I’m a bit under the weather today so I didn’t go to work.  Last night, I did a Distance Reiki Healing session for my sister and brother in law who had gotten into a car accident in Canada earlier that morning.  They were fine; it was a three-car collision and they were the car in front that got rear-ended.  Still, my sister had to be extracted from the car because of pre-existing back pain.

It was the first time I seriously did a Distance Reiki Healing session because I had been quibbling about how to do it at the same time as the healee if the healee was located in a different time zone.  That was until I learned that I could send it to the healee’s Guardian Angel for them to dispense when the healee is most ready to receive it.

So I tried it last night and used a pillow for proxy.  I also used my 7 Chakra Stone set to help the healing.  Even if I was “technically” just using a pillow, I could feel and see in my mind’s eye doing the session on them.  Not only that, depending on which body part/chakra I was working on, I could “see” it, what was wrong with it, how fast the chakra was spinning, whether or not there were any blockages — things like those.  And the session told me things about the healee which I did not previously know about.

Okay, maybe you could say I knew a bit about my sister, but the other messages which she confirmed, I didn’t know about.  I don’t know anything about my brother-in-law.  I’ve probably been around him thrice, and once was for his wedding.  All small talk since they kind of just flew in from Canada to get married here and flew straight back. But all the messages that I’ve received about him, my sister confirmed. Amazing, isn’t it?

But that energy exchange wasn’t why I’m feeling under the weather today.  It’s because yesterday was my officemate’s birthday and I went out around high noon in sweltering heat and volunteered to buy ice cream.  And then it was too cold at night that I had to wear a jacket while performing distance healing.  There you go.  Starseeds suck with heat and humidity.

In matters of the heart, strange things have been going on.

Inadvertently got in touch with Tom again, my karmic ex. That’s because while meditating with my blue kyanite, it turned into gold (which he now tells me is copper), and no one could give a decent explanation on the boards.  So I remembered I have this great geologist friend/ex/whatever that probably knows something about it and I text him my “geology question”. He was all Geology Rock Star at first, answering my questions and then the “do you miss me?” segue came along.  He claims to be unhappily married; that I’m the only one in his past he talks to — yadayadayada.  Of course, I called bullshit on that.  But I did ask him to send me part of his awesome rare crystal collection, haha.  He said yes, but added that he’s going to send me some panties too, lol.

Anyway, I was flirting back because I was in a jolly mood but I was worried what my twin would feel about that so I drew some cards.  He told me to cut it out; that he was rushing on his way here so we could get things together and the last card was the 7 of Wands which in that deck was fending everyone else off from getting in the door, LOL.  Okay, hurry up, if you will.  I’m still not letting anyone else in, unless someone slips past me. I didn’t get a huge sermon though so that made me love him even more.

After that, another strange thing happened.  One of my exes whom I hadn’t been in touch for at least five years, friend requests me on FB.  I accept, and we get to chat a bit, then he tells me that my picture is still on his fridge and shows me the actual picture.  Oh, wow. I actually didn’t know how to respond to that.  He says that up to now, he hasn’t been able to find anyone who compares. I wriggled my way out of that conversation.

Are these tests? I don’t know.  All I know is that I love my twin.  It’s nice to hear from the rest though.  It would be great if the others showed up as well.



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