Nightmare City


I woke up at dawn because I had a nightmare two hours into my sleep cycle (I slept at 3am).

The odd thing was, there were no ghosts, no monsters, no disasters in my dream.  There were just normal looking people whom I knew to be evil inside.

My dream was basically this:  I was warning my parents to change before it was too late.  My dad seemed to believe me and acknowledged that I was merely a messenger, and he was also trying to convince my mom that they had to mend their crooked ways soon “before it would all be too late”, but my mom hardlined and was adamant to be her usual bad self.  She locked herself up in a room and was muttering some things.

This all happened in some waiting room in the airport.  It seemed to be the boarding area.  And then I noticed some girl stalking me.  She looked normal but I knew she was evil.  She had on a yellow shirt and I was trying to evade her.

See?  Not so scary, right?  Except that I was terrified when I woke up.  So scared that I tried to keep awake lest I reconnect to the nightmare again if I go back to sleep right away.  After a couple of minutes and a few cigarettes, I quickly looked for my rosary and wrapped it around my hand so I could sleep with it.  I prayed and drifted off to a dreamless sleep and when I woke up, it was nearly lunchtime and I was late for work.

I’m still rattled.  I don’t know what my dream means. 😦


About ButterKate

Mistress of MuMu and Maximus ; highly complex Gemini; semi-jaded romantic; purveyor of inane and profound conversation; incessant chocoholic; caffeine-free; mad driver on the road; pheromone questor; control freak; neurotic disguised with calm outer appearance; sufficiently amiable when placid, terrifying when provoked; occasional ditz; sporadic provider of life altering insights; retired poet; provider of mischief as the need arises; patron of destiny advisers; truth-teller (yes, the emperor has no clothes).

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