The Lost City of Mu


I finally got the Paradise Activation Codes which I had bookmarked to get but totally forgot in the whirlwind of life and getting into mission. So now, embedded in my heart chakra is a quartz crystal pyramid with a rainbow inside which was the gift of the angelic to me as I was leaving the sacred chambers. I have yet to discern its full significance.

Later on in the day, after I had gotten client readings delivered, I took a nap while holding two Tibetan Quartz crystals and asked my angels to give me past life messages in my dream. And I did dream and it was a strange one.

I was back in my college campus and it was laid out the same as the real one.  I was walking through an unfamiliar path though, like a shortcut, and next thing I know, I was in a car which my uncle was driving.  There were other people with me in the car along with my long deceased dog, Mumu.  I called him Mu or Moo. He was truly my first love and oftentimes, I sensed that we were spiritually connected.  I don’t know who he was a reincarnation of though.

Anyway, the car was speeding through a winding mountain range.  You know, the kind of speed wherein you’d get thrown left and right because of the momentum. I think I was sort of yelling to my uncle to slow down, but then we hit a wall.  But this time, it was an areal drone shot and I saw big blocks of stone falling down on us. It looked more like the ruins of the pyramids if ever they toppled over, except that the hue of the stones/blocks were a distinct yellow clay.  I don’t know why it was that detailed but I saw that through the cloud of dust that was rising but also knew at the same time that we were all trapped inside the rubble.  It was me watching me.

I don’t know how we got out of it but we did.  In my dream, the storyline was that my parents weren’t around and my uncle took the kids (big kids, me included) on a trip to see a show. I remember stopping in front of the theatre/mall/whatever where the show was showing — ermergerd, it’s like I don’t know how to speak English, lol — but I think we veered further on to find parking.

We were looking for parking in a nearby gated village/subdivision when Moo escaped through the window presumably chasing after a cat.  But this village had plenty of angry stray dogs that were trying to get at him and I was very fearful for his safety.  I jumped out of the car trying to rescue him, and was scared myself because there were several mean white dogs — they looked like greyhounds — who were barking at me and warning me not to get close.

I got past those dogs.  I don’t remember how, but I was in the gated village and saw that Moo escaped all those mean angry dogs by diving into the nearby pool. He was dog paddling with his black hair strewn about in wet strands.  I scooped him out of the pool and as soon as he was back in my arms, everything seemed right again.

Next shot, we were back on campus and I guess I was hungry because I went to the canteen to look for food and saw a stall which was selling legs of ham. LOL.  That’s when the dream ended.

I still have to figure out what this means and I don’t have time right now to do that because it’s past midnight and tomorrow’s a workday.  I actually don’t know how to fit all I’m supposed to do or want to do in the time I have these days because most of my free time is spent in mission and helping other people.  And I like it.  I miss shopping though, but that’s always there anyway.

My ideal set-up now would be living with my twin in marriage, not having to work in a regular job, but doing mission work and earning double what I earn in my job.  Because I see potential in this.  It’s just kind of hard to do marketing and managing social media and doing the work at the same time.  And that’s on top of my real world work. And my social obligations.

Oh, I did a Distance Healing Reiki Session on my twin tonight.  Major kundalini rising every time I work on his root chakra.  I had to concentrate on getting the session done instead of just cumming.

Anyway, I best call it a night and hold on to the happy thought of “better than I could ever have imagined”.

ps. I realized that I wasn’t able to talk about Atlantis which I meant to — hence, the title. But that’s for next time.  My sleeping pill is kicking in and am way too drowsy.






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