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Spider Dream


My dream life is booming.  Had another dream last night.  I wasn’t feeling well and started sneezing in the afternoon and shortly thereafter, the body malaise set in.  So I ended up sleeping early and had this dream.

I was in the office that looked like a house.  I was working on something on the computer then I noticed a huge spider web beside me.  I took that out and then noticed another one.  It seemed that I didn’t notice them before because it was only when the the light hit the silk strands right that I saw it.

I asked a male officemate to remove the other spider webs, and he took a broomstick and he did.  While he was trying to remove the webs, my actual boss dropped by.  IRL, she is really on vacation for two weeks but left me a lot of work to do so I was surprised that she showed up in my dream because she was supposed to be in Europe.  Then she was asking me if I had already done the work and I told her not yet.  That’s when she said that she was going to Bali, Indonesia in a couple of days (and not Europe as originally planned).

Next shot, male coworker showed me a dead spider which he killed.  He found it while twirling the web around his broomstick and it was hidden at the end of it.  It was a very big brown recluse spider, and when he showed it to me, he was picking its legs off of it like you do when you eat cooked crabs.

Saw what looked like cobwebs around but whenever I touched them (with the end of a stick) there was a spider in there so they were actually spiderwebs.


Been checking out the dream dictionary but variable meanings.  I hate spiders though so it was nice seeing that spider dead.

It could mean something else, but I think my dream meant that my boss (who happens to be my aunt) is a manipulative woman taking advantage of me and I feel trapped in the office (true).  However, I’ve discovered how she is not actually on my side and with the help of someone male, I will be able to chuck her out of my life for good.

The little spiders in their cobwebby homes are her minions in the office.  Once I’ve gotten rid of their mother spider, I can get rid of them as well.

So all in all, it was a good dream.  I really hope it comes true.  My interpretation of it, at least.

As always, whenever I post dreams and try to interpret them, and you have another take on it, feel free to add to the comments section 🙂