Lies, Lies, and More Lies


I can feel the life force draining from me.  I think I need to shield myself more, ground myself and trust in the energies of Mother Gaia.

The negative campaigning of administration candidates is disheartening.  It is a cancer that spreads from within in an inconspicuous way until it rears up its ugly head, only to reveal itself to be Stage 4.

The Divine Feminine in me (my Sponsoring Diety is Mother Mary) cries out whenever they spread their black propaganda, continue with their relentless smear campaign against a 71-year old low profile politician who never sought the spotlight despite the fact that he turned his city into one of the cleanest, safest and progressive ones in the world.

They level accusation upon accusation on him in the clearly biased mainstream media and yet, there is a news blackout when he tries to explain himself.  These black forces disguised in yellow proclaims itself to be “decent”, and yet employ dirty tactics. They instill fear in the people instead of hope.  And while Duterte has done his part to raise this country’s vibrations and desire for unity, the administration employs every underhanded trick in the book to bring that vibration down.

On a spiritual level, it reminds me of the Passion of Christ.  No, I am not saying Duterte is the reincarnation of Jesus, but that he is going through the same persecution all because he wants to serve the many instead of the few.

But he’s merely a carpenter’s son, what does He know?

How could He speak about the Kingdom of Heaven when us pharisees are the experts?

He has so many followers.  He is a threat to the reign of Caesar and he must be stopped!

How could he talk to the lepers, prostitutes and outcasts of society?

Sound familiar?

If one took a step back and actually took time to read the testimonials of those folks who actually encountered Duterte, they would see compassion behind the iron fist.  If I were buying something and read the glowing customer reviews in Amazon first, then I would have confidence in buying the product.  And that’s what I did.

That’s why those who support him, those who bleed yellow mockingly refer to as “Dutertards” are so passionate in supporting him.  They have seen him in action; they have experienced him; and they can tell the truth apart from the fabricated lies.

If he is cheated out of the Presidency, the people will KNOW.

May the Ascended Master Mighty Victory protect the sacred votes of the people this coming elections!

And may the Gods of Karma bring down swift justice and punishment to those who pervert the will of the people!



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