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The Leaf


Last night, I was supposed to have my weekly reading with my reader.  However, he texted me that he was sick and that we had to reschedule.  I think it was meant to be.  I don’t think I need a reading quite just yet because whenever I ask Spirit for answers through my own cards, the answers are given to me loud and clear.

Last night’s reading was particularly nice.  After checking out the existing energies between my Twin and I, I think I asked what course of action he would take or what. Anyway, it was a question along those lines.  Part of the answer was: The World, The Emperor, The Ace of Pentacles, The Wheel of Fortune, and the Sun, all in succession. I forgot the exact cards that followed but I remember what they meant.

It was beautiful because in my mind’s eye, I interpreted that to mean that he already fixed most of the elements (Air, Earth, Water & Fire) in preparation for union. There were four circles staring back at me. Water was placed before the Emperor, so I feel he has still got a bit of reconciling to do with that one.  The cards that followed merely said that he was studying what kind of message to send because he wanted things to be established fast.

It was a nice and very comforting reading, actually. I watched Youtube videos after and I came across this one video where the lightworker was saying to avoid having any etheric hanky panky with your twin if he is physically still with the karmic.  Why? Because the fucking karmic whore (nah, I’m not that mad, just wanted to type that out) would pick up on the energy exchange and siphon my energies bouncing off my twin. As a result, my twin would be confused again because he would think that those feelings (directed towards the twin) were coming from the karmic whore.  The message,  therefore, was to abstain. At least, until we had physical union.

So this morning, when I felt his etheric I’m horny nudge as I was stirring awake, I said no and explained to him why. Now, I’ve got the female version of blue balls and I bet he does too. My energy is for my Twin, not the karmic whore, thank you very much.

I was driving back to the office after having spent my morning scouring for finds at this warehouse full of branded overruns. I got 10 pieces of clothing for about $3 to $4 each, and to think I was willing to pay for that single Zara blouse for the same price!  Anyway, I digress.

I was driving to the office in traffic when a lone vibrant green leaf was whisked onto my windshield and wedged between the wipers and the glass. It took me a moment of staring at it to think, Is this a message from Source? Leaf. Leaves. Leave? Leave what?  And right in front of me was a vehicle that was carrying plants and the leaves were all I could see through the back window. The brand of the car was an Adventure. The plates started with N-E-O.  Its color was emerald green.  I went back to the leaf.  Leave? For where?

It was at that exact moment that the leaf on my windshield doubled over.  Ahhh…I get it now. “Turn over a new leaf!” 

I finally got the message — Turn over a new leaf for a new adventure. Adventure where, you might ask? It’s going to be an adventure of the heart.  Emerald green, the color that symbolizes the opening of the heart chakra. Not only was the car in front of me a deep green, so was the car beside it, and my car was the same color as well. Even my OOTD was mostly teal, another shade of green.

I feel the Universe is telling me to get ready. Go pack your bags! The time is coming! I asked for confirmation on the Tarot app on my phone, just a one card reading, and I got Death Something will be transforming. Soon, I hope. And I hope it will bring happiness, love, and good things all around.