Skype, Anyone?


Today, I had my first Skype session with a local resident client, mainly because I didn’t want to drive through traffic to get to her place.  I usually don’t show my face in my videos, not because I’m butt ugly or anything like that, but I like doing readings when I’m comfortable and not having to put an “out in society” face on.

Anyway, I think it went well.  I’m getting used to people calling me Yael whenever I do lightwork. After all these years that people have been pronouncing my name wrong, this name doesn’t get mispronounced. And that feels and sounds good. So now, I’m known with one name, kind of like Prince or Madonna. Even the “Alchemy” is an anagram for YAEL CHM — and C.H.M. would stand for the Holy Trinity — Christ, Holy Spirit and Mother Mary.  How wonderful.  That just came to me now. I was hoping to incorporate a triangle in my logo and I couldn’t figure it out without it being visually appalling, but what do you know?  There’s the Sacred Triangle hidden in my logo anyway.  Truly divinely inspired. Thank you.

My weekly videos are up and I’m liking the comments so far.  I was thrilled to receive a comment from this reader that I used to follow religiously. I even inquired with her about readings but at the time, I really couldn’t afford her readings. And here she is telling me how beautiful and accurate my reading was.  And these are the times when I am glad that, even prior to mission, I have gotten accustomed to receiving genuine compliments without having them bloat up my ego. I suppose that’s why people I know in 3D get intimidated by me or think that some things are beneath me. That’s an illusion they’ve created.  No one is beneath anyone. It’s only ego that floats one above the other.  That’s the illusion there.

Anyway, I’m seriously considering opening up Skype sessions only because it saves me the time that I would spend editing and uploading vids. The downside to that is I have to be camera ready.  I am enlightened but what the hey, the camera is a decidedly 3D thing and I have to operate in that dimension.  If everyone could just perceive my light body instead of an unmade up face and unkempt hair that would just be awesome.

In other matters, my car broke down yesterday.  It had to be towed.  Again, my angels were protecting me.  The a/c felt kind of warm, like it was just the blower that was working.  That was the only thing that needed repair, I felt.  So as usual, this debate goes on in  my head about what I would do next — do I get gas and just drop the car off to the mechanics tomorrow? do I just head home and do it tomorrow? do I do it next week after my “interview”? But as I was driving home, I was guided to pass by the mechanic shop anyway, and I’m glad I heeded that.

So they tell me that the a/c needs cleaning and I’m okay with that.  They were to do it the whole day the following day and since I was going to be busy with the workshop and had nothing scheduled, that was fine with me.

So the mechanic was driving me home — I call it their deluxe service where I drop off my car and they drive me home first before working on it so that I don’t have to commute going home — and what do you know? We stall in the middle of an 8-lane highway.  The car just stops. And this was just after my mechanic and I were having a conversation about how they thought I had gone abroad because I hadn’t gone back in so long to complain that my old old car was breaking down again. And I told him that it was because it was running fine and I didn’t have any complaints.

My passing by the mechanic’s was entirely fortuitous and guided.  Had I not done that, I would have been left alone to deal with a stalled car in the middle of a busy highway. It had to be towed too, you know. And they arranged for the tow which cost me way less than if the traffic police called an accredited towing service.

As it turns out, my car didn’t have any water in it AT ALL.  And it was blowing steam like Mount Vesuvius when we put some water in.  That’s when I realized I was driving it for three weeks without getting any water in.  And this apparently burned some gasket or something yadayadayada — I’m not fluent in car speak — that the entire thing has to go into the machine shop to fix and that it would cost a small fortune.

Well, I learned about the “small fortune” bit later when they finally diagnosed what happened, but while stalled on the highway, I got quite a bit of scolding, 5D style, from my Twin.  I get it that it was out of concern for me, but he’s a “car guy”. You know, the type that buys Car Magazines from the airport to read on the plane.  Or buys a vintage Porsche to restore to its full glory just because he’s happy doing it. So I get it.  And I do appreciate the fact that he didn’t call me dumb or something like that for forgetting to put water in the car when it was really stupid of me to forget. I have no excuse except that I don’t speak “car”.

Part of his frustration was not being able to do anything about my sorry state. I know there were many times before that I was hoping he’d come around because he could also replace my old beat up car.  But I don’t expect that of him now.  I’ll take care of it as best as I can.  He’s not here anyway so he really can’t do anything to help me in a material sense.  So I’ll deal with it while he’s still not here.

It’s upsetting, this whole “small fortune” part of it only because my funds are tied up until my interview, so a little juggling has to be done.  But I’m lifting those worries up to the Universe.  At least the funds are there, it’s just the timing of it that needs to be refined. So all in all, I’m still very, very grateful that there are people who are helping me out.  The small fortune is really a fair price so I won’t haggle with it anymore.  I just need a functioning car for now.

That’s it, Lovelies.  Sleepy now which I’m also thankful for because my inner sleep clock is on its way to normalizing.  Night!




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