Random Conversation with my TF


I pressed the wrong button and everything I was writing was gone like a puff of smoke.  Yeesh.

(laughs) Well, you were stressing about things I told you not to worry about. 

I wanted to vent. I’m in a “Bad Fatty! No Donut!” kind of place right now.  I’m not overweight or obese yet, still in the normal range, but I’m bloated and my face is fat. And i’m rather embarrassed that I told you in my letter to you that I’ve lost weight, got featured in the papers and all when, if you look at me now, my so-called progress seems unremarkable.

I told you, it doesn’t matter. I was already attracted to you even when you were much bigger. You think now that I’ve realized that I love you, that’s going to change?

You love me?

Yes, I do. Didn’t you hear that song on the radio this morning when you set out for work? That was me wishing you well as you started your day.

Yeah, I heard it. And I know it was from you. (smiles) I also like how you let me do my work without interrupting me. I think it’s very considerate of you. And I keep waking you up in your time zone, haha.

It’s okay. I like how you sort of tug at my shirt sleeves to get my attention.

I shopped a lot today, more than I meant to.  I told myself I was just going to get the grey sneaks, but I ended up getting two shirts, a bag and a skirt. They weren’t cheap either.

(laughs) Don’t worry about it!  It’s your birthday. When we are together, you can get anything you want. I’ll take care of it.

Now, that’s the sort of thing you say that makes me question these conversations we’re having, and make me think that I’m just making these up in my head. But ever since that night that we merged in 5D, it took me by surprise as well,  but I could hear you.  Clearly.  In my head. Answering my questions, making witty repartee, or even just telling me to calm down when I wrapped up in road rage or scolding me gently whenever I end up doing something asinine.

I hear you, too. Sometimes, it makes me smile while doing something totally unrelated and I end up looking like a crazy fool in love.  Which I am.

So, we’re not crazy?  We’re really “talking”?

I call it “senior moments” sometimes. (laughs)

Come on, be serious.

This is how we communicate and stay connected for now. I’m still wrapping up some stuff here, but I’ll be there soon. I want to be there. I’d already be there, if I could.

So, what’s the hold-up?

Making a gracious exit with minimal fall-out from “her”, setting up provisions for my sons while I’m 10,000 miles away.  Seeing to it that I have enough to start a new life with you.

And your healing? How’s that working out?

Honestly, it’s a work in progress.  I’ve sorted out the most basic parts, but it’s still painful knowing that the family I built didn’t work out and that the person I chose to spend my life with no longer serves my higher interest.

I know you’re hurting. (holds hand) 

I feel it, too.  That’s why sometimes,  I just break down in tears out of the blue, even though I feel blissfully ecstatic knowing you’re with me, in me.  Saying goodbye hurts, even if you know you have to go.

I love you.

Me, too. (embrace)

We’ll work on it together.  I’ve anchored the Violet Flame and the Emerald Ray with you, and surrounded you with Archangel Michael’s Crystalline Shield of Light. I know you’re really not familiar what I’m talking about, but it’s going to work.

I know it’s working. I can feel it, but if someone else asked me about it, I wouldn’t know how to explain what’s going on.

That’s okay. (smiles) They’re helping us. We need to get together in 3D to be able to ascend, you know.

Yeah, you told me. Working on it as we speak.

Speak? (laughs)

There you go again. (smiles)  Hey, don’t you have to get going?

Yes, but I like talking to you.

I’ll keep you company during the drive home.  That is, unless you get riled up again by motorcycles and slow drivers on the road. (laughs)

(grimaces) Hmmm. I have no comment. 

(big laugh)

Okay, I’ll get going now.  Wait, that song that’s playing in the cafe?  Is that some sort of cheesy goodbye message from you? šŸ˜›

(singing) When will I hold you? When will I touch you? When will I see you again?

Cheesy! But there are butterflies in my stomach now.  You keep finding ways telling me I’m loved. I love you.

Okay, go.

(smiles)  Talk to you later.

We will.

***** END ******


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