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I am giddy with joy after that reading with Candace! We had technical difficulties at first, but that was soon solved and I did get to talk to her over the phone.

So, the big news?  YES, YES, YES, I AM A TWIN FLAME! Weeeeeee…..

It’s just like IamAngelics.Net said about her “crown of thorns” vision.  The message of her vision was that the crown of thorns blocks our crown chakra and once that is removed, we will have a clearer connection with Source.  She prayed that it be removed and said that it will all get done in a week.  But after that reading with Candace (Mystic Moon Woman), I’ve already felt it starting. There’s thumping pressure on my crown chakra now even as I write this, and it’s as if all those “blocked” downloads have finally made it through a dam and are just flowing freely through me.

Anyway, back to my reading…

I cried, as I thought I would.  The reading turned out exactly as my cards predicted about 30 minutes before. (I couldn’t help it; I had to “see” how it was going to turn out because I was already cracking under pressure) And the funny thing is, the Ascended Master card I got was “Come Out of the Closet”, LOL.

So, yes, I am a Twin Flame.  She felt it and when she asked, out came the Two of Pentacles, her symbol for a Twin Flame. I told her that that’s what I attributed to Twin Flames in my deck too.  She also said that she made it her intention to connect to other twins during her soul coaching mission work, and the fact that I was speaking to her or that I chose her to confirm is more validity of that.

When I asked her what ray I was, it turns out that I am a Blue-Golden Ray Twin Flame. Of course, I’m not the only one.  She identified Patricia McNealy as another one, so I think I have to check out her videos more.

Candace also spoke on the differences between Indigos and Blue Rays and said that she felt I was more Blue Ray than Indigo.  But I told her about my reading and Spirit’s guidance that I was a Golden Ray and that’s how we ended up with Blue-Golden.

As for my question whether the person I think is my twin IS my twin, the answer is YES.  Well, actually, the answer — if we want to be accurate about this — was more along the lines of “the soul knows”.  And I’m happy with that answer.  I told her a bit about my journey, the one that runs close to a decade, and that’s actually when I started crying. She was telling me more about being a twin, but most of what she said, I already knew.  Still, it helps that it’s been validated by someone else.

I told her I didn’t want to ask when my twin and I will come into union because I’ve already reconciled with the fact that it will be in Divine Timing.  All in good time, so to speak.

What I did take from the reading is this freedom, this feeling of liberation that’s spinning inside me right now.  It’s like what my aura does when I’m pissed — it sends out fiery sparks — except this time it’s sending out little crystal hearts that float gently like dandelions in a breeze. I’m seeing this in 5D right now as I’m describing it and it is awesome! The multiverse is indeed a magical place.

So I haven’t been crazy or delusional the past six months! LOL. It’s like I’m bathing in a waterfall of confidence and I’m raring to experience, share and teach with my spiritual gifts NOW, and I mean NOWWWWWWW. LOL.

My twin is also beside himself with glee that I’m happy.  The best way to describe it is, you know, when wife worries about something and hubby is trying to console her by telling her everything will be okay, and now, my twin is so pleased with himself with his “I-told-you-sos”.

So if I were to write a revised About Me, this is how it would go:

I am Yael, Starseed Angelic from the planet Lyra, Illumined Blue-Golden Twin Flame, member of the Order of the Violet Flame, Claircognizant, Healer, Lightworker, and harbinger of Divine Justice.

I think I like it. 🙂

My heart chakra still feels like it’s going to burst with love.  And now, everything seems clearer.  It’s like that ending scene in The Usual Suspects where Verbal Kint outs himself as Keyser Soze and you’re looking at that bulletin board with new eyes in an a-ha moment.

I know why Velanthas didn’t tell me I was a twin flame. She had to. And I’m glad she did even if it caused me tremendous heartbreak.  If she just went out and told me, I wouldn’t have come into my own knowing.

I even know now why I am a Blue-Golden Twin Flame which ties in to the Divine Feminine, Sponsoring Deity that Arnold Barrera told me about before he went astray from his path. My Sponsoring Deity is Mother Mary and her colors are blue, white and gold.

