Probationary Period is Over


I’ve been on edge since this morning.  Tonight, I have a scheduled reading with Candace Moon Woman, and I’m supposed to ask her if I am 1) indeed a Twin Flame or just merely a deluded Starseed (I’ve confirmation on the Starseed bit before); 2) which Ray I belong to, if I am indeed a TF; and 3) if the person I think is my twin is really my twin.

It’s a bit tricky because I only have three questions and my questions will depend on the answers given.  Let me explore various scenarios:

Q1: Am I a TF? A:  Yes. Q2: What kind of ray do I belong to? Answer.  Q3: Is the person whom I think is my TF really my TF? Answer.

That’s the way I primarily think it will go.  However, best be ready for different scenarios.

Q1: Am I a TF? A: No. Then WTF have I been doing the past six months?!???? (drops phone call in rage and frustration)

Yep, I tried searching this blog for any definitive entry as to when I discovered I was a twin, and I don’t have any entry for it.  Best I can peg it is between March 2016 and April 2016.  However, there is a dearth of posts because during that time I was busy “campaigning in 3D for our national elections.

But wow, right? Only six months since my “knowing” about twin flames and it already seems like I’ve been on this journey for ages. Anyway, on to scenarios…

Q1: Am I a TF? A: No. (crying inside at the point) Q: What am I then?  I was told I was an Indigo Starseed. I was guided to the knowing that I am Lyran.  So am I a Starseed from Lyra? Q: Is there marriage for me in the future?

I suppose this is the next best line of questioning to get to the truth so that I can plan my next moves in life. But honestly, I don’t know if I will be able to muster up the motivation to do that because I will have to undo my reality for the past six months.

What makes me anxious is the fact that I will have to press the restart button however involuntarily. Is this the “new beginning” that the guides have been speaking on in the past few months?

What makes me more anxious is the fact that my schedule is pretty much full the next three days, which means that whatever the news will be, I will have to suck it up for the next three days before I can even purge.

I don’t even know if I’m just going to start bawling the minute Candace speaks or if she will be kind and accommodating.  It’s a good faith presumption for now.


So nervous right now, I feel I’m going to crack under pressure. And there was this girl in the FB group who just posted that she thought she was a twin but after reading the stuff that other people posted, realized that she wasn’t.

Is that a sign? Some foreboding to tell me I’m not alone?

I can’t take this anymore.  I just hope she remembers our appointment because I don’t think I could go another day like this.

I don’t know where she’ll call.  I gave her my mobile but since I’m in another country, I don’t know if she’ll assume international calling charges.  I did give her options to call me sans the charges using apps out there, but I was just “seen-zoned”.

I think I should make notes about questions so that I don’t get so rattled later. After that, I want to meditate before the phone call, just to calm down my nerves.  I’m too nervous to even smoke! But I did buy sedatives in advance but that’s really for my insect bite allergy swelling up my ankle at the moment.

Okay, will update you how it goes.





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