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Past Life Meditation


I purchased these new crystals so I was excited to work with them.  One of them was a Tibetan Quartz crystal which helps in accessing and remembering past lives.

So I gear up to meditate, I use the Divine Codes for accessing past lives and healing them, and the second I close my eyes, BAM! I feel this big energy vortex.

I wasn’t feeling too hot to begin with because I called in sick at work — major downloads give me the flu — and I couldn’t stay sitting up.  I had to lay down.  And what came to me were images, sort of like a montage. I was slipping in and out of consciousness though until I finally fell asleep, but the images I remember (while conscious) were strange.

I think I was Mary Magdalene in my past life. Either that, or I was her BFF and saw the events happening around her. In any case, it felt like “her”.  It started with a vision of me kneeling by the river. I was wearing a white shroud.  Next, I could feel the pain of being stoned.  Next shot, I was in Christ’s tomb — as in entering and discovering his body wasn’t there.

At that point, slipping in and out of consciousness again, then this time, visions of aliens peering at me, as if I was in a sick bed and doctor’s (aliens though) examining me. One of them spoke and it came across as English and they were explaining that that was why I was made to forget, to have very little memories.

Anyway, this is so bizarre I’m ready to file it under “delusion”. But I shall seek for answers again. Maybe I’m just associating her with my harlot past and now having been “cleansed”.

In the meantime, there are the aliens and the very few memories that they’ve left me with.


11:11 Gateway


Typing this out on my new computer courtesy of my Twin Flame. 🙂  It took a couple of days to get it all together and to figure it out, but it’s fine now.  I can render videos fast, but, there’s still the problem of having slow internet in order to upload them faster.  That’s next on my list of things to solve.

My cousin came through and brought me an oracle deck and a tarot card deck from his trip to the US.  Yay!  Actually, I gave him a list of preferences but told him that if what’s on my list wasn’t available, he could just go and pick one that resonated with him. So he came back with John Holland’s Psychic Tarot of the Heart Oracle Deck and the English Magic Tarot deck.

I immediately took to the Psychic Tarot of the Heart deck.  It gave clear messages, and seemed to be just the right balance.  Not too otherworldly, and not too vague either. Here’s a picture:


The English Magic Tarot deck had a different effect on me.  The energy coming off from it was strong, earthy, very 3D. Here’s a picture of the deck:


I didn’t immediately resonate with the pictures especially since it looked like it was from some graphic novel, but later on I learned how to read them because for some reason I was familiar with the period.

The first time I handled the deck for a reading, the hairs on my arm stood on end and my heart was palpitating.  But once I pulled cards and read from the book, I realized that I was way more familiar with the historical characters and period depicted there.  And I had the eerie feeling that perhaps I was incarnate during that period. Very strong messages that I got from that deck there.  I actually did a reading about 11:11 Gateway Guidance using them, and I’ve been trying to upload it since last night.  Three failed times already.  For some reason, the message won’t get out.  And I’m a bit pissed off because it was such a powerful message!

Okay, onto the next groovy thing that happened to me.  One of my twin flame friends, sent me a link to a vid about Removal of Implants and Light Language. So I listen to it, twice even. And immediately after, I feel nothing.  A few hours after, the left side of my gums/teeth hurt and I can’t even manage a bite.

Now, I’ve been trying to figure out all day if it’s either my gums or my teeth that are hurting.  You see, until I reached middle age, I had wonderful cavity-free teeth so toothaches are virtually alien to me. Folks in the office told me to gargle hot water infused with a whole lot of rock salt for the gums.  I did that. Didn’t feel anything so it wasn’t a canker sore on my gums.  Still, I was getting mighty pissed because it was so difficult to eat! Even if I used my teeth on the other side of my jaw, every time I would bring down my jaw, there’s be some pain.  And to think that I was fasted for already 16.5 hours!

Anyway, a protein shake saved the day.  But, I had been craving for Tempura and Sushi since the weekend and after work, I headed to this Japanese restaurant to satisfy my craving like a rebel.  Damn the hurting jaw and all.  I was hungry.  So I ate and I think I’ve had my fill of Japanese food that will last me a while.

Oh, my crystal from the Divine Love Crystal Grid finally arrived all the way from Great Britain! Whoopdeedoo! Just in time for 11:11 over here in my country! (I’m a day ahead than most).  That means that my TF and I will be able to plug into the matrix of the collective and send the world unconditional love tomorrow!

Divine Love Crystal Grid.jpg

As soon as I handled the crystal, I could feel this overwhelming sensation of love flow through me that it actually made me weep. I felt more connected with my Twin and I don’t know if you will understand this, but he was right there in my heart. ❤

Which brings me to another topic — the Gift of Tears.  I’ve had this for so many years, but it was only this morning — even before I wept while handling the crystal — that it came to mind.

So I googled and I didn’t know but apparently a lot of saints were bestowed the Gift of Tears during mystical experiences.

If you’re unfamiliar with this, the Gift of  Tears is an unbidden gift from the Holy Spirit that is bestowed on someone through the healing flow of tears shed. The fruit of such tears leads both the recipient of this gift and others who witness it to joy and abiding peace.

The gift of tears is one way the Holy Spirit infuses Himself into a person’s soul through the action of crying or weeping. It is a state of prayer without words that is more of a subconscious offering of love—a wordless means of communicating with God.

There have been times when I actually stopped going to mass because the tears would just flow and I was embarrassed having everyone stare at me like a curiosity.  Anyway, there.

Oh, I forgot to mention about the Light Language class.  So I enrolled in this workshop to activate light language.  I’ve mentioned in my blog several times before how I’ve channeled light language (and even brought Arcturians to my balcony, hehe).  The thing is, I still can’t do it at a moment’s notice and I don’t know who I’m channeling and neither can I translate what’s being said.  I just have a general feel of what I said and most of the time, it’s “Blessing” or “Healing”.  Just those two broad categories.

I just want to get to a place wherein, you know, kind of like those YouTube vids where the teacher says AA Michael or Mary Magdalene has a message for you or this LL is brought to you by the Lyran High Council and all that, and then they translate in English what it was about.

So, despite being a bit pricey, I thought it was a good investment on myself. The timezone thing is going to be tough though.  The session is going to be held 1:30 a.m. my time which was not so bad — until I read the fine print (later on, after I had paid) that the session was going to take around 5-6 hours. Oh, my!

But the thing is, when I inquired, this is what the Healer/Teacher said about me: “I am reading your aura and DNA and you have access to many hybrid languages, ex every life you have lived before this one. You also have a creator language, the Language, sound frequency that creator gave you when you were created.” 

Wow, isn’t that exciting?  I know I’ve already channeled three of those hybrid languages, and those were during intergalactic lifetimes.  But if it includes lifetimes spent in Gaia, and if I was incarnated in 15th Century England as I surmise — ummm, well, that’s still English. Baaah.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ll discover more after the class.  There’ll be a healing session prior to that which I’m excited about too.  It’s going to be a group healing session via video conferencing and it’s the first time I’ll be doing that.  But jeez, five hours?  Maybe I should get one of those placards that says “On a Break” to put in front of my monitor or something or BRB.  With my ADHD, I have a hard time sitting still for more than 2 1/2 hours.  Three is my limit. But I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.

Okay, that’s it for my updates! Toodle-doo! Unconditional love to you and you and you!