Light Language Ignite


Confirmation is really a precious thing.  Last night I attended an extensive Light Language Workshop online that lasted for 8 hours. There were about ten participants, all at different levels and skills of “enlightenment”, so to speak.

Now, I have spoken light language before.  However, I really wasn’t quite sure if it was indeed LL that I was speaking or it was some jibberish that I concocted in my head.

During the course of the session, unlike the other participants, no symbols would come to me, so that put me off and got me thinking that maybe I was just in a “special snowflake” mentality. I couldn’t draw any codes or symbols to share that was downloaded to me — nothing.

I did meet and reunite with my galactic family and that left me crying and sobbing.  I met my ancestors from Lyra, a lot them this time around instead of the woman that regularly welcomes me whenever I visit in 5D.  There was a Lyran elder, looking very much like Gandalf if he had a more feline face, and a lot of Lyrans behind him of different ages. And I felt this overwhelming surge of love, support and assistance with that homecoming that even now as I’m typing this, the tears keep on flowing. They gifted me something before I left but I can’t remember what it is.

Then I found myself in the midst of other galactic families that have adopted me during the lifetimes I spent on those planets.  They were my families in Orion and the Pleiades (I think). I’m going to have to go back soon and ask. Oh, yessss, I remember now, there was one other group/council that I interacted with, and I think now that they were the Arcturians.  They were dressed in long velvet robes but really looked like aliens. Usually, when they come to assist, I don’t see them dressed like that.  So it must have been a special occasion to welcome me back.  Thank you, my dear Arcturian friends.

That’s really what happens when your home planet gets blown up.  You become a refugee in other planets who welcome you as their own.

We did have that overtoning exercise and I found that to be amusing.  Two tones were actually being emanated by me at the same time!  And during the meditation for our power animal, I was visited by several — a spider, a snow leopard, lhasas (I don’t know if this was from my mind but maybe it’s why I have been crazy about them ever since)

Towards the end of the session, my batteries were running a little low because the session had started at 1:30 am (my local time) and it was already nearly 8 am — precisely the times when my body was programmed to sleep and rest.  So during the last meditation which we did with our Higher Selves — I actually fell asleep once I closed my eyes.  That was unfortunate since I liked where it was going when I began and when it was time to discuss the other participants’ experiences during the meditation, I felt kind of left out since I fell asleep and had nothing to contribute.

Chris and Fiona both said though that that was okay because I’d be able to integrate the downloads more because there was no resistance.

The final part of the session was the actual speaking of light language after all those codes had been activated within us.  I closed my eyes during this portion because I didn’t want to get pressured with what I was seeing happening with the other participants.  And then the light language flowed and I just started speaking it.  It did sound like what I’ve done before.

Right after the energy simmered down, I could feel this electric buzz just from speaking it, like the “words” themselves had a power that I understood on a very instinctual level even if I couldn’t translate it to English. Since it sounded like the other times I spoke it, I asked our facilitators, how do I know that that was light language that I spoke and I didn’t just make it up in my head?

And both Chris and Fiona jumped up to confirm that it was light language.  They could feel the energy behind what I was speaking. And the hand movements that I was doing where the symbols.  They explained that I was writing out the symbols rapidly, and that’s when I told them that sometimes, during meditation, I do get a download of symbols but they’re so fast, kind of like that scene in the Matrix, that I don’t get to hone in on a single symbol long enough to remember it. That’s when they told me to ask my guides to slow it down so that I can perceive the symbols better.

I know that would be great, to see the symbols, but I never really felt the need to know what was being given because, hey, if it works; it works. It’s pretty awesome though when that happens.  It’s like the symbols have this glow to them — sometimes white, sometimes electric blue, and at other times, green.

So I’m excited now. So many possibilities of incorporating this into my healing practice. This, together with the Paradise Codes — just wonderful!



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