From Scratch


Did you know that finding out that your computer’s HDD was wiped out in a blink of an eye, totally unexpected, without having backed up your very important files feels quite the same as the sudden knowing that you have been  betrayed by your lover?

That I know the feeling of both from experience is really quite sad.  Everything I put so much effort in, logging so many man-hours to create, just literally down the drain.

I wanted to rave like a madwoman at first, pull my hair out, gnash my teeth and all that.  In fact, I wanted to chew out the tech that I bought the computer from because my HDD died on his table.  I brought it to him for a keyboard problem (which is why I didn’t think I needed to back up) and it got returned to me with a new HDD and the old one with currently unretrievable data.

And I had planned to get a move on my client readings and weekly readings during the weekend.  Well, change of plans.

I stopped myself from throwing a tantrum and lashing out at the guy. During that virtual “time out” that I voluntarily placed myself in, I was psyching myself up.

There’s nothing that I created before that I cannot create again.

All the resources that I use for my creations that were made available to me by the Universe are still available to me.

And, while trying to amuse myself with online shopping while waiting for various stuff to download, I discover that the same thing happened with my favorite sellers.  Her online store was wiped out because competitors had her account blocked.  And she had tons of pictures and stuff there of the things she was selling.

So it really seems time to wipe the slate clean in many various ways.  This is what the full moon brings.  It sucks, but I suppose it will be better afterwards. I have a new HDD, my BIOS is fixed, and so is my keyboard.  I know better now to back up in the cloud where I have 5TB fer crying out loud. All processed videos henceforth will go in the cloud for posterity.

I just hate it when I’m go-go-go and then the Universe just stops me in my tracks.  This happened last December too.  And then I end up feeling as though I’m in the wrong place and time and headed in the wrong direction. Then, when I just sneak a peak in YouTube and see all the other readers putting up all their vids for guidance and all that, I just feel left behind.

I know that’s my competitive edge talking, but I do feel I have something to contribute.  These things happen for a reason though so I’ve learned to be like a reed that bends in the wind.

I think that this starting from scratch is happening to my twin on a much bigger scale.  And if I wasn’t stable in 5D (or somewhat more stable than most days), then this would have been a trigger that would have elicited nightmarish reactions.  With me willing to start over, so will he.  There’s the message there.  All is not lost.  What is gone can be rebuilt and recreated again.

I’m still sad though.  Mostly about not being efficient.  But I suppose this has a reason. I just came up with a cold too, and when this happens, I know I’m being benched by the Universe.





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