The Wayshower


One thing that always leaves me in awe in my lightworker mission is the synchronicity of it all.  As a starseed, I am one of the anchors.  I have anchored the silver violet flame and, most recently, the silver platinum ray.  These days though, I feel that I am anchoring another kind of ray because the vibration seems different.  It is more of a golden yellow hue, most probably the counterpart of the silver platinum ray.  I have to confirm this with my guides though.

Part of my mission, aside from anchoring, is helping people find a path.  It may not necessarily be their life path — although that has happened many times before — but a path to what they seek at the moment.   And the even more awesome thing is, I don’t have to deliberately seek out these opportunities to help.  I don’t have to volunteer, join charity groups or what; I just have to be myself, and when there is someone who needs help, I sort of appear and become their detour sign.

That happened tonight.

For the Christmas party in my office, we have a chorale competition.  It so happens that I love singing and I’m one of the team coordinators, so I’m invested in winning.  (It also happens that I’m competitive in human form haha).

For song choice, there’s this Christmas song that our church choir sings that’s really beautiful.  It’s sung in my native language, and whenever I hear them sing it, the hair on my arm stands on end because it’s soooo beautiful; it’s like hearing a choir of angels singing.  I pushed for that to be our song of choice and it carried.  There was just the little matter of execution — knowing how to separate the voices, getting the arrangement, and finding a choir master.

After considering several possibilities, I get in touch with the choir master who also happens to be the president of the homeowner’s association in our village.  I do not know him personally and we have not had any interaction save one time when there was special registration of voters in our village and, because he was president, he was monitoring the registration.  He saw me write my name down and asked me how my dad was since he knows him.  That happened a couple of months ago.

I was shy to call him up at first out of the blue .  Besides, he’s a very important man, a regional manager in this part of the world of one of the biggest international publishing houses.  His choir singing was merely a hobby of his.

Anyway, my team spirit overrode my shyness and I called him up. He was nice and gave me some tips and links to go on.  It was when he asked me where I worked and which office was holding the competition that galvanized this whole encounter and upgraded it into something less than random.

I told him I worked at a specialized court.  Then that’s when he lighted up because it seemed like I was just the person he was looking to talk to.  He told me that perhaps I could help the village out because the city government was collecting an enormous amount of money from the association owing to that specialized matter.  (Of course, I can’t give specifics).

I asked if the current Board had any lawyers but there weren’t any. Then I told him that the most recent presiding justice of that specialized court was actually our neighbor and he was in the best position to help the village out.  That guy was actually head of that specialized court for 20 years!  And he — the man I was on the phone with — didn’t know that.  He was actually surprised to discover that he had such a resource nearby.

The whole thing is so fortuitous and uncanny that I’m still shaken by it.  Heck, when I started out looking to talk to him, I didn’t know that I was going into “Yael-mode”, but there it is.  Gets me every time whenever I realize what just happened.

Sometimes, it’s just something I say.  And I don’t even realize that I’ve helped until they come up to me at some later point in time and tell me that they are where they are now or that they’re doing well because of something that I said that they heeded.  Most of the time, I don’t even remember what I said.  And I figure, maybe that’s part of it so I don’t succumb to that very human trait of calling in favors and keeping score.

Very effective check and balance system, I’d say, lol.  Anyway, glad to be of service.





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