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Is He Really My Twin?


That’s the question I’ve been asking my Higher Self and Spiritual Team for the past, maybe 48 hours.

It became more pressing to find the answers out when Allison Lessard mentioned in one of her latest videos that there have been clients who have been asking the same question, and she had to tell them, no, he’s not your twin but your karmic soulmate. And she went on to say that they spent 10, 20 years or so waiting and hoping for their twin, but in reality, all they were doing was being stuck in the same place, ditching their date with destiny and progress.

Was I one of those folks?  Out of the myriad of psychics who gave a thumbs up on my relationship with him, only three were skeptical and said no, we wouldn’t end up together.  One of those, in fact, was the one who had enlightened me on my Starseed origins and led me onto this spiritual path that I’m on now.  Ever since she told me that, however, I never went back to her.

However, since then, I have petitioned the Karmic Board to amend our soul contracts so that we would be together in this lifetime.  I’ve done this with the permission of his Higher Self who joined me in petitioning, and we’ve been granted dispensation.  Of course, this only happened after accomplishing what seemed like the Labours of Hercules, including retrieving the etheric counterparts of his soul fragments across time and space.

I’ve come to a point where I don’t seek out psychics anymore to answer that question, but I trust in the answers that my Higher Self gives me.  If someone else told me again that I was on a fool’s errand, I think I would fall apart.  I would be gambling my fragility and the delicate strands that hold me together on the opinion of someone whom I wasn’t sure if they were misguided or not.  In the end, I’ve chosen to take a gamble on my Higher Self and the messages they send me, when they choose to send me such.  After all, if at the end of my earthly life, during the time of reckoning, I find out that I was wrong on all counts and I ended up having lived a life not lived (yes, that sounds confusing, but you know what I mean), then I will either be sent back to start over and, at the very least, I’ll be remembering nothing until I am awakened once again. Even though the prospect of going through birthing pains prior to being enlightened isn’t all that enticing, what can I do?

twin flames 76

Anyway, this morning, before leaving the house for work, I asked again for an answer to my question.  As soon as I got into my car, his “love song” for me came on the radio — “Where My Love Goes”.  That made me happy, but, of course, I still had to ask.  It wasn’t a responsive answer, never mind that I liked it anyway.  Then, the numbers started appearing.  33, 55, 11, with the 33s repeatedly appearing, always in pairs.  They were in car plates, signages, billboards — double numbers until I got to the office.

During the drive home, after waiting out the downpour in a cafe, I felt the need for confirmation.  I asked again for a sign, a message, to tell me that I was on the right path.  As soon as I turned on the radio, upon leaving the parking area, guess what song was playing again?  Of course, since it was climbing up the charts, that made me skeptical.  Maybe I just had an awesome sense of timing, but with that song, I “heard” him telling me to be careful on the drive home because the roads were wet and slippery.

The paired numbers kept coming up again.  88, 77, 66, 55, 44, 33, 22, 11 – mostly in plates, in cab numbers.  They were there almost everywhere I looked.  Was this just coincidence?  Or were they telling me that we were actually a pair? That was my question just as I braked for the stoplight in a major intersection.  And just right then, a motorcycle eased in front of me with the plates — ND 282282. ND for “And” — then the number 2 for pair, 8 would be the symbol for twin flames upright, and the number 22 –

“Angel Number 22 encourages you to find this sense of balance and inner harmony in order to achieve a higher level of existence. By focusing on your personal needs, you can also get a greater understanding of your purpose. Guardian angels use these messages to provide us with the ability to find fulfillment through the actualization of our dreams.

If you are able to identify your journey, then you should also trust your instincts in pursuing your destiny. Angel Number 22 urges you to use your own judgment in order to reach these goals. Through proper personal harmony, you are more apt to be successful in your life.

Number 22 in numerology suggests that you stand strong in your personal beliefs and faith. If you put out positive and confident energy, you will be more open to the opportunities that will be presented to you.”

Then it ends with number 2 again, then 8, the symbol for twin flames.  The plate was actually a palindrome – 282 282 282 282 282 282 , ad infinitum, just like the eternal bond of twin flames.  I was being nudged with the answers again — a pair, twins, twin flames.

But because I’m always second guessing, I asked for confirmation, if what I had decoded in the blink of an eye — remember I was driving — was correct.  And they, too, had a quick answer — in my peripheral vision, a cab caught my eye because it swerved to merge lanes.  Its plate number — 118.  11 — the number of twins, again, the 8, its symbol.


