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Black Unicorns Redux


I am no longer surprised why my 3D work can’t get done, LOL.

When I was looking for more insight on my Black Unicorn vision, I came across Bemay Le.  She is the Keeper of the Great Crystal, High Priestess of Atlantis, Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt, an Ascension Master of Rainbow Energy, The Legion of Black Dragons and Unicorns & the Sacred Arts of the Divine Feminine. So I messaged her the other day.

Today, she responded, thus:

BL: Black Unicorns are very sacred animals and work with the ancient divine feminine goddesses. The black ones only appear to those with the purest of hearts. I believe the blue horned ones are imbued and blessed with the blue ray starseed energies of protection, power and purity of Archangel Michael and Archaia Faith. I believe this blue horned black unicorn gave you a very magical and powerful blessing to open up your blue ray starseed third eye.


I then told her that I knew I was a Starseed and a Blue/Golden Ray Twin Flame. I also told her that as part of enhancing my abilities, I used the Divine Codes to help further open up my Third Eye the day after New Year. While I am mainly claircognizant, I do get visions from time to time, but I would like them to be clearer.

BL: Wonderful! I think your answers to your hopes of “seeing” came in the form of this blue horned black unicorn. You must have a very divine sacred connection to the black ones. I love them personally.

Your blue ray third eye will be activated immediately which means you can see very clearly indeed. I received both of mine (the eye of Horus and eye of Ra) from AA Michael when I was initiated as a blue ray protector for Gaia. Try it out.

Oh, it just occurred to me that I forgot to tell her about the Unicorn Energy that came upon me during the 11/11 Portal. What I did remember to tell her was that in my meditation this morning, I found it strange that a single teardrop wept from my left eye.  I found this seriously weird because I know when I am overcome with emotions and weep, and believe me, that’s not just one teardrop.  And when I Googled the Eye of Horus/Ra, there was the single teardrop.  And now, she was telling me about it. Which makes me really think that there are no coincidences in this world.

BL:  Sounds like your teardrop is confirmation of your blue ray eyes working! Love sacred water as it the representation of the divine mother and sacred feminine energies we hold within!

Most people think that the third eye is just one eye but it’s not. When you have both blue ray eyes open, it’s very very powerful and you will know deeply that it is two eyes you are seeing from, not one third eye. I haven’t bothered mentioning this but I will do a post on it when I have more time to settle back from my holidays.

I seriously think that if I stop whirling around checking off things on my to-do list, that I could reap major benefit from my 5D life — or at least major understanding.

But that’s another thing, too.  Remember my botched Akashic Record Reading yesterday? I did check out AA Uriel and here’s what I got on him:

87a4ab9d0e3fb0c09d981a7b77e3fffcUriel’s name means “God is light,” “God’s light,” or “fire of God,” because he illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings. For example, Uriel warned Noah of the impending flood, helped the prophet Ezra to interpret mystical predictions about the forthcoming Messiah, and delivered the Cabala to humankind. Uriel has also been credited with bringing the knowledge and practice of alchemy-the ability to turn base metal into precious metal, as well as the ability to manifest from thin air-to humankind.

And this, too:

In many senses Archangel Uriel is the Archangel of illumination and is humanity’s link to the spiritual realms and Uriel can show you how to find your inner power, raise your vibration and accelerate your shift and into the higher realms of consciousness.

Archangel Uriel can also help you to learn to listen to your body’s inner wisdom, along with opening your channels to directly receive divine guidance.

Additionally things like the realm of ideas, creativity, insights, judgment, magic, alchemy, astrology, universal consciousness, divine order, the distribution of power, the cosmic universal flow and the Earth’s environment are all within Uriel’s rule.

Divine Alchemy, Manifestation, Prophecy and Second Sight — these were the things that I wanted to work on in the coming year and it looks as AA Uriel will be the perfect guide in this part of my journey.  Her, and the Unicorns.

