That the Blind May See


I mentioned previously that I do listen to Twin Flame readings on YouTube. That is, on top of my specific readings with my own Destiny Adviser. Sometimes, they resonate with me; sometimes they don’t.

In my own readings, they’re almost always positive, telling me that union will come to fruition. In the general readings, there seem to be a bit more obstacles, either he still needs to do some healing, still is confused on what course of action to take, or is still bound to his karmic relationship.

I have no idea which to believe in more.

I woke up crying again. I seem to do that a lot these days. It’s a mixture of longing, overwhelming love, and frustration, I guess.

If he is indeed my twin, does he feel what I’m going through? Or am I mirroring him and it’s him that’s really going through all that?

In a couple of days, my birth month is going to be ushered in.  I’m going to have a party for a few friends and family, but on the day itself, or even in the days to come, I HAVE NO PLANS. The best I can come up with is “Forth, Eorlingas!” which has become my battle cry as of late.

Should I open my heart to someone new? That’s looking way into the future. I think the better question is, should I put I start putting myself out there already? Should I go back to my hedonistic ways and start engaging in casual sex again while my body still isn’t old and wrinkled?

I really don’t know.  I’m just going with the flow, tired and exhausted from asking the Universe what my heart truly desires. I suppose nearly ten years of asking is enough. Even Job from the Bible got a break earlier than that. So after telling me that all I have to do is ask and the Universe will deliver, after telling me to be specific with my preferences because the Universe can be a tricky dealer, after telling me to be patient because “if it’s not there yet, it’s on its way”, after doing everything conceivably possible in 3D — high magick, novenas, pilgrimages, soul contract amendments, retrieving soul fragments, petitioning the Karmic Board, included — short of stalking my twin, I think I’m done. Expecting, anyway. The Hope will always be there, as I live and breathe.


About ButterKate

Mistress of MuMu and Maximus ; highly complex Gemini; semi-jaded romantic; purveyor of inane and profound conversation; incessant chocoholic; caffeine-free; mad driver on the road; pheromone questor; control freak; neurotic disguised with calm outer appearance; sufficiently amiable when placid, terrifying when provoked; occasional ditz; sporadic provider of life altering insights; retired poet; provider of mischief as the need arises; patron of destiny advisers; truth-teller (yes, the emperor has no clothes).

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