And because I’m a pesky intuitive (and I’m glad that my guides aren’t allowed to be exasperated with me), I still asked, Really?

Another cab caught my eye.  The cab’s number — 01.  Which I took to mean that we were one.  Hmmm, okay.

To reinforce, the number pairs kept popping up all the way home.  Who knows, maybe they’re very common and I’m just noticing it now.  So, do you think I have my answer?

And just as I revved up You Tube when I got home, I decided to continue watching a video I paused because I had to leave to go home.  It started where I had left off, and when I played it, the first words said was “So listen to the signs and messages that your guides are giving you.”  There was more, but I can’t remember right now.  I just thought that it was really creepy.  Oh! I remember now, she said something like, “You will question and you will doubt because now, you still cannot see” — it come to fruition or something like that, but that it was there and that we have to continue the journey and the path.


And wow, when they answer a question, they really do answer the question! What do you think? I feel that if I ask one more time, I might get an etheric bonk on the head for being so pesky, lol.



Message in a Dime


The holidays are always the toughest for me.  Before I was awakened into this ascension process (a.k.a. before everything else went to shit as far as my family was concerned), I used to be a big fan of holidays.  They were family events and we would go out, spend some time together, eat out and stuff like that.

Today, Easter, no one even bothered to greet me.  Frankly, I’m not quite even sure if I exist in 3D anymore because no one seems to pay mind.  They did the same thing last Christmas.

In my solitude, I sought to raise my vibrations.  Almost the entire day, I listened to music that would help me connect to the Source.  I read my cards and sought out answers to my pervading questions during the Holy Week — What was God’s Plan for me? Is it in His plan that M and I get together in this lifetime?  I got answers, but they were mostly obscured in my state of near panic at having no one to celebrate Easter with.

I almost didn’t want to go to mass despite it’s being a Holy Day of Obligation, but I’m glad I did.  It was after Mass, just as I was leaving Church that I think I was given a message.  There was a dime on the floor.  To make it more poignant that it was meant for me, another churchgoer pointed it out to me.  All I saw was a coin, and what went through my head was “See a coin and pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck.”




Now, seeing a coin on the floor isn’t rare.  However, since I live in a country that has a different currency, seeing a dime on the floor IS. One dime from the United States of America.


Not only that, the one I found was minted 2007, the year I met M. And of course, it bears the words, “In God We Trust”.dime 2007



10:10 is how it translated in my mind’s eye.

So I started researching and this is what I came up with about the significance of that number:


10:10- 10th dimension of consciousness. mirror image sign. prompting that the viewer is in sync with time/ space. also seen around the time of twin flames and during awakening. This signals something you’ve asked about is about to be revealed to you. Youre reaching the highest levels of consciousness

Now, I like this because it looks like I’m going to get answers soon.

10.10- something new is starting so prepare for it

Beginnings are good.

From Comments from a blog about the significance of repeated numbers:

Tuesday 17.04.12
Today numbers again 10:00/10:01 my car cut off in the middle of the cross road. Interesting, 1001 is my code to Iphone. B B King sang . ‘hold on, I am coming’.

That one is reassuring.  He is coming.

10:10 New Earth stargate means a full cycle is complete and you are ready to step into a new life frequency. Once you reach this level you may experience a higher vibration and choose your next course of activation. It is living many lifetimes in one life, as if stepping into a new life though not going through the veil of unconsciousness (of forgetting) and taking with you all that will serve your highest path and service. When this gateway comes, you cannot take what is not in alignment with your new resonances. As you are in a cycle of accelerated karmic clearing and multidimensional time, you do not need to cross over and come back to heal, evolve and clear lifetimes and karma and to access multidimensional consciousnesses and wisdom.

The above-quoted passage resonates with my prayers as well.  I had been asking for manifestation in this lifetime while I had “remembered” who I was, as it took me decades to finally “get it”. And I was thinking that if it doesn’t happen in this lifetime, if I get into a new physical vessel for another lifetime, it would be necessary to forget everything I’d learned in this one to fully experience that.

10:10 Moving into a new beginning 1(one) – and moving into the pattern of the Great Void 0(zero) – or a much higher resonance or frequency of Spirit.

