Change is Coming


Lots of things happening, mostly under the surface.  A little update on the last thing I posted — the Yellow Army’s lies did not succeed and Duterte won as President.  It was a collective win which was exhilarating!  Everyone who was sick of the lies, the corruption, the hypocrisy of the Yellow administration and their manipulative Party, spoke up through the vote, and despite the massive vote buying, using of government resources and funds to campaign, the sheer number of those who clamoured for change coupled with authenticity and integrity could not be stifled with electoral fraud.

Indeed, change is coming.  People are waking up.  They want to participate in this change.  They want to set aside selfish interests for the collective good. And while the incoming administration isn’t vindictive in the least, word is out that the Yellow Army is covering its tracks, shredding documents at the palace and what not.

The hard  left is being called back into participation after almost five decades of living as renegades and rebels.  China is allowing Filipino fishermen to fish at the disputed Scarborough Shoal without being harassed.  Good and reputable people are being called to serve in Government, and there will be Freedom of Information, at least where the Executive is concerned, because the Yellow Congress seems hell-bent on blocking it from being passed as a law, possibly out of fear what the public will find out.

And Duterte hasn’t even assumed office.  Officially, he will take hold of the reigns on June 30, 2016.

Rooting for change has awakened patriotism in most Filipinos.  I was already around when Ninoy was assassinated and the EDSA Revolution took place, a silent protest against an oppressive regime.  This time around, it’s different.  The first one was born out of sympathy and indignation; this one was out of anger at the injustice that was being packaged and marketed as progress.

No more lies.  We work with what we have and we move forward.

Change is coming.




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