I Defer to My Higher Self


Around two months ago, my parents told me that their Original Household in this religious group they belong to, all of whom have since become family friends, decided to go on a reunion.  It would be a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords and then a sidetrip to Scotland and London.  Some of the children of their friends would come and they invited me to come along too, of course, at my expense.

I was so excited! I have never seen the Norwegian Fjords and would have wanted to go castle hopping in Scotland.  And, London? Well, that would be the shopping part of the trip.  I’ve been to London already.

So I eagerly checked if it would be viable financially on my end, and yes, I had enough to make it happen.  But something was nagging me at the back of my head, so I decided to ask Spirit through my pendulum.  I asked if I should go on the trip.  No. Whuuutttt??? But I want to!!!  So, I ask again.  No.   Aww, c’mon.  Why not? And of course, it doesn’t get answered that way.  I ask one last time and, again, the answer was no.  Hmph.

So I go to my mom, kind of deflated, telling her that I can’t go.  She asks me why.  I tell her that I asked Spirit and it said no.  I even show her the pendulum, ask the same questions and was given the same answers on the spot.  (Yes, I know, I can be pesky)  I didn’t know why I wasn’t given the go signal to go on that trip, but I defer to the Higher Guidance.

Eventually, I found out why.  My parents didn’t get to go on that trip.  Why? They weren’t able to get their visas on time because of their own complacence (i.e. one of those karmic things that I am trying to help them clear).  And with the plane fare and cruise fully paid for and non-refundable, that went down the drain.  There’s more to the story — their having to make a cover story to cover up their own negligence, yadayadayada — bottom line is that for the cover story to hold up, they had to spend mega bucks on top of what they had already spent and had no reassurance in recovering.

Here’s the almost creepy part — had I disregarded the advice and went ahead arranging for the trip, the visas, the ticket, the cruise — all that would have been arranged by my parents since I was merely tagging along and my money would have gone down the drain as well.

So, thank you, Spirit.  🙂 I truly appreciate the heads up.


I also had a Soul Dharma session today.  The reason why I asked for a session was because I was physically and emotionally exhausted with doing work and mission.  Work was getting too demanding and the pervading 3D energies at the office were actually getting me sad. And since I do not do readings or healings unless my vibration is way up there, I make sure that prior to doing mission work, I am energetically clear.  The thing is, this constant shifting from lower vibrations and higher vibrations is exhausting. Until it got to a point where the office or the work I do there repelled me.

That’s saying something because I used to enjoy doing my work.  I was good at it. But I also feel that it was clipping my wings somewhat; that I could not expand the scope of my mission because I didn’t have time for it; and I was beginning to resent work because it took up time that I could spend taking care of my health. I want to get back to Keto and to start exercising again, but at the rate I’m going now, I don’t even have time to cook healthy food for myself.  Well, part of that is just fat justification. I have someone to cook for me but the truth of the matter is that I’m stress eating.  Hence, the carbs. Ugh.

Anyway, the guidance I was given was that it would be in my highest good to resign from my work and take the leap.  After that, many doors, even doors I didn’t think would open, would open for me.  Of course, I had free will, but if I continue doing the office thing, it would continue to drain me energetically.

I was given a timeline too.  Three months.  And I think that during the session, I already made up my mind because I feel so unburdened.  I actually cannot wait to get out of that pressure cooker and reclaim myself, my time, and even my BMI. It feels liberating.  Aaaahhhh.

Okay, I have to go talk to my twin now.




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