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Rising from the Dead


The welts and mysterious lesions began at the beginning of the week. At first, I suspected that they were either a tick or flea or mosquito bite, but when the one close to my ankle swelled to gigantic proportions, I figured a cockroach was more likely.  The thing is, I didn’t know how a cockroach could get onto my bed given that my two very effective watchdogs sleep on the bed with me.

But okay, maybe they were also in deep sleep when the offending cockroach was able to get past their guard. Plausible.

Since then, I’ve doubled remedial measures to prevent it from happening again. Both my dogs don’t have ticks and fleas because of a very strong powder (own formulation, breeders trick) that we use.  I had that washed all over my floors and the powder, spread on all corners.  Even cockroaches get killed from it. And the dogs don’t ingest it either.

Yesterday, in the middle of the day, I started itching near my kneecap and thigh.  I was wearing pixie pants so I didn’t know how I could have been bitten through what I was wearing.  Again, it swelled and created a rash. Took an antihistamine before bed, and also asked my guides to let me know if this was an ascension symptom, and my dream gave me my answer.

I was at the wake of my best friend’s mom who has been dead for several years now.  For some reason, I didn’t peek through the casket to see what she looked like, but other people (like some close friends) did.

We were just hanging around there, like what you’re supposed to do at wakes — keep the dead company. Then I overheard concerns of my BFF that she didn’t think enough Formaldehyde was placed in her mom. FYI – Formaldehyde is the chemical that keeps corpses from rotting and smelling.

Anyway, while we were chatting away at some corner of the room, I notice in the corner of my eye that the corpse starts to stir.  I think that maybe I’m just tired or whatever, but it happens again, and I see my BFF’s mom stretch out her toes.  I call the attention of my BFF to it, and, we both look towards the casket in disbelief, until, Tita (what I call her) sits upright from her casket. They rush over to her and help her up.  It’s not as if she arose a zombie or what.  It was just like she woke up from a long sleep and she was back to normal as I remembered her during her healthiest time.  (She died of colon cancer, in real life)

I was scared and I was not scared.  I mean, I should have been terrorized at the dead even moving, but it was more of nervousness at watching things unfold because it was unfamiliar territory.

All of us soon got swept up in the busy-ness of making arrangements afterwards, and I remember that they told me to wait at this other place. This part is starting to get hazy — can’t remember if my dad told me to wait or what. But I was waiting there with another college friend.  Anyway, that’s when I woke up.

So there’s my answer — they are ascension symptoms related to the rise and rebirth of the divine feminine.

Will write more about this later.  For now, I have to get ready to bring the little furry ones to the zoo.  Later 🙂