Hmmm and Hah!


After doing a lot of work on my website, my facebook page and getting all my marketing materials ready, I am faced with the reality that my 8 year old laptop cannot handle video rendering which is a major bump in the road in getting my mission launched.

I have a workaround which I will know about this coming Monday.  I’ve done several looksies at what’s available, but I don’t really want to spend money that I’ve allotted for something else.

It’s disappointing in a way, but I’m going to ask the Universe to provide. So many things I want to do — get married to my twin, travel, be successful in my mission, and lots of many other things.  I just wish roads would open to be able to do them all.  My ultimate dream? To be married to my twin and live more than comfortably, not having to work but doing it for the joy it brings (vis a vis doing it for the money), working on my mission with my twin beside me, having things work smoothly – you know, the type wherein if you need a new computer, a new phone, etc., etc., it’s right there for the taking because you have the means to acquire it.

And those are only the practical issues that I have.


The next day…

The original title of this post was just “Hmmm” and I hesitated publishing it because it seemed sort of depressing, just bumps and humps and me whining about it.  But after today… my Twin saved the day for me and that humdrum title turned into a “Hmmm and Hah!” Oh, happy, happy, joy, joy!

You know what he did? He found me a Gaming Laptop with great specs for video rendering at a price that was very reasonable!

And how do I know that it was from him? Well, I was looking for certain specs when looking for laptops, and this seller that had the best value for money that I was interested in included several software with it — and they were all architectural design software! (My twin is a multi-awarded globally well renowned architect) Not only that, when I finally got my head out of the specs and looked at the design of the unit itself, I noticed the brand’s logo — the brand was Fujitsu — and the seller had posted the picture at an angle where how I saw the logo was the Infinity Symbol!


After that I had no qualms that this was definitely another “gift” from my twin… which I had to pay for, lol.  But no matter, I was very grateful!  I’m pretty sure that it’s only a matter of time when he’ll be showering me with gifts for real soon.

He had another gift too.  I was looking for a mobile wifi device for the office since our firewall was practically impenetrable even by the Tor Network, but I didn’t want to spend too much on it (especially since I’d be buying a laptop).  Anyway, I found something second hand, only one month used at a third of the price I’d pay for retail! Whoopdeedoo! I am loving my twin so much at the moment.

Actually, while I was meditating earlier, I asked if we (my twin and I) could already access the 5th to the 9th Dimensions.  I did get into a deep state, the visuals were hazy though.  But at some point in time, I heard a distinct male voice say something to me.  I got startled though so I couldn’t make out what he said which kind of bums me out because I’m pretty sure it was a message.

Anyway, I’m still in love as ever with my twin.






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