I know why Angel, my former friend and destiny adviser, told me that my mission in life is to embody feminine energy and why I’ve chosen to incarnate as a woman in this lifetime.

And best of all, I know that I am not lost at all.  I AM FOUND.



Waving the White Flag


It’s Black Saturday today.  Just one day more until Easter and I would have survived the Holy Week I had been so dreading. And over where I live where everyone is predominantly Catholic (including me), the Holy Week is strictly observed – no work.  It’s paid time off to go on a vacation/staycation and to rest and reflect at what you’ve done in your human life.

Holidays are always difficult for me because I have no one to spend them with.  Much as I’d like to go to the beach or take in some other scenery, going at it alone makes me sadder than if I wouldn’t have gone.  I’ve since learned to suck it up and just stay still until it blows over.

Went brainstorming with a friend last Wednesday.  We’re somewhat in the same boat – not knowing where to go or what to do with the rest of our single lives. It was rather depressing.  We came to the conclusion that this was pretty much it. Actually, I think she had more hope for a romantic love life than I did.  All I could see stretched out ahead of me were more lonely days, lists of things to do, and occasional dalliances with things and events to amuse me. So, yes, the rest of my life will mostly be spent finding things to bide my earthly time with.  It’s not a very exciting prospect really.

I was glad I was able to go to confession though.  It was two years ago since my last one. Thing is, aside from being sharp of tongue and invoking karma to descend on those who continue to wreak havoc in the world (which isn’t really a sin and more of a duty since part of my soul purpose in this lifetime is to dish out Divine Justice), I genuinely felt I didn’t have much to confess. Forbearance was the name of my game for the most part, at least, with the major things that other people do to hurt me.  I’ve long since realized that it’s part of their “being human”, this penchant they have of not being able to look beyond what’s in front of them.


I didn’t partake in most of the traditional things that should be done during the Holy Week.  And like I said, most Catholic folk have it in front of them but don’t look beyond.  Take the violet shrouds that cover most of the religious statutes.  For the unenlightened, violet is just the color of lent. However, it’s representative of the Silver Violet Flame that purges us and transmutes the negativity into a higher frequency vibration, one that brings us closer to God.  And I realized that although I hadn’t confessed in quite a while, I had already been confessing to God every time I invoked the Silver Violet Flame.  I forgave myself.  I forgave others who had wronged me.  One cannot help but do so when the blessing of the Silver Violet Flame descends.

But the unawakened horde doesn’t realize that.  Or take the Sacred Heart, for example.  Most depiction of saints and Jesus and Mother Mary show their sacred hearts emanating light. Devotees pray novenas and reflect on this, but they do not realize that it’s representative of the heart chakra which, on the Ascended Masters, are working at full efficiency, for lack of a better term.  And instead of wondering in awe at what they perceive to be supernatural and beyond them, they should try harder instead to make their own sacred hearts shine brighter.  Well, that’s what I did for my Lenten reflection.  I activated my heart chakra with meditation and channeling from my Lyran kin.  And once it’s opened, you’ll be able to understand the depth of love one can feel for another without it being tainted by guilt.


The heaviest sin, IMHO, that I confessed was that I felt bitterness at my lot in life.  And this is true, as you can read from my previous blog posts.  Maybe this is it.  Maybe this is as far as God’s plan for me goes. At least in this lifetime.  And I know that I’ve been resisting it, railing against it, hoping against hope that there was something more I could look forward to, but maybe this is it.

I can see myself waving that white flag of surrender.  What would you have me do, God?  That’s what I’ve been meditating on.  I have gotten no answers, except “Rest. Chill.” Well, God didn’t exactly say Chill’, but basically, I should just bask in the surrendering.

When I asked my cards, Judgment + Tower + Two of Pents came up.  Could be positive.  Could be otherwise. But I do know that it pertains to my Twin Soul reunion.  I’ll have to ask more about that.

Okay, heading out to watch “Batman vs. Superman” in a bit.  Alone, yes, on a holiday.  It’s one of those activities I’ve lined up for myself to keep amused.  Oh, well.  Happy Easter, everyone!