Dreams in Sequel


This is totally weird.  I dreamt Part 1 of my dream last night, and when I took a nap today, I actually got a sequel! I still don’t know what it means, but it appears as though it’s immediately converting in my head as I’m typing this.  It will have to wait though because my niece is going to be christened in about 3o minutes and I’ve got to get myself to church.

Part 1

This is what I remember:  I came across a woman with a baby and she let me hold the baby and we got to talking about diapers.  I was totally enamoured by the baby (who was behaved) and as moms are wont to do, she couldn’t help gushing about her baby.

Next shot was of one of my past flames, but I believe that he represented my twin in my dream.  He (L) just looks better so the casting director in my head picked him, haha.  He had just entered his “study” which was darkly lit; it had a walnut desk in front, and he was actually dressed like a GQ model.  It was as if he had come from a long day’s work and was decompressing.  I’d put a glass of whiskey in there except I didn’t see it in my dream.  So I won’t editorialize my dream, lol.  Anyway, he was sad and stressed out and tired, and from my dream, I got the feeling that he was thinking about me.  Like he could see that other shot (where I was with the baby) in his head.

That’s about it.

Part 2

This was my dream when I took a nap later on in the day.  I found myself in a restaurant/cafe which was owned by my twin (in my dream, I knew). I was a frequent patron there because although my twin wasn’t physically present there, he recommended it to me and it reinforced our connection.

However, when I visited that time, it was mostly empty.  The area in which I usually took a table in was dimmed; the staff had been trimmed down to bare bones, but I still went there and gave my order, as usual. The chef had been let go and in his/her place, there was a temp girl who did the cooking. However, she was busy with her baby which she took to work with her and really couldn’t focus on getting my order to me.

I was following up my order with her, and she was obviously getting stressed out by it one on hand and by the baby who was also demanding her attention. I was snippy with her and went back to my table all the while mumbling and ranting about how they could have a business open to the public and not being ready to actually serve the public.

Next shot was a vision I had in my dream (yes, vision in a dream within a dream), wherein my twin and his business partner were very sad … actually, they were very sad that they had disappointed me, an avid customer.


Common underlying theme in both dreams are: 1) there is a baby; 2) my twin was sad.

In the first dream, the baby was diverting away my attention from my twin which is why he was sad.  This is partly true — no, it’s 100% true — because I’m still setting up my spiritual business and learning the ropes so to speak.  That’s why the engrossed mother in my dream was teaching me about diapers and all that.  I haven’t been able to do work on me and my twin because I’m letting that simmer.  I already sent him a heartfelt and sincere message earlier this week that went ignored and I don’t want to worry about whether or not he’ll reply to me or what so I’m diverting my energy into something more productive — the mission.

In the second dream, there was also a baby but this time around, I wasn’t quite as enamored by it like the first part of my dream.  The baby was, in fact, interfering with my nourishment which was supposed to be provided by my twin (directly or indirectly — since my twin owned the restaurant).

So to make a long story short, my twin wants to provide for my needs, but it’s not ready yet because there are still some things that are taking up his attention, and he knows that I’m getting impatient about it already.  That’s also true.

Basically, my twin wants to tell me that he’s sad.  Oh, okay.



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