I have been really really tired the past couple of days despite the fact that I haven’t been doing anything strenuous.  All I want to do is sleep.  And I think it has to do with the fact that the Divine Masculine is coming into his own power this week.

I will try to explain my theory.  Being twins that support each other, during the time that the Masculine was going through the dark night of his soul, the Divine Feminine was in the role of supporting, sending unconditional love, understanding. In other words, what he could not carry during this time, we did.  And now that he’s well enough to get out of bed and stop moping, he can sort of carry his own weight.  And that’s well and good, and the Feminine who has been holding up the firmament all this time, she’s saying, “wow, really?  You’re good now?  Can I take a break now?” And she can breathe a little freely, put down her arms that are now weary from carrying the load, and that’s when the tiredness seeps in.

And it’s a different kind of tired from the one that stems from frustration becomes this comes from a place of unconditional love — you were happy to do it.  Because — LOVE.


About ButterKate

Mistress of MuMu and Maximus ; highly complex Gemini; semi-jaded romantic; purveyor of inane and profound conversation; incessant chocoholic; caffeine-free; mad driver on the road; pheromone questor; control freak; neurotic disguised with calm outer appearance; sufficiently amiable when placid, terrifying when provoked; occasional ditz; sporadic provider of life altering insights; retired poet; provider of mischief as the need arises; patron of destiny advisers; truth-teller (yes, the emperor has no clothes).

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