And here’s something else.  Remember the Citrine Rock I purchased yesterday?  I got it not knowing anything about AA Uriel and only finding out today that Citrine is one of AA Uriel’s crystals. Now, I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Do you?


Black Unicorns


It’ll be the third of January tomorrow.  Back to work, but I don’t feel like it.  It feels tiring just thinking about rejoining the whole 3D shebang. The entire time during the holidays, I hardly did any real life work, just purely mission here and there when I felt well enough to do it.

I had a whole list of things to do this morning and only 2 out of 5 got done.  I did a quick meditation but in the short amount of time, I was transported to this dark mountainside forest by a lake.  It was nighttime and the surroundings were just lit by the stars and the moonlight.  I was there wearing a yellow robe.  I had long hair.  I was observing my surroundings which were peaceful and tranquil and although I am scared in real life of the darkness, this time, I wasn’t so.

From the density of the forest, a Black Unicorn came forward.  It was strong and big, with a black coat so shiny it had a pearlescent sheen.  I stood still in silence as it approached.  Its horn was — I really can’t remember if it had a different color originally, but as it neared me, around two feet away from me, I could see its horn glowing an electric blue.  Then I bowed my head in recognition of it, and it then placed the tip of its glowing horn on my Third Eye.

Someone knocked on my door so I had to cut short my “trip”.  I bowed deeply in gratitude and looked into its soulful eyes.  Then it turned back and went back into the forest.


It sort of looked like this except that its horn was blue.

I’m not quite sure if my mind just conjured up what happened or if it really happened. A search on Google just told me that there was a dearth of information about Black Unicorns.

So far, the most informative piece of information I got was this:

Rainbow energy is the ninth dimensional energy of the divine Black Unicorns. Black Unicorns are magical in every way! They are majestic and graceful, gentle and peaceful creatures. They leave a glorious trail of rainbows wherever they fly. Their black powerful wings and wingspans are truly magnificent. The horn itself holds many magical and crystalline light properties. The black unicorn will bend its head and touch your heart chakra with its radiant white horn for deep healing at a ninth dimensional level. Their healing is swift and immediate, just like the unicorns themselves. To connect with the black unicorns, simply ask. A simple invocation is included below.

Every person has their own unicorn, black or white. Ask and focus on your powerful intent to connect with your own unicorn. They love to be around gentle loving souls, especially children who have the purity and innocence that they have. They also love to be of service to humanity, especially in these pivotal times of ascension. They heal at a deep soul level so be specific with what you want when you call upon them. You can ask for healing for soul healing, karmic healing, family/ancestral healing or simply, just raising your frequency to a higher level. They can also assist with the gentle cleansing and realignment of our 12-chakra system. The black unicorns will only give you the healing that is for your level of energy.

The gentleness and purity of the radiant Black Unicorns will give you so much joy and peace, once you connect with them. They embody the qualities of innocence, purity, compassion, kindness, gentleness, unconditional love, peace and magic. They will assist you in developing these qualities within to shift you towards the ninth dimensional frequencies necessary for our earth’s ascension.

Here is a simple invocation to connect with the black unicorns to raise your light body frequency:

“Beloved black unicorns, I ask for your divine presence to connect with me. Please send me healing energy from your horns of light and magic. I ask for deep healing for my soul and all my light bodies. I am ready. Thank you for your service.”

I tried to meditate in the afternoon to find out more about the Black Unicorns.  Maybe my guides would tell me.  But the new puppy was always calling attention to it, and I was saving charging cables and whatnot from being chewed that I wasn’t able to get back to that state.

Oh, I’m also going to have an Akashic Record reading done tomorrow and, truth to tell, I am very nervous about it.  What if she’s like my last reader who told me that my twin and I wouldn’t come into physical union?  I know I’ll be able to handle the news but it will still hurt like a bitch.  What if she tells me that I’m really not a special snowflake and I have no business guiding or healing others?  On that score, I would beg to disagree because I have helped a lot of people ever since I started my spiritual business. Then again, I really don’t know what she’s going to tell me. Still, I’m nervous.