my dream.  There were just normal looking people whom I knew to be evil inside.

My dream was basically this:  I was warning my parents to change before it was too late.  My dad seemed to believe me and acknowledged that I was merely a messenger, and he was also trying to convince my mom that they had to mend their crooked ways soon “before it would all be too late”, but my mom hardlined and was adamant to be her usual bad self.  She locked herself up in a room and was muttering some things.

This all happened in some waiting room in the airport.  It seemed to be the boarding area.  And then I noticed some girl stalking me.  She looked normal but I knew she was evil.  She had on a yellow shirt and I was trying to evade her.

See?  Not so scary, right?  Except that I was terrified when I woke up.  So scared that I tried to keep awake lest I reconnect to the nightmare again if I go back to sleep right away.  After a couple of minutes and a few cigarettes, I quickly looked for my rosary and wrapped it around my hand so I could sleep with it.  I prayed and drifted off to a dreamless sleep and when I woke up, it was nearly lunchtime and I was late for work.

I’m still rattled.  I don’t know what my dream means. 😦

Crocodile Tears


It’s been a while since I’ve asked my guides for guidance through my dreams.   First of all, I’ve been busy with work.  Secondly, even though I’ve had dreams with messages, I couldn’t find time to jot them down here.

I’ve since had another cake dream, this time, more opulent because I didn’t only buy a slice like the last time.  I was in a buffet where they were serving my favorite strawberry shortcake for dessert.  It had pink whipped cream frosting on it and whole strawberries and it was delicious.  Best of all, even if I ate some, there were still lots more to be had.

But I already know the meaning of cakes, so I wouldn’t be able to tell if I dreamt it up because I knew the meaning of it already and wanted that to be the outcome/answer to my question or if it was really the answer.

Anyway, this time, I asked my guides a question before I went to bed.  I asked if M and I would get married this year.  Then this is what I dreamt:

I was in a travelling bus with one of my good friends.  She was asking me about something and, in response, I pulled out a clear plastic bag with a dried up crocodile head.  I wasn’t scared of it, and in my dream, it looked like a dehydrated fruit or, more accurately, dried fish that you could eat.  I told my friend that they tasted delicious and she seemed incredulous. That’s when I told her that I had lots more, and pulled out other bags with dead baby crocodile heads.

There was a scene where the bus stopped by the house of these former owners of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that I used to patronize.  In my dream, it seemed like a decade passed since I last saw them, and I was surprised as well that that was our destination.  We were supposed to tour their house or something.  I don’t remember much about that dream segment except that we were talking about Virtual Asia.  Users fondly called it Vasia (Vah-sha) then, but in my dream, the owners pronounced it Vey-sha, which is, I suppose, is how it’s really supposed to be pronounced since it’s a shortened form of V and Asia. The funny thing is that I’ve never thought it odd, the way we pronounced it before, when all this time, we had it wrong.

Great Scott, subconscious.  You tell me that nearly two decades later?!?

I woke up rather bewildered and went on to try to decode my dream.  My first instinct was to get apprehensive since crocodiles are worlds away from having sweet dreams of cake, and considering the importance of my question, I was nervous that it might mean a no.  Crocodiles usually means danger or deceit, or like the title of my post implies, that someone’s faking it with you and lying for sympathy.

Truth to tell, I’ve had issues with everyone lying to me lately.  I’ve been disappointed about those people who did, but I haven’t made a big deal out of it because I’m still trying to figure out if maybe I’ve just become more adroit at spotting lies/liars because I’m more intuitive now or if they’ve been liars all along and I was so clueless that I didn’t notice.  The possibility that they’ve been like that all this time is the only thing that’s keeping my disappointment at bay.

Anyway, I think it’s a positive dream.  For one thing, I wasn’t scared of the dead decapitated baby crocs.  I even said in my dream that they were delicious, lol.

Also, my dream dictionary search has lead me to this:  Dreaming of dead crocodiles means extreme success beyond anything you can imagine.  And if that’s what it means, then pulling out more dead decapitated baby crocs bodes even better for me, right?

That’s when I stopped analyzing my dream and decided that my guides have indeed answered me.  They honored my request too and made sure that I wouldn’t doubt that the answer came from my subconscious since I have never dreamed of crocs before, didn’t come across one in the media recently.

Even the friend that was with me on the bus has some significance.  That girl, many years ago when I was much troubled and at a crossroads in my life, told me something that I’ve always held dear to my heart.  When I was plagued with uncertainty because I was moving to another country, giving up my career and everything to my name, including my social stature and whatnot, she told me that she wasn’t worried about me because I was like a cat.  I always landed on my feet.

I cherish those words to this day because they have given me courage when going through dark places.  And here she was, someone who purportedly wouldn’t be surprised if I got out of whatever skirmish I was in, and she was…incredulous.

That just gives so much credence to what the dead decapitated baby crocs mean in my dream.  And, again, I am awed at how my guides decided to answer this one.

Extreme success beyond anything I can imagine.

I sure do like the sound of that. 🙂  Thank you, Spirit Guides.