The Clearing


I know.  That sounds like the title of an M. Night Shymalan movie.  But it’s not.  It’s just what I’ve been doing over the holidays.

Actually, I haven’t enjoyed it that much because I’ve been terribly congested and hoarse that all my plans of getting a lead on Yael Alchemy and my real life work have been waylaid. Energetically, I was fine, especially since that session with M right before Christmas.

Christmas was even awesome.  The best I’ve had in years.  As promised, I spent it energetically with my Twin Flame.  All throughout the Christmas Mass — which I used to dread because it was loaded with dysfunctional family tension — I held my Holy Fire Reiki’d Rose Quartz and my Sunstones. And it was as if we were holding hands throughout the ceremony. During the Christmas Eve Feast which we call Noche Buena – my estranged brother went down but it didn’t bother me. So I’m pretty sure the non-hostile energy I was emitting made him enjoy Christmas too.

Anyway, the day after that up until an hour ago, physically, I felt like crap.  Usually, the days after Christmas and leading up to the New Year, I would enjoy shopping, watching the Film Festival, taking my dogs to the mall or whatever adventure I’d come up with. I actually didn’t plan to do that though but that’s neither here nor there because all I ended up doing was mustering the strength to give readings that were due and marathon binging all the seasons of House MD.

If it weren’t for the Christmas discount offered by the salon I frequent, I wouldn’t have ventured out today either.  But there were errands that couldn’t be ignored (picking up perishable food/gifts) and yes, my beautiful mane had to be maintained with a hair treatment, plus I had to get to the grocery to buy ingredients for that awesome fruit salad my mom makes (grandmother’s recipe), so I did go out and when I got back from the mall, my energy picked up a bit.

Anyway, I scheduled a healing session tonight with M — my first one out of the four I pre-purchased — and it was amazeballs! The reason my body wasn’t catching up with my spiritual health was because there was stagnant energy pooling up in my room.   M taught me a technique to clear a room/place of stagnant energy and because this blog is public, I can’t say the details.  (a.k.a pay for your own damn session, son!)

It was even as if he was in the room with me because our answers matched up perfectly.  When I told him that during “Higher Aspect Invocation”, I called up another guide – – a different one from the female I met during our last session, he confirmed what I had a picked up on.  When I first “met” this guide — who has agreed to be named Kyrigipov — I felt a black energy envelope me.  It wasn’t scary.  In fact, it was very comforting.  It was old and dark and very, very stable and solid.  He came from a higher dimension than the female (whom I don’t know the name of yet) — something like the 22nd Dimension.  M said that it wasn’t pure black, but the kind of black that contains all colors because he could see it as pearlescent black which I suppose resembles my Noble grade shungite.  It was a light and moving energy and M described it like a Black Hole.

Anyway, during the last ten minutes, I kept still as he worked on clearing the stagnant energy from my room and was instructed to continue communicating with my Guide.

I think I spent a good bit of time asking him what his name was.  And because I couldn’t get it right away — just syllables at times — I asked him what he could do for me.  And this is what I got:

  • He can support me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. He’s like a privacy curtain in the hospital ward, blocking all energies that are not necessary for that moment and letting those that I need get filtered through.
  • He can help me vet people around me, sort of like an truth serum, where he tells me those who are working/supporting me for my Highest Good.

Right now, I can get answers to YES or NO questions.  If it’s a yes, my Higher Heart Chakra literally explodes with love.  If it’s a no, there’s pressure on my Crown Chakra.  If it’s a neutral, it’s like it doesn’t matter if I engage or not.

He also showed me gold — lots of it.  It was like a lattice of gold, moving, covering my entire field of vision.  M said that I should cover my house with the gold, work with it and let it grow.

After the session, I got back in touch with M over FB really grateful and thankful because right after the session, I got most of my voice back. Still a bit hoarse, but I didn’t have a heavy chest anymore. It’s like a lawn mower plowed through all that gunk that was blocking my lungs.

But, here’s the rub — my computer sort of conked out on me as I got back on it after the session.  Like I’ve said many times over, whenever my energy/frequency is high, I affect electronics.  So I wasn’t surprised, but just didn’t expect it to happen again since I have surrounded myself with shungite and am even wearing an Orgone generator as a pendant.

Which is also why I have laptop spares, like the one I’m currently typing on. Still, it’s a pain in the ass whenever that happens.  I unplugged it first and situated it far from where I am. I hope it decides to boot up tomorrow.

In the meantime, meds have kicked in and am too drowsy to think so I’ll just go to bed.


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