Again, new beginnings.

I think of Tarot and the Wheel of Fortune Card. It is represented by the Number 10. The Wheel of Fortune can also be seen as the Wheel of Dharma/Karma. It leads me to believe either good or bad, up or down, you have manifested something into your reality that is a reflection of your internal psychology and you may experience a big change. This is a an Ending of One Phase and The Beginning of a New Phase and it is a great opportunity to learn from a karmic lesson and transcend limited Being/Believing and Behaving.. Look within, become aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and sense of Identity and see if you what you are magnetizing into your life is what you truly want. If not, consider changing your perspectives,thoughts, feelings,beliefs and sense of identity to match that of our Creators Unconditional Loving Perspective, and the experiences and the people you magnetize into your life will change to match who you are in your Now moment. Namaste

I’ve also been getting the Wheel of Fortune lately in my readings.

10:10 is the Alpha-Omega number. The number of beginnings and endings, it is full of promise, and of opening to the “Compassionate Heart.”

This is where my heart chakra lessons come in.


Number 10 carries the energies of both the number 1 and the number 0. Number 10 resonates with the vibrations and energies of leadership, optimism, confidence, independence, creative powers, success, energy, originality, adaptability, determination and individuality. Number 10 reduces to the single digit of 1 (1+0=1). Number 1 resonates with the attributes of self-leadership and assertiveness, new beginnings and motivation, activity and progress, achievement and success. Number 1 also reminds us that we create our own realities with our beliefs, intentions and actions. Number 0 is the number of the ‘God’ force and Universal Energies and reinforces, amplifies and magnifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with. Number 0 also relates to developing one’s spiritual aspects.
Angel Number 10 is a message that you are receiving insights and guidance from your angels through your ideas, thoughts, visions and feelings. Pay particular attention to your intuition at this time and take positive action as directed.

Confirmed.  It IS a message.  This next one is one of my favorites.

Here’s a channeled message from Archangel Gabriel through Phoenix Rising Star about 10 10 10 and it’s spiritual significance …

I asked the angels about the significance of 10-10-10.

Archangel Gabriel replied:

10-10-10 is the new beginnings on a spiritual level. Like the quickening prior to birth, it is the signal of change. It is the feeling of something different, even if you’re not sure exactly what that is.

It is the sensation of movement.

It is the knowing without knowing how you know, that everything you’ve perceived as normal up to this time is now changing faster and more intensely than ever before.

In short, 10-10-10 is the spiritual change coming in prior to the physical change.

This can lead people into a kind of panic if they are not clear about living in their hearts.

Lack of preparation for change, especially when you’re not sure what kind of change is coming, leads to restlessness, lack of security, even fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of what is.

Fear of fear.

The important thing to remember, as always from now on, is to stay in your heart.

Spiritual mastery such as this is necessary in order to ascend.

The love-fear-love cycle is prevalent in today’s world.

You read about staying in your heart.

You practice meditations on staying in the heart.

You learn mantras, mudras, and postures to open your heart and stay in your heart.

And something comes along that is unusual, abnormal, even different, and what happens?

You drop into the fear.

However, being aware of the love-fear-love cycle makes you immediately aware that you have dropped into fear.

And that awareness helps you to move back into the love faster.

You don’t stay in the fear as long.

You don’t go as deeply into fear as before.

And staying in your heart is easier and easier.

This is spiritual mastery.

Hence 10-10-10 is making us even more aware of our choice of spiritual mastery, our opening to change, and our choice to stay in our hearts. This solid foundation of love will make all the difference for you in the coming times.

Love-Fear-Love. Choose love. Every time.

I remain your faithful servant, Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel described exactly how I’m feeling these days. And this last one:

Angel Number 10 encourages you to move forward in your life with faith and trust that you are on the right path in all ways. Have no fear as your angels guide and support you every step of the way. Have faith that your inner-urgings are leading you in the right direction and you will find future success and fulfilment on your chosen path. Trust your angels and the Universal Energies.

Angel Number 10 brings a message to step forward in new directions and look to new beginnings with an optimistic and positive attitude as they will prove to be auspicious and beneficial to you in many ways, now and in the future.

Completions.  Endings.  Beginnings.  Despite the message, I’m still basking in uncertainty only because I don’t exactly know what’s ending and what’s beginning. I can only trust that what will happen will happen because it’s meant to be.